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Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh Refrigerator Air Filter

(13 customer reviews)

Absorbs and deodorizes food odor
Helps keep food tasting fresh, longer
Easy-to-apply suction cup sticks to most refrigerators
Flow-through vented design for max odor control
For best results, replace every 30 days


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ARM & HAMMER Fridge Fresh provides maximum odor elimination throughout the refrigerator and freezer to help keep food tasting fresher longer.

Specification: Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh Refrigerator Air Filter

Weight 0.26 lbs
Dimensions 1.81 × 5.13 × 5.884 in

13 reviews for Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh Refrigerator Air Filter

4.5 out of 5
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  1. K. Walsh

    I have been buying this regularly for a while now on a subscription, and it seems to be effective at the task at hand. My only disappointment is something that was removed not from the product, but from the purchase options. When I first ordered this, it offered the option to have it professionally installed for an extra $50, or roughly thereabouts. What a bargain, right? But did I do it? No. Foolishly I thought I’m pretty handy. I can handle installing a suction cup on a flat surface. Was I wrong? No, not really. But what if I missed something? What if there were some more optimal way of installing it? Maybe it would have been worlds better and I missed out by foolishly turning up my nose at the so called expert installation. Experts should be trusted, I say, and I’m sure ot would have been well worth it to learn from the pro. It’s too late now, though. Sadly, no such pros are available. I’ll just have to go on attaching it with the suction cup where I hope it will be as effective as possible. But is it really? I may never know for certain.Read more

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Well…my husband left a half gallon of milk in our cottage for 4 months. Needless to say the fridge smelled HORRIBLE. I washed out the fridge with bleach and dawn and still a scent lingered. The cottage is in a small town and we couldn’t find these anywhere – so I turned to Amazon. Got them fast – put them in the fridge within moments of opening the package and in less than a half an hour the smell in the fridge was absorbed. Thank goodness!! These really work!!Read more

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  3. E R

    These are a bit expensive but they definitely work, I been using them for about 9 months now, the suction is pretty good, I still use the suction cup from the very first ones I used, the spares are good for other things such as replacing screens on tablets, but this product really does control the odor in both the refrigerator and freezerRead more

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  4. Erica Torres

    So the price is cheaper than most of the places I’ve purchased these for the refrigerator I have one in the freezer part and one in the fridge it seems to keep the odors away I don’t have too much groceries in there but I just thought I’d give it a try because I had a smell for a while in there and it’s gone I will be re-ordering The suctions OK you just have to put water in the suction part and then stick it on the part it’s going on because if you just try to set it like that it’s too dry And it won’t stick to the fridgeRead more

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  5. Elaine

    Nice product and have used for many years. Much better than the “old fashioned” way of putting the open box of Baking Soda or perhaps putting the Baking Soda in a bowl or glass in Refrigerator to maintain freshness in the circulating air inside of Refrig or the Freezer. Rating only a 4 because, the Suction-cup that is on the back and utilized for mounting, does not hold well & frequently falls down. It seems as though, perhaps it is made of a different type of material plastic / silicone. Also, the price on this product has gone-up too high. Not just with the Vendors on Amazon but, in the Stores as well. I just may, go back to the “ old fashion “ way .

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  6. Alice

    I bought two of these and both arrived open and had clearly been stored near something heavily scented because they absorbed the scent. They smelled like air freshener. Not only is that a problem because I’m allergic to fragrance, but what good is baking soda that’s already been opened and already absorbed other smells? So I can’t say if I would have liked this better than the boxes Of baking soda I put in the fridge because it was damaged. Like most things delivered by Amazon. Very disappointed.Read more

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  7. Emily C.

    I received an open one. Not sure if it opened accidentally during transit or what but after contacting Amazon they refunded me. After leaving it out a few days, I decided to try it anyways to see if it worked and if I wanted to repurchase it. I had a stinky fridge and stuck this inside and within a day it was smelling much more fresh. My mom didn’t notice the device at first and was amazed that our fridge was no longer so smelly. I wish there was a way to purchase a refill of this instead of buying a totally new one and wasting plastic. It did fall off once when I first applied it but since then, it hasn’t budged.Read more

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  8. MJCar

    I like these because I can just change them at the beginning of each month. I actually find that if your refrigerator is not overfull or you keep yours cleaned out regularly, they can last a month-and-a-half to two months this way. They really don’t cost that much and are well worth getting. When I place an order I usually have a couple thrown in as they don’t weigh too much. Check them out next time you are ordering your household items.Read more

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  9. Canadian Jane

    I wish they would sell just the disc regills. I took mine apart and will be making my own refills with zip or velcro and that way I will change my own baking soda each month from a box and save the environment a bit. Great concept but I just find it wasteful all that plastic. I would keep two in fridge otherwise, I use boxes- and one in trash lid as well as closets.Read more

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  10. Fher Balderas

    Lo puedes colocar en cualquier parte dentro de tu refrigerador/congelador, dependiendo el tamaño del mismo puede que requieras más de uno, en mi caso coloqué uno en la parte baja y otro en el congelador, viene con un chupón para sujetar en las paredes internas, se recomienda cambiar cada mes pero parece ser que si mantienes limpio tu refrigerador, la duración puede ser mayor, el paquete llegó 2 días antes de la fecha estimada. Sin duda seguiré comprándolo a través del proveedor de USA por el precio.Read more

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  11. ThiaRN

    These are great! They fit ANYWHERE in your fridge! No more annoying baking soda boxes, no more spills! And they are nice looking too!Read more

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  12. Mark

    FFAF, where have you been all of my life! Great product that I shared with my Mom and now she’s a convert! I’m on a bi-monthly re-order for Mom and me!Read more

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  13. Blair Kelsie

    It’s really hard to find the older fridge/freezer boxes (the ones that have the sides that come off). These are a decent replacementRead more

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    Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh Refrigerator Air Filter
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