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ARTALL 4/4 Handmade Student Acoustic Violin Beginner Pack with Bow, Hard Case, Chin Rest, Spare Strings, Rosin and Bridge, Glossy Purple

(13 customer reviews)

Solid wood material & smooth sound: handcrafted basswood top and back&sides integrate with sandalwood bow and genuine horsehair offer the violin clear and smooth sound.
Easy setup for play: only the bridge need to be installed for starting the violin journey easily.
Including complete beginner accessories: Bow, Hard Case, Chin rest, Spare Strings, Rosin and Bridge. Free you from finding the required parts one by one.
Crafted exterior: Glossy purple finish promotes your artistic temperament and increase your self-confidence.
Standard full size (4/4): suitable for all the violin starters or students over 12 years old.


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Size: 4/4
Style: Entry-level, Student-level
Color: Glossy Purplr Package Dimensions: 31.89 x 10.24 x 4.13 in
Shipping weight: 5.8 pounds

Headstock: Maple
Top: Basswood
Back & Sides: Basswood
Neck: Mono Maple
String: Steel Strings
Chin Rest: Whitewood
Bow: Sandalwood with Genuine Horsehair

The ARTALL 4/4 violin is specially for the students or beginners who have never played the violin before and want to have a try on playing it. Perfect timbers make the violin procent clear and melodious sound, which would be impressive and memorable. Complete accessories gives you perfect first-playing experience, which would free you from finding parts one by one. With its wonderful sound quality and substantial price, this excellent violin is worth a recommendation.

About ARTALL: ARTALL always adhere to the principle that âArt All Customerâ, we are pleased to offer customers our attractive instruments on CARTGET. With years of experience in the musical instruments industry, we have won a high reputation from customers because of excellent quality, superior after-sale service and competitive price of our products. We put great emphasis on innovation to ensure that we could continuously provide perfect products and service to our clients. Join our numerous satisfactory customers who have already begun the music journey with our superb instruments. You deserve it!

Specification: ARTALL 4/4 Handmade Student Acoustic Violin Beginner Pack with Bow, Hard Case, Chin Rest, Spare Strings, Rosin and Bridge, Glossy Purple

Weight 2.99 lbs

13 reviews for ARTALL 4/4 Handmade Student Acoustic Violin Beginner Pack with Bow, Hard Case, Chin Rest, Spare Strings, Rosin and Bridge, Glossy Purple

2.4 out of 5
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  1. Heather

    I had to return this violin for several reasons. However, I didn’t have any issues with the return process. I was fully refunded within an hour or 2 of dropping it off for UPS to take. Now, as far as the violin goes; it looked really nice, but it was made of the wrong kinds of wood. When you would try to tune it the tuning pegs wouldn’t stay where you put them or stay as tight. So by the time you got done tuning you would have to start all over again because they won’t stay. On a good violin those tuning pegs are made of ebony wood. The pegs on this violin were made of some other type of wood and then painted black to make it look like ebony. That is why they don’t stay when you turn them. I know it says that it’s a violin for beginners, but I wouldn’t waste the time or energy buying this violin. It isn’t even good enough for a beginner. It’s so much better to just rent one vs. buying this one. Even for a beginner it’s no fun playing when you sound horrible. Especially when there is nothing you can do to fix it. In my town we have a rental shop and while they do have all of the beautiful and expensive violins to choose from they also started working with a company that is making less expensive violins. They started doing that specifically to combat violins like this. Their are so many people buying these to try and save a few bucks, but really they’re just wasting their own time and money. It took me buying one and taking it to my local musical instrument shop before I realized just how bad they are. I hope that by sharing my experience it will save, at least a few of you, from making the same mistake I did.Read more

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  2. Lynn

    This violin is unplayable. My son took it with him to his first lesson and the seasoned instructor couldn’t even make one note. This violin is flimsy. Don’t waste your money.Read more

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  3. Brandon Gillis

    This is amazing! I quit playing in 7th grade (I’m 31 now) so it was great to find an affordable option to fiddle around with (pun intended). Please don’t think you can open the case and begin playing. You will have to tune the strings and rosin the bow. Reviews saying there is “no sound” so not have right strings or rosin on the bow. You have to scratch up the rosin cake and then apply really well. After doing those two things (aka follow the included directions) you will find this violin has incredible sound at an incredible price!Read more

