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Apple Harvest Soy Candle, 12oz | Handmade in the USA with 100% Soy Wax

(8 customer reviews)

MADE IN THE USA WITH 100% SOY WAX: Our candles are not made with a soy blend like other companies. If it doesn’t say 100% soy wax on a “soy candle” then it likely contains paraffin or other waxes.
MADE WITH AMERICAN COMPONENTS: 100% of the raw materials in our candles are made in the USA and our friends up in Canada.
HANDMADE WITH LOVE: Over 1% of our annual revenue goes to charitable causes. Our team members are paid well and our full time team members are provided with fully paid health insurance for themselves and their dependents as well as unlimited paid time off.
PRODUCT INFO: 12oz clear jar with a gold colored metal lid. Burn time of approximately 60-70 hours. All of the products we make are vegan, dye free, phthalate free, paraben free, and cruelty free.


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Our Apple Harvest candle gives the crisp scent of fresh apples picked from the orchard. This candle brings Fall indoors and has year-round appeal but is especially nice around apple picking time. Our Apple Harvest candle contains a fall medley of natural essential oils including cedarwood, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cinnamon.

8 reviews for Apple Harvest Soy Candle, 12oz | Handmade in the USA with 100% Soy Wax

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  1. Winnie

    I am really picky about candles- I will pay the money for a good candle that lasts. That said, I bought Pumpkin Bakery and was very impressed! The scent smells exactly as described – pumpkin baked goods. I always burn my candles 3 to 4 hours the first time so they don’t tunnel – the wax burned evenly and didn’t seem to dissipate too quickly. I’ll definitely be buying more from this brand. I didn’t see anywhere how long the candle is expected to burn – they really need to include that info!!!Read more

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  2. JP

    Pumpkin Bakery is the sweet version of the Toasted Pumpkin Spice candle. It reminds me of the classic bright orange colored pumpkin candle from yankee that came out years ago, one of my all time favorites. Pros. Made in the USA. The candles are packed in cute eco friendly packaging. Wick comes trimmed. Made with natural essential oils and 100% soy wax. The mason jar comes with a metal screw on top and is reusable after your candle is done. Small con. The jars are a bit narrow and can be hard to light after a few uses, I recommend long matches or a stick lighter.Read more

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  3. Brittany

    I bought the Pumpkin Bakery candle and the scent is more vanilla to me with a hint of pumpkin pie. It smells really great but the scent is so overwhelming. I lit the candle in my basement, which is fairly large and it only took 5 minutes for the scent to fill my entire house. It would have been great but the scent just kept building and getting stronger-to the point where I got a headache and had trouble breathing because it was just such a thick, strong scent. I only use soy and beeswax candles with natural essential oil fragrances because synthetic ones give me headaches. This is the strongest soy candle I have ever gotten, the scent doesn’t smell synthetic to me, though but I am not sure if it’s 100% natural. I decided to move the candle around my house over the next few days to see if it would be less intense in different areas and it became very difficult to light the wick. It took me minutes to light it each time I went to use it. Wax gets all over the place because I have to hold the lighter against the wick for a period of time until it holds the flame. It happens everytime I use it and the candle is still completely full, which is very aggravating. With those negatives, I would not recommend this candle. Unless this were $10 or less. It does smell great and lasts a long time.Read more

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  4. Shania Purser

    Another review stating this candle had an overwhelming scent was what ironically motivated me to purchase this haha. There’s nothing like burning cash on a candle you can’t even smell or doesn’t make a difference. That’s why my search can finally end with this candle – the scent is absolutely lovely. It only takes a few minutes after this candle is lit to have a noticeable shift in the smell in the room. It basks you in its yummy scent and teleports you into Fall; dried leaves, and the sweetest baked pumpkin smell I find myself inhaling happily every time I walk into the room. I kept one of these in a bathroom we have always had a subtle plumbing odor issue in our apartment, and it masked it completely – much to my delight. I’ve kept them burning for a few hours every few days, and they’ve lasted a good amount of time as well. I highly recommend this candle for all Fall/Autumn lovers looking for a candle that does the job well.Read more

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  5. MCAM

    *updated* So the wick stopped burning with 1/3 of the wax left to burn. So instead of just saying I won’t buy again, I suggest you don’t either. Scent is nice, not too sweet and has reasonable “throw” for a one wick candle. I noticed some discoloration of the wax. That may be typical, most soy candles I burn are not in clear jars. No worries there. I won’t buy this brand again because despite trimming the wick and burning for over 7 hours, there is severe tunneling after one use. I am careful, especially the first few times I burn a candle, to make sure it stays lit for several hours so I can enjoy longer burn time for the rest of the candle. This one disappointed.Read more

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  6. Dev

    This candle is actual magic. Scent is amazing and it’s made me so eager for fall! There was a delivery issue (100% Amazon’s fault, 0% Lorenzen’s fault) and Bobby from Lorenzen had the best customer service I have ever witnessed. I had been looking for non-toxic candles since I swore off of a major retailer’s toxic ones (yeah, you know who I’m talking about…) and I am so confident that I have found my match! Buy!!!Read more

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  7. Frederick P.

    This smells fantastic! We had this candle burning, and it smelled like a bakery making Fall goodies. Very similar to Pumpkin Cupcake, which is made by major retail manufacturers, but this one is much healthier to be around, with the soy wax and non-petroleum based fragrances.Read more

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  8. Ms. Mar50

    Wonderful smelling candle! It does burn quit fast. I lit it right out of the box last Wednesday & its just about gone

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    Apple Harvest Soy Candle, 12oz | Handmade in the USA with 100% Soy Wax
    Apple Harvest Soy Candle, 12oz | Handmade in the USA with 100% Soy Wax


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