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3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener TB4575, Black, 1 in x 10 ft

(12 customer reviews)

Trial bag version (1 in. x 10 ft) of 3M Dual Lock Low Profile Reclosable Fastener SJ4575
Great for small jobs, prototyping and design evaluation
Interlocking mushroom-shaped heads provide strong, reliable and durable fastening that can be opened and closed multiple times
Low surface energy acrylic adhesive bonds well to a variety of substrates including metals, powder-coated paints and a broad range of plastics
Strong fastener secures with an audible snap, verifying closure
An alternative to screws and bolts, this hidden fastener provides a snug fit and smooth aesthetic appearance


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3M Dual Lock Low Profile Reclosable fastener. TB4570 is a low surface energy adhesive on the back of a clear polypropylene Reclosable fastener. This product is half the thickness of standard 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners, providing a low profile attachment. An alternative to screws and bolts, this hidden fastener provides a snug fit and smooth aesthetic appearance. A low surface energy adhesive on the back of a black polypropylene reclosable fastener. Low profile. 0.10 inch engaged thickness. Closure life 100.

A low surface energy adhesive on the back of a black polypropylene reclosable fastener. Low profile. 0.10 inch engaged thickness. Closure life 100.

Specification: 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener TB4575, Black, 1 in x 10 ft

Dimensions 14 × 14 × 50.32 in

12 reviews for 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener TB4575, Black, 1 in x 10 ft

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  1. B

    In the pictures they show the good 3M fasteners which are fairly clearly different than these. These also come in generic “trial packaging” which is an even bigger red flag. I used the legit 3M stuff to hang a significant portion of my draperies to the ceiling and they stick and hold 5-10x as much as these do. With these the adhesive has not stuck to anything and even with six support to hold up 12lbs they fall right off the ceiling and the locks themselves basically just come off with any pressure at all. It may just not be the pictured kind but I even lean towards it not actually being 3M. This stuff may be useful if you only need to hold 1-2lbs and can use a significant length of the product to hold it. Perhaps could be used for hanging posters? Not even sure. Pictured is what they show in the product description and what I currently use (left) vs what they sent (right). Definitely the adhesive can hold about 1/2 as much as the fasteners but the fasteners are also extremely weak.Read more

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  2. P-Lo

    First off, the package comes with 2-10′ rolls. So, it gave me enough to cover my entire Pedaltrain Pro pedalboard, the 17 pedals I have on there, and still have a few feet leftover to add more pedals. Secondly, unlike Velcro, a little goes a long way! Actually, use too much and you’ll have a hard time praying it off. It’s that strong. Top notch quality stuff! Lastly, the low profile worked great to attach all but one of the pedals. It keeps the pedals low and very secure to the board. I wish I discovered this years ago. Get it and don’t look back.Read more

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  3. CDesperado

    This product is similar to two pieces of the rough side of velcro… I actually thought they had mistakenly sent me two rough sides at first. However, this product is a little different than normal velcro. If you are mounting something that will mount vertically or flat on a table, this will work great. If you are mounting something upside down, it wont work as well. The way the product is made, once you attach the two pieces, they wont separate easily depending on how the sheer force is applied. For example, if you pull the two pieces in opposite directions (like a tug of war), they will not separate easily. However, if pull the two pieces apart from top to bottom (like lifting the top piece of bread off a sandwich), then they will separate quite easily. Just something to think about, depending on how you plan to use this. They do mount very thinly, which is nice.Read more

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  4. guy

    I only got two rolls of the hooks material, I really expected male and female rolls, like one hook roll and one fuzz roll since you need both to actually use velcro…. I ended up going to Michael’s and getting a pack which contained both, so now this is useless to me.Read more

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  5. RandomNerdGuy

    This stuff is cool. I use it on my mini pedalboard, which weighs around 15-20 lbs. With this stuff, I can grab a nano pedal and pick the entire board up by a single pedal, then shake and jiggle it around, and never worry about anything coming out of place. I do have issues with pedals coming off if I step on a cable near the board. If you roll the pedals to the side rather than pulling them upward, the dual lock comes apart much more easily. It is not so impossible to get off in this way as some say, but it does hold very well and it also isn’t too bad about retaining pet hair/dust when sitting around. I consider it a great improvement over Velcro. I used a hair dryer to heat the dual lock and the metal surfaces I was sticking it to, then used a round lint roller to roll it firmly into place while hot, then let the glue set for 8-12 hours (24 is recommended) before putting the pedals on the board. I did have issues with adhesive failing on foam pads on pedals or when using standard Velcro on metal bits, but I have had no issues at all with the adhesive on the dual lock so far. This is partially because of the technique I used to apply it and partly because it has great adhesive. I highly recommend this over Velcro unless you need to secure something that needs to be removed repeatedly. If you plan to constantly be re-securing things or rearranging, industrial grade Velcro might be a better option. For anything semipermanent, dual lock is king.Read more