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  4. Brian Fontenot

    I ordered this turquoise violin for a friend who has always wanted to learn to play and it seemed like a good starter. And that’s what it is, a pretty but inexpensively made starter violin. The entire kit also included rosin, a tuner, extra strings, the bridge, a cleaning cloth, and a case. So, that was all well and good. But the problem I had with this violin and I’m curious if other string instruments like this have the same issue was that the sound post came loose during shipping. I didn’t even know what it was at first and just assumed it was some post-fabrication piece of wooden dowel that got sealed inside the violin. I got it out easily enough and wisely did not discard it. I eventually figured out what it was while searching for how to set up the bridge. Yes, that’s the other thing. You need to set the bridge. If you don’t know how to do that or don’t know anyone who does, be prepared to take the instrument to a professional. I ended up having to do that anyway because special tools are needed to reset the sound post. Fortunately, there was a technician at the local Guitar Center capable of doing the work and it wasn’t too expensive, but nearly doubled the cost of this value violin. Still, if you like the color and just want to learn, go for it, but don’t be surprised if it ends up costing you more than just the cost of the instrument. And to be fair, this added cost can be probably be attributed to even more expensive violins you have shipped. They’re touchy instruments.Read more

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  5. B

    I got this as a Christmas present for my husband who played violin in highschool so I got this so he could relearn how to play it. I’ve seen some good quality violins and this one is definitely one of them. It’s so beautiful and doesn’t feel cheap at all. Please note the bridge is NOT broken and is supposed to be unattached when it arrives. And no, you don’t have to unstring it to attach the bridge. (My husband did and I’m still making fun of him for it. Lol)Read more

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  6. Katelynn

    I’m not a beginner when it comes to violins. I should have just spent the money to go to a music store and select a real violin. My child wanted to learn to play and this option would be a great fit. Upon receipt, you have to add the bridge, and tighten the strings yourself. The bow comes extremely loose. The rosin is a solid rock even a knife has a tough time scratching it. I’ve strung violins before, this one is very cheaply made. Even after stringing the violin and too I got the strings, there was almost no sound coming out even with rosin on the bow hairs. Would not recommend. A very exciting moment for my kiddo turned into a frustrating disappointment.Read more

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  7. Dulce

    The wax is dried crumbled And shattered into pieces , my daughter was excited to get her violin and she can’t even play it because now I have to wait to go to the store to buy her a wax Never had complaints till now And the violin we can’t get it to play right because one of the knobs is very loose and even if we tighten it loosens itself back up Very disappointed just got it todayRead more

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  8. Amazon Customer

    I am currently having difficulties with re-stringing my violin. The peg for the G string doesn’t work very well, leaving the string when it needs adjusting either too loose with the incorrect sound production or too tight, which then leads the string to snap, I went through 2 new strings today, then had to practise with only 3 strings in the end as it’s now a problem. Please advise me what I can do to rid this problem? Success I have fixed the above problem although found another, it’s ok though as I put on some insulation tape at the top end of the neck. The G string wire has worn down the wood as the string when in place is very cutting and has rubbed away and grooved the wood. As I stated I have stuck on some tape to stop the wood cutting down even further. Simply wear and Tear, if you play a lot things like this will occur. A fantastic instrument all the same. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! xxxRead more

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  9. koroush

    Ordered one for decoration only; even so, I was disappointed it wasn’t already setup. The instruction notes were a bit useless and had to find a clip on youtube for help. Ended up snapping one of the strings straightaway and had to replace it. I eventually managed to assemble it and it looks good on display, but definitely not in a state to be played or even experimented by a total rookie like me.Read more

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  10. Shez

    It arrived broken completely gutted wouldn’t not recommend at all.Read more

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  11. Hazel Dixon

    The violin was a 13th birthday present for my granddaughter who lives a distance away. We met up specially to give her the present. I am very disappointed to hear that the violin is faulty. There are no grooves on the bridge to hold the strings in place and as it is, it is useless. I looked at all the reviews before I bought this violin and they were very good so you can imagine my disappointment. I want the violin replaced directly to my granddaughter and postage made available to return the faulty one.Read more

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  12. Joshua

    Really good value for money, some scratches, but for the price can’t complainRead more

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  13. DJ

    0 stars The violin came defective and damged in case. Bridge did not even have slots to set the strings on the violin. Kneck broken And crooked not even attached to body of violin no tuner no rosin the few hairs on the bow already popped. box was in perfect conditionRead more

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    ARTALL 4/4 Handmade Student Acoustic Violin Beginner Pack with Bow, Hard Case, Chin Rest, Spare Strings, Rosin and Bridge, Glossy Purple
    ARTALL 4/4 Handmade Student Acoustic Violin Beginner Pack with Bow, Hard Case, Chin Rest, Spare Strings, Rosin and Bridge, Glossy Purple


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