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AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube

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Air is lazy and will always follow the path of least resistance. So, why not give it an easier path into your engine with AIRAID Modular Intake Tubes! Constructed of cross-linked, high-density polyethylene, the AIRAID MIT provides a smooth path to the throttle body that flows up to an additional 400 cfm over restrictive stock intake tubes. With the AIRAID MIT, additional horsepower, torque, and enhanced fuel efficiency can be had with just simple tools and a few minutes for installation. All of the required hardware is included along with easy-to-follow instructions.

Specification: AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube

Weight 4.5 lbs

9 reviews for AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube

3.9 out of 5
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  1. Mark T Jung

    Update as of 12/28/18 below: I didn’t see many reviews on this item so I’ll take a minute to share my experience. Purchased with the AEM dryflow filter for my 2014 Chevy Silverado. I’ve now had it installed for about 300 miles of usage. While I was skeptical based on reviews I’ve read on the forums, I thought to give this thing a shot based on a prior experience with intakes; more so than others, an intake as a mod seems to have much controversy; but I think it’s application dependent and realistic expectations. For me, it’s met it and and gone beyond. Install was easy; I understand that some have reported issues with the fitment, no such issues for me; I didn’t use a flat-head to tighten the clamps, but sockets for proper grip/tightening; spent plenty of time to line up, check and recheck tightness; checked again a week later and it took about half a turn. So far no issues with them popping off or anything. The sound. Yes, the intake sound is noticeable with a nice deep growl from the 5.3 V8. It doesn’t annoy me, but it’s a nice change – still a very quiet truck, but when I get on it, I can hear it. This is still a refined ride (especially for a truck!), but now with an added attitude when I want it! Performance. While I can’t say it’s night and day, there’s an on-ramp section I hit every day during my commute. After the install, I noticed it pulling smoother from 10 MPH up to 50 MPH. This may not make sense, but the 6 speed auto seems to “hunt” less after install; just perceived or not, I was pleasantly surprised and it’s met my expectations. Here’s the bonus in my experience. I was most skeptical of the MPG improvement that were claimed. Since I’ve had it installed, my computer is showing me a consistent improvement of 1.7 MPG consistently. Based on my experience, would I have done this all over again? A resounding yes. Hope this review was helpful for you. Yes, early on I was thinking “this is a 150 dollar plastic tube!”, but now considering what this tube does (quality parts, hoses – all included) – I’m happy with it. Update: It’s still holding up well; it’s been a zero maintenance accessory except I’ve swapped out the AEM filter for the OEM factory filter for better protection; less fuss, and some reaching I’ve done indicating same/if not improved performance; I think I’ll be sticking with OEM from here out. Since the original review, here’s what I’ve added and done to the truck. Added a UPR catch can (direct injection seems to need; Scotty Kilmer’s opinion pushed this one over the edge in my mind): Great build quality, easy install and seem so be pulling out what looks like dirty coffee – so, I’m happy with this. LED bulbs (KATANA H11), awesome upgrade – plus I did the fog-lights. Carven muffler (didn’t notice much except a nice added sound); and upgraded to Michelin defender (improved ride quality, and wet traction was noticeably improved over stock). All conservative upgrades for my daily ride but all been worth it. The transmission w/these trucks are known to be clunky. I did the simple “battery re-set”… although it’s not been long, it appears that it’s working! Placebo? Time will tell, but so far so good; and for what it worth, I can already tell that the transmission seems to be less finicky.Read more

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  2. Mike B.