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    Don’t even think of using this stuff for a guitar / bass pedal board. The design idea is great – use same surface to grip instead of Velcro which requires two different strips; “hooks”, and “loops”. Only this stuff doesn’t grip. I even hold my pedal board sideways and the pedals all fall off (most of them are MINI pedals – 8 ounces or less!). Now I have about 10 feet of this useless stuff left over. The industrial strength / heavy-duty Velcro is the only thing to use on pedals boards short of nailing or screwing down your pedals.Read more

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  7. Reading to Exercise My Little Brain

    I’ve been using Dual Lock strips for years. I’ve used it for everything from mounting battery supplies on equipment to attaching accessories such as external hard drives to the back of my laptop just to de-clutter my workspaces. Though, I must stress the importance of using narrow strips of this if you use it for this purpose. Otherwise, the Dual Locks will hold too tightly, causing you to put too much pressure on your laptop display and potentially breaking it. Fortunately, I already knew how strong these are. So, I took that into consideration before adhering any strips to the back of my screen. The biggest test I’ve given these strips is when I attached my camera tripod to my backpack to cheat the system regarding carry-on bags. I put (2) 1″ x 5″ Dual Lock strips on my backpack, placing them parallel from each other, far enough to match with 2 legs of my tripod. Then I placed a 1″ x 18″ Dual Lock strip on each leg of the tripod. Not only did the tripod hold fast to my backpack, this also allowed me to attach other things to my tripod – backup batteries, field recorder, accessory cases or bags, etc. I personally think they are overpriced. However, I still buy them.Read more

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  8. The Tech Guy

    I normally use 3M TB3550 Dual Lock Fasteners to stick on AV components behind TV’s on walls and racks. It’s expensive but works great. I purchased this 3M TB4575 thinking it was the same stuff only with smaller mushroom snap fasteners which hold less weight but that would still be OK since the components I’m sticking aren’t heavy. The Dual Lock works well and Clicks Together to form a strong bond however the adhesive they use on this TB4575 is very poor and lets go. I’ve tried sticking this stuff to the backs of TVs, walls, wood, metal and plastic all with the same result – The Dual Lock Fastener stays together but the adhesive lets go. In order to make this TB4575 tape stick to surfaces I’ve had to apply 3M VHB double sided tape to the back of it first and then stick it to the surface. The VHB tape is similar to the tape on GoPro accessories and provides a very strong hold to almost every surface. Even porous and uneven surfaces, not so with the adhesive on this TB4575 Tape. I DO NOT Recommend this 3M Dual Lock because of the poor adhesive but would recommend 3M TB35503M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener TB3550 250/250 Black, 1 in x 10 ft (1 Mated Strip/Bag) The 3M TB3550 is even more expensive but comes with the VHB adhesive which is a much better adhesive and sticks providing a very strong bond. The 3M TB3550 is thicker than the TB4575 and unfortunately even more expensive but it works.Read more

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  9. Junk sucks

    If you have a guitar pedalboard this is for you. Works best on flat rigid surfaces. Will not come apart easily and fixes items very rigidly in place. You really have to pull hard to break this stuff apart but it will snap right back into itself again. Great stuff. This pack came with two rolls of about 5 feet in length each. There is no male or female side to this tape and it is not hook and loop, this tape interlocks with itself. You cut two pieces from the same roll and they will become your two halves for attaching things. Interesting stuff and it works well. I have not tried this but I expect that it will not work well if the surface is flexible….this stuff will come apart easily if you pull at a sharp angle which might easily happen if the surfaces are flexible. ….but pulling normal to the surface of attachment is very difficult to remove.Read more

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  10. Steven Hand

    I bought this so that I could quickly mount and release my flight stick and throttle controllers to my simulation cockpit and have it stay in good shape over time. It’s been over a year and this stuff has worked exactly as I needed. The lock seems to strengthen exponentially with surface area. Originally I tried two 4 inch strips and I could not detach my controllers without eventually ripping off the tape. Four 1 sq. inch patches (four corners) worked the best.Read more

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  11. C. Charette

    I really regret buying this, even after doing everything to make sure adhesion worked. I bought this so I wouldn’t have to damage the walls of my apartment with screws, much less drill into my desk. Ultimately, this product fails to deliver due to the adhesive rather than the fasteners. It’s good for holding something immobile, but even just 1 pound of weight can ruin the use for this product, even when prepared properly for application. Definitely disappointed. Use cases tried: – Kitchen: magnetic knife holder (frequent failure on a weekly basis) – Computer desk: power bar (failed after month) – Office: Hanging file organizer (first day application!) I recommend buying some plaster of paris and some screws and anchors for renters – it’d probably be cheaper anyway.Read more

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  12. D. R. Chevalier

    Bought this to build pedal boards. Definitely better than velcro, but rather pricey for what it is. Be sure to clean surfaces to be adhered to with alcohol first.Read more

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    3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener TB4575, Black, 1 in x 10 ft
    3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener TB4575, Black, 1 in x 10 ft


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