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100 PICS Animals Flash Card Game – Family Travel Game, Pocket Puzzle for Kids and Adults

(13 customer reviews)

100 ANIMALS TO LEARN AND PLAY. Do you know a panda from a pangolin? Challenge yourself on these spectacular reptiles, mammals, birds and more.
POCKET-SIZED AND PACKED WITH FUN. Check out the anagram and open the four doors to unveil an animal. Make a guess and then slide to reveal the answer.
PERFECT GIFT OR STOCKING STUFFER for all animal lovers. Play alone or with friends and family (age 5 plus).
HANDY TRAVEL ACTIVITY. Fits neatly into your pocket or bag. Hours of screen-free entertainment – play in the back of the car, in restaurants, planes and trains.
BOOST YOUR BRAIN. 100 PICS flash card games help improve vocabulary, spelling, and memory. Recommended by The Good Toy Guide.


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Age Range (Description): Kid. Item Display Dimensions: 1.18 inches. Brand: 100 PICS. Material: Cardstock. Color: Animals. Manufacturer: Poptacular. Mfg Recommended age: 5 – 120 years. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 4,112 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars. Best Sellers Rank: #768 in Toys & Games. Manufacturer recommended age: 5 years and up. Item model number: POP001. ASIN: B07L6MJ1X5. Item Weight: 5.3 ounces. Product Dimensions: 1.18 x 2.95 x 4.13 inches.

Specification: 100 PICS Animals Flash Card Game – Family Travel Game, Pocket Puzzle for Kids and Adults

Weight 5.3 lbs
Dimensions 1.18 × 2.95 × 4.13 in

13 reviews for 100 PICS Animals Flash Card Game – Family Travel Game, Pocket Puzzle for Kids and Adults

4.3 out of 5
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  1. V C

    This is a great way to teach flags. The flags are size of a business card. Each card has 3 things on each side. 1. Flag of the country. 2. Name of the country. 3. Jumbled letters of the name of the country. It also comes with a case that has 4 green opening in the front top of the case, that you can open to view the flag. Below that there is a slider that you can open and close to view the name of the country. You can open the case at the top to remove or insert the card. I think instead of the scrambled names of the country, it would have been a better use if it had the capital of the country. There are total of 50 cards and each site has a flag, hence there are total 100 flags. Each card is numbered. I think they have missed some of the more popular countries and added some countries that are now known to many people. So it can be both good and bad that you miss some countries, but then you also get to know some new countries. Over all this was a great buy.Read more

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  2. Roadrunner68

    As an adult who has not learned all of the countries of the world, I find this deck helpful. I’m using it alone, and on my first day learned many I couldn’t at first simply identify by shape and location. I will be using these with my grandkids, but first want to know most all of them myself. That way I’ll be able to concentrate on helping them. Knowing most all of the countries of the world will be helpful for their studies throughout school years and beyond into their adult lives, with a better understanding the news. Because I’m learning to identify countries quickly, I believe this is one good way of learning them. I’ve also put a beautiful large laminated world map on a wall in my home. Whenever my grandchildren visit, they come to look at it, pointing and reading. The two learning resources complement each other nicely.Read more

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  3. CL

    In theory this game is fun. You have to guess the animals based on opening up the image one at a time. However, we did not find it all that fun for these reasons. 1. You need to know a lot of animals. There are not your basic cat and dog. 2. Some animals were small and others were large. As you randomly open the doors, sometimes you see an animal and other times you don’t. Overall, I would say the structure for a good game is here. However, I am not so sure about the execution.Read more

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  4. Kindle Customer – Bill H

    This is a gift for our 9 year old’s birthday. She has enjoyed it so far. She loves learning the breeds of dogs and always starts naming them off when she sees a dog or even just a picture of a dog. The only complaint I have is where the name part is and you have to slide the piece over. Hers wont open the whole way to see all of the name so she just takes the card out to look it instead.Read more

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  5. M.G.N.

