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60FPS AutoFocus ePTZ Webcam, 2021 NexiGo N620E with 2X Digital Zoom, Ring Light & Privacy Cover, [Software Included], 1080P FHD Streaming Web Camera, Dual Stereo Mics, for Zoom Skype Teams

(12 customer reviews)

【Full HD 60FPS 1080p Webcam】NexiGo Full HD Webcam is equipped with high definition 1920 X 1080P resolution, auto white balance, and auto-exposure control the web camera can provide clear images and high-definition video at 60fps, Even when recording in dim or poorly backlit settings the camera will intelligently adjust to produce the best possible image.
【ePTZ Webcam with 2x Digital Zoom & Adjustable FOV】 Control your video calls with NexiGo Webcam Settings Software while you are in a zoom/skype call. With up to 2x digital magnification under 720P, so you can adjust the field of view to be more narrow or wide to just focus on what you want via digital zoom function while maintaining UHD resolution. The pan and tilt function is also supported in the software.
【3-Level Adjustable Ring Fill Light】The built-in ring light offers 3-level color temperatures and stepless brightness adjustment with touch control. You can achieve ideal brightness by adjusting the ring light even in dim light environments. Facial enhancement technology makes you look more confident and professional in live streaming. Single press the touch button to change the color temperatures and turn on/off the light, hold the button to adjust the brightness.
【Magnetic Privacy Shutter & Dual Stereo Mics】The webcam comes with a Magnetic Privacy Shutter to protect your privacy and security, Put the magnetic shutter on the webcam lens when needed and easily put it in the back of the webcam when not. It prevents web hackers from Spying on you. The built-in stereo mic is equipped with an omnidirectional microphone that filters background noise, perfect for online teaching, blogging, conferencing, Live streaming, video calling, social gaming.
【Widely Compatible and Software Support】 The webcam can be compatible with the current popular video/meeting softwares. Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.6, Linux 2.6.24, Chrome OS 29.0.1547, Ubuntu Version 10.04 or above, and more. The optional NexiGo Webcam Software allows you customize all available settings of your webcam while using Zoom, Skype, Teams, and other video conference apps. The software supports Windows 7/8/10 and MacOS.


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Lens Type: Zoom. Image Capture Speed: 60 fps. Has Image Stabilization: No. Video Capture Resolution: 1080p 60FPS Webcam with 2X Digital Zoom and Light. Special Feature: Built-in Ring Light, 60FPS Streaming, Magnetic Privacy Cover, AutoFocus, 1/4″ Tripd Support, Software Support, Low-Light Correction See more. Brand: NexiGo. Date First Available: April 9, 2021. Best Sellers Rank: #110 in Webcams. Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars 339 ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B0923ZRY2Z. Special Features: ‎Built-in Ring Light, 60FPS Streaming, Magnetic Privacy Cover, AutoFocus, 1/4″ Tripd Support, Software Support, Low-Light Correction. Color Name: ‎White. Country of Origin: ‎USA. Product Dimensions: ‎2.2 x 1.7 x 3.45 inches. Item Weight: ‎7.7 ounces. Brand Name: ‎NexiGo.

Specification: 60FPS AutoFocus ePTZ Webcam, 2021 NexiGo N620E with 2X Digital Zoom, Ring Light & Privacy Cover, [Software Included], 1080P FHD Streaming Web Camera, Dual Stereo Mics, for Zoom Skype Teams

Weight 7.7 lbs
Dimensions 2.2 × 1.7 × 3.45 in

12 reviews for 60FPS AutoFocus ePTZ Webcam, 2021 NexiGo N620E with 2X Digital Zoom, Ring Light & Privacy Cover, [Software Included], 1080P FHD Streaming Web Camera, Dual Stereo Mics, for Zoom Skype Teams

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Lashello

    This is my initial review for the 60FPS AutoFocus Webcam with Ring Light & Privacy Cover and I’ll continue updating it as I use it. Been looking around for sometime now, for a good quality webcam, for the kids to use in their zoom classes. And I came across this inexpensive 60FPS AutoFocus Webcam, so I thought to try it out, as it won’t hurt my wallet much. It arrived very fast like the second day, which is a great plus to amazon, I love them for that, most of the stuff I order is either same day or second day delivery which is amazing. The quality of the webcam great, it looks very premium in person and feel very durable in hand, everything about it is screaming qualty, which made me happy, the initial impression is important, and once I connected it their mac, it recognized it very quickly, it got also a nice ring light that you can control the color temperature from too, so you stay well let during the whole session, and it also got a magnetic privacy protection cover that can stick in the back of the camera so you don’t loose it, in case you’re like me that displace things and forget where you put it. All you need is just connect it through the USB A, and click on the touch button on the top to switch the lights on and keep touching it until you get the color temperature you want, very easy to operate and use Overall, very good quality webcam, and very easy to set up, I highly recommend it. P.S. I hope you like my video showcase, Please don’t forget to click the helpful button below, If you like my reviewRead more

