AOII Cotton Buds for Pet, 6 Inch Cotton Buds for Large Dog Ears, Ear Cleaner for Medium Dog and Cat, Lengthen Cotton Swabs for Cleaning Dogs Ears Make up Tool Household Cleaning swabs (100 Count)


【MATERIAL】Pet cotton swabs are made of natural strong bamboo and selected soft cotton, and the cotton is sterilized by high temperature and treated with no fluorescent agent.
【LARGE SIZE】A sturdy cotton swab 5.9 inches long enough to penetrate into the dog’s ear can completely remove all dirt and debris from the dog’s ear canal. The large tip means safety. When cleaning, you don’t need to worry about poking the dog.
【HIGH QUALITY】Cross-wound spirally, the cotton heads that do not drop the cotton will not easily fall apart, which is much better than cotton balls because they can reach the ears perfectly. The specially elongated and sturdy cotton swab makes it impossible to turn through the dog’s ear canal, nor can it touch the deeper ear canal. Be safe for your puppy.
【SPECIAL DESIGN】The soft cotton has super absorbent properties and can quickly absorb water to clean up dirty sewage stains.
【USE】This is not just a pet cotton swab, it has undergone high-temperature sterilization and non-fluorescent agent treatment, and can be used to treat wounds, make-up, apply medicine, and treat oil stains.

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