    This is a nice item for adults as well as children. My ten year old grandson picks it up often and solves a few puzzles. He wipes it clean, ready for his next round. Very good for kids, especially since they are having off and on school attendance. It keeps young minds occupied. It is also handy for older persons, being small enough for them to handle easily.Read more

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  6. Fililisly

    This flashcard game is small and good for travel. It offers 50 2-sided cards for a total of 100 flags, four “doors” to open to view parts of the flag separately if desired, and a word-scramble hint (if you want to use one) for country name. For those interested in learning country flags, it’s a fun game that offers a bit more hands-on interaction than scrolling through digital images. This game was bought for my 13-year-old son, and he enjoyed quizzing himself and others. Good little game for the price.Read more

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  7. Jarett

    Perfect for my kindergartner who loves Geography. (After 2 years of Montessori based study.) There are some pretty difficult ones in there to expand her knowledge, but enough common countries to keep her confidence. Also, the word scramble part is a wonderful way to inject phonics into the mix.Read more

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  8. Diana

    I really like these cards, but I was very disappointed as they arrived looking like they were used. The cards were sufficiently packaged so I don’t think the cards were damaged in transit. The clear circle sticker on top of the box where you open the box was wrinkled and barely sticking strongly suggesting that they had been opened before. These are a gift for my daughter and there is no time to send them back, sadly.Read more

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  9. Lou

    It’s nice enough, though you can only play it so many times. I wish there were more card sets on different topics to purchase to replace the ones we have (I mean without the plastic case, as we have two of those from the two sets we bought – it would just be nice to be able to purchase sets of cards only in order to reduce the plastic waste).Read more

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  10. James

    I purchased this for my 8 year old daughter, as an alternative to tech. Even though she has an iPad, iPod, etc, she takes this everywhere. We had dinner at a restaurant and her 3 older brothers (plus parents) were all enjoying the game. It is educational and fun, and definitely not just for small children. The cards are challenging, but you can expose clues so that little ones are not discouraged. The number of animals covered extensive. My teenage boys were quite competitive. I would really like a pack with world flags! I will be keeping an eye on Toy Geeks for updates.Read more

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  11. Baby Was Her Name

    I used this game to teach myself the countries and am really pleased at how quick and easy it’s been. However, I wish there was the option to cover the letters at the bottom – as an adult this makes it too easy for me, and I can normally figure it out based on the letters rather than the picture. It’s not a huge problem as I’ll just cover it with my hand, but I would recommend to anybody (any age) to learn a little more about country shapes/location.Read more

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  12. Mrs. J. Roberts

    I had wanted to devise a quiz about flags for ages, but the books I bought have very small photos, but this pack is perfect. I have not used the container, but removed all fifty cards, cut off the name of the country and its anagram, and stuck the picture of the flag onto thick card. I had intended choosing the most well known forty, but it seemed a shame to waste the other ten , so I eventually made the number up to fifty. The way that I have decided to use them, only one side of each card can be used, but I felt that had the cards been single sided, 100 countries would have been too much for us. ( We are all senior citizens. ) I shall look forward to trying them out with friends. I would have liked the same with road signs, but I am not sure how they would be accepted over here in Austria. However, as I have at least four friends with dogs, I have ordered the dogs set as well. I am SO pleased that I found these, and the delivery was very good. A super idea!Read more

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  13. E M REES

    Both 7 and 5 year old have been transfixed by it since we got it. Case works really well as you unveil as much of the picture or word as you want to. Also handy to keep cards together if you take them on holiday or to keep kids amused at a restaurant. Includes a range of easy to spot animals to the more trickier ones – kept us all guessing, not just the kids. Would recommend.Read more

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    100 PICS Animals Flash Card Game – Family Travel Game, Pocket Puzzle for Kids and Adults
    100 PICS Animals Flash Card Game – Family Travel Game, Pocket Puzzle for Kids and Adults


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