    This is pretty pitiful. First, like others have noted across the internet, Airaid is shipping these with incorrect parts ans seems to have been for years. If you order this, go ahead and get 24” of 5/8” vacuum line. They ship a 3/4” hose that just needs to get tossed in the trash. Next, they ship one 90 degree fitting and one straight for the breather lines. The straight connects to the passenger side valve cover. As you can see, the way they ship it the hose would be hitting the stud on the alternator (where I am pointing). I found a fitting to temporarily work until I can get a black one. They should ship with (2) 90’s and longer hose for the passenger side. So we called to try and get a replacement hose, because at $150 this is absolutely unacceptable I have to go buy more parts. Airaid “have to talk to an Engineer because we have not heard of any issues. We will call you back”. This was before 12 PM PST and by 7 PM EST still no call. I sent an email with the pictures as well requesting a 90 degree fitting and hose to fit. How a company could go this long and ship wrong parts is pitiful. At least Amazon came to the rescue to help offset some of my added cost so far. I still need Airaid to send parts because I can’t find matching elbows locally. The fit seems ok, after about 20 miles it looks good. The driver fresh air vent line to the valve cover should be secured to the radiator hose to prevent the two rubbing each other (in my opinion). For a $50 product I might be OK. For $150, this was ridiculous. I will try to update the impact to fuel economy. I took logs with HP Tuners before and after to see it slightly leaned out the mixture (which was rich to start, I am waitng to tune it until warranty is up). So I hope this helps correct the already rich mixture to help fuel economy. It is quite a bit louder at 25%+ throttle. I feel without exhaust this is a little much. Looking to do catback next and hoping it will balance out the intake vs. exhaust tones.Read more

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  3. Amazon Customer

    So like most people I reviewed the on-line video and while this product is not sold to add horsepower, it does change the torque curve on the dyno right at midrange rpm. I pull a travel trailer that this is exactly where I need the improved torque. Watch the video, it is as easy as they show to remove old, and install new. Perfcet fit, everything you need included. It does make a noticeable difference in intake growl if you get on the throttle hard. In my case I don’t notice any noise difference in normal driving. I also added a drive by wire device. The combination of the two have made a huge difference in acceleration and drive-ability of my truck. 2017 Silverado 1500 5.3. Update: added the airaid throttle body spacer and instance improvement in around town mpg. Can’t wait to put it all to a try on a trip.Read more

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  4. Sharky

    Probably easiest add-on to the truck one can do, with positive results. Installation took maybe half an hour, taking it easy without rushing. Instructions in the box were included if you need them, and without any missing parts. I don’t have a dyno, nor do I care about the claimed HP gain, but i am happiest about the added responsiveness and smoother acceleration… I see how crappy the stock setup was, now that I have the Airaid. Slight added noise is not intrusive, and if you notice it, it is for the better, kind of a growl. I have only one not so positive comment, and it is about the plastic “zipclamps”… They’re holding fine, but for my peace of mind, I’m replacing them with some metal ones. They work as designed, so i can’t take off the star for that. In the end, I’d definitely purchase this kit again!Read more

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  5. nomader4

    This air intake is a great upgrade. I was sceptical but My fuel mileage did improve a little. Not only that, it gets rid of that huge ugly coffin sitting in the engine bay. I can actually see my motor now! I like keeping the original filter box and i use a k&n filter. If you know how to work a hose clamp, installation is literally 15 minutes taking it easy, and I didn’t even get my hands dirty. Recommended!!Read more

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  6. Wayne Ashton

    Amazon says this does not fit 2019 Chevrolet Silverado LD. Photo of instruction says it does and if it’s on my truck. Clean and easy install. Installs in less than half an hour and tidies up the engine compartment. As for power gain, probably not noticeable. For those who like to tinker and bolt on aftermarket parts I recommend this productRead more

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  7. Amazon Customer

    I’m happy with the Airaid MIT I purchased for my 2015 Silverado. Love the cleaner and uncluttered look of the engine. Love the throatier sound coming from the engine when accelerating or giving it a bit of throttle but no drone during cruising speed. I kept the stock air filter and can’t tell if it’s any faster off the line, if it is it’s nothing to brag about but just sounds good when you step on the throttle. As for improved gas mileage, we head up to the cottage on the weekends averaging 450 km round trip and our driving conditions vary depending on weight of our truck load, wind direction and/or traffic. If there is any improvements I’ll be conservative and report a half litre to a litre per 100 km improvement. Just be sure the silver clamps are secured tightly or you may find the MIT detach itself from the throttle body.Read more

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  8. Derek McCullagh

    My truck did not like this at all!! Constant hunting for the right gear, kicking into V4 and out way more often. It did let my truck breath more i could hear it but if i wasn’t driving hard it was more pain then pleasure. I might put it back on after my truck is lifted with tires if i feel my engine actually labours.Read more

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  9. Amazon Customer

    The only thing this product does is give the engine a bit of a throaty sound. it does not add horsepower or increase fuel economy what so ever. The stock airbox and tube are not restrictive at all. This MIT flows no better than the stock tube. Would not recommend.Read more

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    AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube
    AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube


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