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  2. RiddleN

    Image and audio is good. But it does not work with Zoom if the camera is attached through a hub due to Zoom’s USB power requirements. I tried connecting the camera through two different powered hubs with the same result. The camera is recognized in Zoom settings, but when you start the video the camera light just blinks and doesn’t connect. But if you connect the camera directly to the laptop’s USB port it will work. No issues with other platforms, only Zoom.Read more

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  3. Cyp

    Great feature of the camera is the magnetic privacy cover and what makes it best is that the designers made a spot to actually hold the cap when it’s not in use. Without that back storage, I’m sure the cap will be lost within a week. The light feature is useful and helps with the a low light situation. It has 3 different types of light and it’s brightness is adjustable. Camera itself works very well, clear images and good mic pick up. The only downside to the camera is that it’s really wide angle. It’s good when I’m having a family video chat so that I can include the whole family (Kids and all) but for work I rather have a smaller angle. There is suppose to be digital zoom on the camera, I have not figured out how to use it yet.Read more

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  4. Paul

    This is my second webcam which I purchased from NexiGo. The first unit was N960E which by specification was better than N620E but it did not have the choice of color temperature (cool, daylight, warm). N620E can change the color of the ring light. It has autofocus, and 2 x zoom. The camera can tilt forward by its axis but cannot tilt backward. To tilt the camera backward, one need to push the camera holder backward– it is OK but it shift the image upward. Software to control the camera is available on line and is very easy to install and use it. While choosing performance characteristics, you can see its effect in real time using Preview screen. The webcam works with Skype and Zoom. N620E is less expensive than N960E but it’s overall performance is balanced.Read more

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  5. Rivka A. Strom

    Got this and had it up and going in minutes. Read the manual in less than 10 minutes. Although it has a wide angle and shows much of the room I am in, I will get that figured out by repositioning. For the money, it is a good little camera to start out with for initial use in webinars and meetings where you want your face seen. I especially like the fact that it has automatic focus. The only thing I don’t like is that the manual is god-awful small with tiny font so that needs to just be bigger. Lastly, I am disappointed that it does not zoom in so my whole room does not show.Read more

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  6. Kemi

    Camera quality appears to be same compared to the n660p. However, like some other reviews have mentioned, the fps lowers in lower light. The n660p struggles less with that by being the one closest to 60fps, if not, still maintaining 60fps. The ring light on the N620e is a nice touch. I might use it in place of another webcam that I use since this has 60fps capability and a ring light on it. The build quality feels sturdier compared to the N660p which is reassuring.Read more

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  7. Anon

    I now own this model and the NexiGo N980P. If I had to buy a third, I would likely get this one again for a couple of reasons. I find the camera quality on this one to be marginally better and this one comes with software to manually dial in settings. The two gripes I have: 1. The light is more of a gimmick than meaningful. It is not enough to light you unless you are very close to the camera and this is a wide angle lens meant for wider shots. At most, the light might slightly alter the tone of the light but you will need other external light sources in most cases. 2) the magnetic lens cover is fine if you are going to leave this on a machine for the entire time you are using it. If you need this to be portable and use it on multiple machines or throw it in a laptop bag, that magnetic cover is going to fall off and your lens will be unprotected. For this reason alone, the N980P still have a market, IMO. For both of these cameras, the ‘hook’ on the front to mount this to a screen is quite long and will cover part of the viewable area for bezel-less screens. So, right now, I can’t read one of my browser tabs because it is being covered by the camera mount. I think this hook part could probably be half as long and it would still function as intended and not cover part of my screen.Read more

