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3 Mother of thousands Kalanchoe daigremontiana~mexican hat plant succulent

(8 customer reviews)

Kalanchoe and succulents are pretty and very easy to grow, just sun and water ones a week, hard to kill plants, The plant for sale is similar to the one on picture and will be shipped BARE ROOTS, 1″ – 3″ reference of the size of the plant, the pot or soil are not included, all our plants are FREE shipping and shipped bare roots (no pot or soil are included) because we consider is safe and cheap
You will receive BABIES PLANTS, not adult
Plant instantly plants when you receive them, don’t let them die in dryness


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Bryophyllum daigremontianum, commonly called mother of thousands, alligator plant, or Mexican hat plant is a succulent plant native to Madagascar. Like other members of its genus Bryophyllum, it can propagate vegetatively from plantlets that develop on its phylloclade margins. All parts of this species contain a very toxic steroid known as daigremontianin.
Plants grow up to 1 m (3 ft 3 in) tall and have opposite and whorled, fleshy oblong-lanceolate phylloclades which grow up to 20 cm (6-8 inches) long and 3.2 cm (1.25 inches) wide. They are green above and blotched with purple underneath. Phylloclade margins have spoon-shaped bulbiferous spurs that bear plantlets which may form roots while still attached to phylloclades.
A plant may also develop lateral roots on its main stalk, as high up as 10–15 cm above the ground. A plant’s upper phylloclades may grow large, causing its main stalk to bend downward. Then the lateral roots may enter the soil and new vertical shoots may grow from the original shoot. Kalanchoe daigremontiana can spread by both seeds and by plantlets dropped from its phylloclades.

8 reviews for 3 Mother of thousands Kalanchoe daigremontiana~mexican hat plant succulent

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  1. Happy plant beginings

    When you get them it comes in a papertowel dry with rubberband and newspaper no complaints here. To prevent injury to plants! I almost lost one it was very very damage but i was on my way to put it in the trash and decided to keep it and what a turn around. It made Now today 4/5/2019 I just ordered another round of plants from this company. Again they are really the best.I have seen since the big box stores dont have them that often this company will be the only one i order this plant from. You cant go wrong with them just keep in mind a shot glass of distilled water or regular water that has been sitting for 72hours to place your plant in and you will see them just back to life again..

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  2. Eric W.

    Plants arrived wrapped in a paper towel and a rubber band. Towel was dry. Good thing these are a succulent. Planted immediately and they seem to be doing well now. -1 star for packaging.Read more

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  3. Dr.Anibal Echevarria

    Was used with a friend and patient and from category 4 cancer was reduce by 71%using the leaf as a salad replacement!!…extraordinary!!!!!!Read more

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  4. aya papaya

    The plants arrived before the estimated arrival time. Packaging was convenient and kept the plants alive. Also, there were two additional babies!! I love them, each one came in very healthy with strong and firm roots! I planted them all outdoors in pots the same day of arrival. I plan on purchasing from seller again. Thanks again.Read more

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  5. Alyssa

    Excuse the potting job, I plan to separate into different pots, but I wanted to get them into soil right away! Absolutely beautiful, healthy plants! There was nothing to clean up upon arrival, and the root systems were all nice and healthy. I paid for 3 and got 4, which was a pleasant surprise! Super happy with my purchase, happy to add these little beauts to my growing collection!Read more

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  6. Exclusively Online Shopper

    I never ordered a live plant online before. It was carefully packaged in what I assume was once a wet paper towel and newspaper. When I got it, all was dry but the plant was still alive after a week in transit. I immediately placed it temporarily in a pot with cactus soil. I’m still undecided about the perfect spot in my landscape for it. Meanwhile, after only 3 days, it’s full, healthy, and I’ve already got two babies in their own pots of cactus soil with roots starting. I can see why this is considered an invasive species in some countries. It propagates quickly and easily. I’m in love with this plant. Until I put it in the ground, they’re soaking up some rays from a blue light in a currently unused fish tank. I love my Mother of Thousands.Read more

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  7. Lady Rose

    This plant guy gets it! The plants are hardy and well packaged. These green babies are healthy beauties and can make any plant lovers go goo-goo eyes over them. They are only few inches, making it easy for them to become established in or around your home. It helps to research on Mother of Thousands so they can thrive in your care and bring you contentments as plant gods and goddesses.Read more

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  8. WhiteDove

    This has been an awesome find for me. I use to have these years ago but couldn’t find them anywhere near where I live. I got this plant with lots of babies on the leaves and some have already dropped and now I have new ones. It has fascinated my family and a few friends. So happy to have gotten these.Read more

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    3 Mother of thousands Kalanchoe daigremontiana~mexican hat plant succulent
    3 Mother of thousands Kalanchoe daigremontiana~mexican hat plant succulent


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