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A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4) – PlayStation 4

(11 customer reviews)

A dark third-person adventure set in plague-ridden France
Guide orphans Amicia and Hugo though medieval villages as you evade deadly foes, both human and rat
Avoid the gigantic swarms of rats to keep the young orphans alive, but manipulating the horde may provide bloody assistance on your journey
Work with other orphans to escape the Inquisition and uncover the mystery of the plague that devastates medieval France


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Follow the grim tale of young Amicia and her little brother Hugo, in a heartrending journey through the darkest hours of history. Hunted by Inquisition soldiers and surrounded by unstoppable swarms of rats, Amicia and Hugo will come to know and trust each other. As they struggle to survive against overwhelming odds, they will fight to find purpose in this brutal, unforgiving world.

Specification: A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4) – PlayStation 4

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11 reviews for A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4) – PlayStation 4

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Jack Dashing

    It was everything i wanted it to be, and everything i expected it to be. I love that games like this are still being made. Like Vampyr last year… it really does a great job of immersing you. It’s not trying to be a AAA blockbuster… it’s simply trying to tell you a beautiful and unique story, and it does that in spades. Also, very easy to pick up and put down (as a parent), with many automatic quick saves throughout the journey; i could turn it off any time i needed with VERY LITTLE to no back-tracking needed when i come back because of the frequency. Gameplay: It’s mostly a walking simulator with light puzzle elements; nothing too complex, but it does get a bit more in-depth later, but never too much so. The game does hold your hand a bit with all the provisions of materials you’ll need. But i’m still giving this game a 5-star (to compensate for a very ignorant reviewer giving it a 1-star just because they didn’t get their DLC code from amazon when they expected it – wasted review), because it tells a wonderful and gripping story. I love how they talk as they’re moving through the world as also featured in Last of Us and the newest god of war. Definitely pick this game up if you’re looking for a unique and interesting story with beautiful graphics and light puzzles.Read more

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  2. M.S.

    I was very excited about playing this game, SO EXCITED that I went ahead a pre-ordered it here on Amazon so I could play it on the day it released. The bonus “three alternative outfits and coats of arms” that are included when pre-ordering sealed the deal. Unfortunately, it seems the manufacturer messed up somewhere along the line. As it appears no one who has ordered via received a code or disc for the bonus DLC content that was STRICTLY listed as being included with pre-ordering it. To make matters worse, the questions that I and other users have asked in regards to the missing pre-order content have been unanswered and DELETED. I feel a bit for all the programmers and game developers who sunk hours/days/weeks/months of their lives making this game, only to have a PR/Communications rep completely alienate those who were excited enough to pre-order their game. Do the right thing Asobo/Focus Games/Kaitlyn Tennant, and correct your error…or may a thousand harmful reviews kill your sales like the plague. EDIT: After contacting the manufacturer via Q&A here on Amazon, they directed me to Amazon Customer Service. Amazon Customer Service said the manufacturer was responsible for the Pre-Order DLC. Long story short…contact Maximum Games and Asobo Studios on Twitter, they’ll help you out. Phenomenal game!Read more

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  3. Joseph D. Land

    Man I loved this game up until the point that the game play irritated me to the point that I had to quit. I’m sorry to write this review because I really was loving the game. I feel like this is a rare example of a game where the gameplay actually gets in the way of the experience as a whole and drags it way down. Everything about the story, the acting, the music and the environment is simply stellar so I DON’T WANT to you be put off from the game by this review, but I am going to harshly criticize it for it’s huge flaw. The game play is basically just sneaking past enemies the whole time. It’s wasn’t a problem for me for 2/3 or the game and I just laughed at how silly it all is. You will need to sneak past an enemy and you simply stand right behind them, throw a rock past their head to create a sound directly in front of them to where they say “what was that?” and towards the sound that is five feet ahead of them. They stand there for five second and shrug “well it must be nothing” and that is pretty much most of the game. The concept of the rats is brilliant and manipulating them was very fun though. For me I wasn’t fully bothered by the game even though it’s essentially just learning the exact patterns the game wants you to follow and one deviation form that is insta-death. It wasn’t until chapter 10 that I just hit a wall of frustration where I could not deal with it anymore. There is an area where you are rushed by many enemies in a burning room and you must sling shot them down, but one tiny mistake leads to instant death and I tried at least 20 times until I just gave up. I was really enjoying the story and I almost wished that the game play was mainly non existant so I could just focus on the story. That would have made a more interesting game, kind of like an interactive story. Where it’s at now the game play was just boring and frustrating and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I hope to come back and try again soon to see how the story ends but for now, I just can’tRead more

