30 Pack Sticky Traps – Fruit Fly Traps for Indoor/Outdoor, Sticky Fly Traps Use for Catcher Gant, Plants Insects, Mosquitos Traps for House Plants(Yellow)


【STICKY YELLOW TRAPS】 Bright yellow can attract flying insects, and there is high-quality glue on both sides to catch them more effectively. The shape of butterflies, flowers and birds is small and convenient for potted plants.
【DURABLE AND STRONG】 This small insect sticky trap has very strong stickiness. Once stuck, it cannot escape. Moreover, they are resistant to waterproof. They do not need to be replaced before the insects are completely covered.
【EASY TO USE】 The new design makes the bottom of the fruit fly trap no glue and is harder and sharper. It can be inserted directly into the soil, avoiding the trouble of tying ropes or loosening the soil with a shovel.
【SAFE TO USE】 At Big Devil, safety is our priority, these sticky traps are nontoxic, no odors and safe to have around your outdoor or indoor plants.
【WARM TIPS】 Before use, grab the bottom, tear off the protective paper on both sides, and insert it into the soil of the potted plant. This will not stick to your hands. Quietly wait for it to help you catch the nasty bug.

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