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Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line .065 Inch X 220 Feet

(12 customer reviews)

TRIMMER LINE: Maxi Edge 065″ Trimmer Line prepared to handle bigger jobs and frequent use Edged line shape improves cutting performance
COMPATIBILITY: Universal / Fits most gas and electric trimmers
LONG LASTING: Cuts up to three times more area than economy lines
DIMENSIONS: 065″ diameter, blue line, 6-Point Star Contains 11 refills, 220 ft


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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Best Sellers Rank: #4,441 in Patio, Lawn & Garden. Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 5,635 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars. Item model number: WLM-H65. Country of Origin: USA. International Shipping: This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S. Learn More. Domestic Shipping: This item is available for shipping in the U.S. except for California and to select countries outside the U.S. ASIN: B002S47CCK. Manufacturer: Arnold Corporation. Item Weight: 6.2 ounces. Product Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2 inches.

Specification: Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line .065 Inch X 220 Feet

Weight 6.2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

12 reviews for Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line .065 Inch X 220 Feet

4.4 out of 5
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  1. ToughCookie

    I’ve owned a lawn care company for ten years and this is the worst trimmer line I’ve seen. I bought this for my home residential trimmer, not for commercial use. It’s MUCH too soft for even residential use though. If you get NEAR concrete it eats it up so fast you literally can’t get 20’ without running out of line. Terrible product and not at all worth the money, no matter what it costs.Read more

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  2. S.C.

    Never have I found a weapon so powerful as this Maxi trimmer line. I have been sentenced to cutting down the fields and while my almighty powerful trimmer created by the great Ryobi has done me well, the trimmer line that came with it has not. I cannot find this in the common shops so I had to summon the great AMAZON to grant me more line. This trimmer line is so strong that they had to include a special cutting blade that is sharp enough to cut through it as a simple blade would not be sufficient. Now I am readily equipped to handle anything that comes my way while I cut the fields, it can even fend off the evil dragon lady who sentenced me to cut these fields.Read more

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  3. Eastern Hound

    I’ve been using this in my 80v Kobalt electric string trimmer. It works very nicely and seems to be lasting much longer than the string that came with the trimmer. I would definitely buy this again.Read more

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  4. Amazon Customer

    I have a Cub Cadet walk behind trimmer. It comes with those neon orange square strings that work very well except for burdocks. We have some pretty tall burdock that just eats those lines up. I needed something that had a bit better cutting edge. Well this works better (still not great but I can get through 2 or 3 plants per line vs. 3 lines per plant before). On non burdock plants this string is a beast. We mowed 2 tanks of gas (about 2 hours of heavy thick weeds). and still had about half the length remaining. The other strings I used would break off at the locking point leaving like a half a string worth of line. This stuff wears done and I have not seen any long lengths laying around anywhere. The only negatives I have found is the included line cutter is a joke (you can barely get this line in slot let alone cut it). I use wire cutters and pre cut the lengths and store them in a homemade holder I mounted to the handle (ABS underground conduit and some end caps and zip ties). Also the line retains a curl memory from being on the reel (really hasn’t effected performance, just makes reloading a bit of a pain). I use my trimmer and lot (Mow 2+ acres of weeds a couple times a year plus areas under my pine trees and around my stream) so it is nice to have such a good replacement line. Year 2 with this line and I’m still very pleased. I get an amazing amount of time on this in regular weeds. It will cut through small saplings with just some tips fray. I have yet to have a string break at the attachment point and this wears very well. Memory curl is an issue but once it is spinning it really doesn’t matter.Read more

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  5. Tom Generic Dude

    I use a basic gas weed trimmer. When trimming edges around my sidewalks/concrete/stonework this line practically evaporated. Have to refill my spool 3-4 times for my semi-large yard. For a small yard with very little contact with hard surfaces—basically just grass blades–you’d be ok. I got through half this spool before getting tired of having to refill constantly. I switched to stronger 0.095 line and it made a world of difference. On multiple occasions I did have the line inside the spool get ‘stuck’ on itself. I think the torque combined with the star-cross shape of this line caused the line to fuse to itself when wrapping around the spool, had to cut free with knife a few times. The the unique shape of the line seemed of no benefit to me at all. I always give a gimmick benefit of the doubt first, but really it didn’t actually enhance cutting.Read more

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  6. Nils Rasmusson

    This string is killer! We’ve been using some other orange stuff on our Black and Decker cordless string trimmer and it has been a real pain. We used to have to stop and feed the line out every few minutes and it wouldn’t feed itself out. WIth the Arnold Maxi-Edge, everything about the trimming experience is better. It cuts WAY better, probably due to it’s star shaped profile. It breaks WAY less. Last time I trimmed our 1/3 acre yard, including all of the curbing, and both sides of our 210 foot sidewalk plus our driveway, I had to attend to the string once. I cut through dirt, hard clumps of grass and whatever else was in my way with ease. I LOVE THIS STUFF! It has made trimming SO much easier. I’ll definitely be buying more and would highly recommend it.Read more

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  7. Z. Patterson

    I have the EGO 12″ 56V grass trimmer, and the EGO replacement spool with 16′ of line (8′ in each direction) runs around $10 for a replacement. The problem is that when the line runs out, the spooler and the bearing are still fine and don’t need to be replaced. I bought this Arnold Maxi-Edge and refilled the spool myself. I was surprised how much better this line performs over the EVO brand. I was burning through the EVO line cutting through ivy leaves and their stems. This line was far superior. It whips up and breaks those thick ivy lines, grass and weeds way faster than the EVO brand. Plus 140′ of it will last a long time since each refill uses up roughly 16′. Highly recommend this for anyone with an EGO battery powered trimmer.Read more

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  8. Fordluv

    He has bought a lot of weed line in his 63 years, he says this stuff is the best! It didnt go through the line nearly as fast or break off long wasted chunks when hitting my rocks. Hubby says to only buy this for now on.Read more

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  9. Zheona

    A spool fitting my weed eater would cost $14 and last one run. I have to wind this one up but no problem there… and I’m still on the same roll. Great.Read more

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  10. Pat marquis

    out of stoke, but i know its a good product, i have similar company, and did a lots of research on why this one and no a other typeRead more

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  11. kabuth

    Same cheap line that came with the trimmer. Works just as expected, not especially durable.Read more

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  12. Randy Cuthbertson

    Excellent quality – would recommend as a buy!Read more

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    Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line .065 Inch X 220 Feet
    Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line .065 Inch X 220 Feet


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