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  4. Destry

    Beautiful game gripping story! definitely a must buy! Won’t be disappointed! And I received the pre order code via email I know people are complaining it’s not in game …just check your email you should have received a code…Read more

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  5. Bravo

    I was hooked within a few minutes of playing. Beautiful looking game from such a new small dev team you can truly tell they put so much work and heart into. I’m probably already half way done with the game but my heart strings have been pulled as much as I was on the edge of my seat from some intense moments. I was looking forward to this game for months and it has not disappointed. Will be letting my friends borrow my copy as soon as I beat it.

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  6. FairlyWicked

    I pre ordered this but I didn’t get the dlc code??? I should have gotten the Coats of Arms dlc but there was no insert or anything to get the code.Read more

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  7. sukorreo

    Un grandioso juego donde controlas a una chica de nombre Amicia quien en todo momento debe cuidar a su hermano, es una joya el juego en la historia qué sé desarrolla en Francia del siglo XIV, la mecánicas son buenas y me hizo recordar la esencia qué tuvo Ico de cuidar a alguien especial. Desarrollado por un estudio francés de nombre Asobo Studio, sacaron esta joya que para mi fue la revelación del año 2019.Read more

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  8. Mike Santana

    Llegó antes de tiempo, en excelente estado, sobre el juego trae audios francés, inglés con subtítulos en español, es una historia lineal con excelente trama, he notado en varias veces algunos fallos de bugs, como que tú compañero se queda quieto al darle una orden, o atravesar paredes de un castillo hasta salir de el y quedarme atorado entre ellas

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  9. Luis Mi

    Me parece un gran juego de sigilo, acción, puzzel y sobrenatural por lo acontecimientos que suceden en la trama, viendo por su historia es envolvente, explicativa con el paso de las misiones, además de un buen desenvolvimiento de personajes (principalmente de los hermanos), la jugabilidad es fluida y muy buena, se siente muy bien, además de las mejoras que puedes ir haciendo al obtener ciertos recursos son muy buenas. En general un gran juego muy recomendable, a menos que tengas algún favor a los roedores, en ese caso no, pero de ahí en fuera sí.Read more

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  10. Omar Toscano

    Llegó antes de tiempo y en buen estado, asi que bien en ese punto. En cuanto al juego es bastante entretenido, es sencillo, básicamente es un juego de puzzles o de resolver acertijos con mecánicas de sigilo, en este caso como lograr llegar de un punto a otro evadiendo la marabunta de ratas que te quieren comer o a los soldados que te quieren matar y capturar a tu hermano. Los personajes son agradables, talvez pueda desesperar el niño pero bueno es un niño pequeño y es comprensible con lo que está viviendo, la historia es sólida, nada que te vuele la cabeza pero lo suficientemente entretenida para que quieras ver que pasa al final. Tiene buenas gráficas, más considerando que no es un estudio muy grande el que lo desarrolló, no ha niveles extremadamente impresionantes y algunas animaciones faciales pueden llegar a ser algo tiesas pero nada que rompa el juego, fue muy divertido acabarlo e incluso es fácil de sacar el platino (si es que te interesa), totalmente recomendado para los que quieran pasar un buen rato con juego que no es innovador en muchos sentidos pero se siente fresco después de ya tantos juegos de mapa abierto que han salido y que faltan por salir, creo que merece la pena darle una checada. Obviamente si tienes miedo o fobia a las ratas ni lo intentes.Read more

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  11. Rachito

    Es un juego bastante entretenido y tiene una temática no muy común en un videojuego. Pero a decir verdad la historia terminó por decepcionarme, aunque es buena, ya avanzada la historia se empieza a poner mas rara y “sobrenatural” lo cual siento que perjudica al juego que hasta ese entonces tenía un feeling mas realista. Es una lástima. Pero reitero, mal juego no es, solo toma decisiones que no me convencieron al final.Read more

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    A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4) – PlayStation 4
    A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4) – PlayStation 4


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