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  8. Ria

    Für das Home-Schooling meines Kindes hatte ich mal eine 26€-WebCam gekauft, die ich für kleinere YouTube-Videos zweckentfremdet habe. Jetzt dachte ich, gönne ich mir mal ein kleines Upgrade, eben weil sie 60FPS kann und ein prima einstellbares Licht hat. Aber: Ich wollte sie an meinem Monitor am Schreibtisch benutzen. Dieser ist, anders als bei einem Laptop-Bildschirm, ca. 80 cm von mir entfernt. Als Software nutze ich OBS Studio. Der Aufnahmewinkel im direkten Vergleich, ist bei der alten Cam von handbreit überkopf bis knapp zur Brust runter, die hier angebotene schafft überkopf ungefähr drei handbreit und geht fast bis zum Bauchnabel. Hat also einen wesentlich weiteren Winkel. Kann man als Vorteil sehen, ist aber insofern ein Nachteil, da man rechts und links das halbe Zimmer mit drauf hat. Nun gibt es zwei Möglichkeiten, wie man den Bereich verkleinern kann. Entweder man beschneidet die Seiten oder/und vergrößert den Ausschnitt. Die erste Möglichkeit schafft Balken im Bild, die zweite sorgt dafür, dass von HD nicht mehr viel übrig ist. Das Bild kriselt, wie bei einer alten VGA-Handycam. Auf der Produktseite sieht man Bilder von einer Kamerasoftware, die ich mir auch heruntergeladen habe. Spannend: alle nicht ausgegrauten Felder lassen sich tatsächlich auch einstellen (bei manchen muss man dafür rechts einen Haken rausnehmen) nur eines nicht. Möchte jemand raten, welches? Ich verrate es gern: es ist der Zoom. Da kann man regeln so viel man will, es passiert nix. Die Farben und auch die Bildeinstellungen sind eindeutig besser als bei der alten Cam (da gibt es offenbar keine Software zu und die regle ich ausschließlich über OBS), doch wenn ich ein (Tisch-)Stativ brauche, um mir die Cam 30-40 cm vor die Nase zu stellen, um dann kaum noch etwas vom/von den Monitor/en zu sehen, ist ein kleinwenig kontraproduktiv. Deshalb ging sie auch retour. Empfehlenswert aber für Laptop-User, die nun wirklich direkt vor dem Bildschirm sitzen, denn sie macht im Nahbereich ein echt tolles Bild und hat sich dann auch nicht mehr so schwammig mit dem Fokus. Nur vor dem eigenen Körper winken sollte man nicht, dann ist das Gesicht unscharf^^Read more

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  9. CJ

    Das verstellbare Licht und die 60FPS sind gut und es gibt eine magnetische Kameraabdeckung. Das wars leider auch schon. Das Bild ist absolut müll – es ist alles total krisselig und Gesichter werden zum teil völlig überbelichtet. Auf den Bildern ist ein vergleich mit der Razer Kiyo (Standard Version) zu sehen. 1. Bild ist die Nexigo und das 2. die Razer Cam. Trotz 720p schneidet die Razer besser ab, wobei die Razer qualitativ hochwertiger gefertigt ist und beide kosten ca. das gleiche. Meiner Meinung nach ist die Kamera maximal 30 € wert, wenn überhaupt. Der Autofokus ist auch nicht so dolle, aber das liese sich noch verkraften.Read more

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  10. Fabian Albers

    War wirklich überrascht von der Qualität der Kamera. Verschiede Licht Farben ob Kalt oder Warm, per Touch einstellbar. Qualität für Stream etc. Wirklich sehr gut. Das Mikrofon ist eher für kleine Räume gedacht und nicht für große Räume (hall).Read more

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    Hatte eine Webcam für 79,-€ und diese hier als Vergleich gekauft. Fazit: Das Modell hier hat mich überzeugt. Bild und Ton sehr gut für den Preis. Im Vergleich zu dem teureren Modell war das Bild ein klein wenig schlechter, dafür der Ton um Längen besser. Der Lichtring ist ein netter Benefit und wirkt sich positiv auf das Bild aus. Anwendung wird nur Zoom etc. sein, keine Gaminganwendungen. Dafür einfach top!Read more

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  12. Giuliano D’Ambrosi

    Facilmente autoinstallante, non brilla per definizione dell’immagine. Si fa fatica a ridurre la luminosità del soggetto inquadrato: basta l’illuminazione dello schermo del PC, per rendere il viso troppo chiaro.Read more

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    60FPS AutoFocus ePTZ Webcam, 2021 NexiGo N620E with 2X Digital Zoom, Ring Light & Privacy Cover, [Software Included], 1080P FHD Streaming Web Camera, Dual Stereo Mics, for Zoom Skype Teams
    60FPS AutoFocus ePTZ Webcam, 2021 NexiGo N620E with 2X Digital Zoom, Ring Light & Privacy Cover, [Software Included], 1080P FHD Streaming Web Camera, Dual Stereo Mics, for Zoom Skype Teams


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