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ASPECTEK Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Kill Mosquito Bug Fly & Other Pests Killer, Powerful 2800V Grid 20W Bulbs, Indoor Black

(12 customer reviews)

INSTANT INSECT ATTRACTION & ELIMINATION: This bug zapper emits a 365 nm wave length, which has been scientifically proven to be highly attractive to insects, as it falls within their natural viewing wavelength. As flies, mosquitoes and any other flying insect can’t resist approaching the light source, they get immediately zapped.
POWERFUL 2800V GRID: This is by far the STRONGEST insect zapper on the market. Dare to compare with our competitors’ weaker and ineffective zappers. Aspectek’s insect killer is guaranteed to wipe out all harmful flying pests and keep you from spending another penny on insect repellents or other insect pest control products.
COMFORTABLE PEST CONTROL: Stop exposing your family and yourself to harmful substance. This electric zapper is the perfect comfortable and helpful pest control alternative, safe to use in every indoor setting with a heavy flying pest infestation problem.
IDEAL FOR ALL INDOOR ENVIRONMENTS: Exceptionally safe and secure to use in every home area as well as hospitals, workplace areas, commercial spaces such as restaurant kitchens, warehouses and retail stores. Not for outdoor use.
EASY UPKEEP: The removable plastic tray at the bottom of the unit collects dead insects, and is washable to make maintenance fast and simple. The electric grid is self-cleaning.


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Target Species: Fly, Mosquito, Wasp. Is Electric: Yes. Number of Pieces: 1. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 15.16 x 10.63 x 3.15 inches. Material: Plastic. Color: Black. Brand: ASPECTEK. Best Sellers Rank: #12,807 in Patio, Lawn & Garden. Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,780 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B09NM4WNJY. Manufacturer: ASPECTEK. Item Weight: 3.41 pounds. Product Dimensions: 15.16 x 10.63 x 3.15 inches.

Specification: ASPECTEK Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Kill Mosquito Bug Fly & Other Pests Killer, Powerful 2800V Grid 20W Bulbs, Indoor Black

Weight 3.41 lbs
Dimensions 15.16 × 10.63 × 3.15 in

12 reviews for ASPECTEK Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Kill Mosquito Bug Fly & Other Pests Killer, Powerful 2800V Grid 20W Bulbs, Indoor Black

3.4 out of 5
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  1. Tae K.

    Do not buy this bug zapper. After owning the product for about 4 months, there was a loud buzz and the unit began to smoke. Luckily we were awake and near buy as my wife was able to unplug the unit as soon as she saw the smoke. If we had left this on overnight and it caught fire, who knows what could have happened. I also reached out to the company’s customer service line and no on has reached back out and it has been over two weeks.Read more

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  2. Ashley D

    Short version: buy it Long version: Let me tell you about how this bug zapper saved Valentines Day and my sanity. This story starts with reading Marie Kondo’s “The magic of tidying up” and cleaning my home to a level its never seen before. And better yet, right in time for Valentine’s day. During my cleaning I took out a bunch of garbage bags and somehow let in every fruit fly/house fly you can imagine. It wasn’t long before they took over. They were everywhere buzzing around my head flying in my drink. Well if you’re reading this I imagine you have some idea what I went through. I tried apple cider vinegar, disgusting fly trap hell I even PRAYED. And then I ordered this thing and I thought ‘man thats a lot of money for a bug zapper’ but hey it is what it is. I ordered it and plugged it up the first fly flew into it and caught on fire temporarily before falling to its fiery death. The second was shocked so hard it twitched and spun on the table for a couple of minutes before it died a slow agonizing death (I refused to put it out of its misery). The next day I woke up and NOTHING was flying! Everything was dead. Now fruit flies are hard to get rid of but I just leave the lamp plugged up at night when they’re active (and my toddler can’t see the lamp and devise a way to get to it). This lamp arrived on Thursday February 13 th and when I woke up on Valentine’s day there were NONE they were DEAD. I never thought a zapping noise would bring me so much joy, if you’re still reading this buy the zappy thing its wonderful.Read more

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  3. DogMomDallas

    We ended up with a house full of fruit flies or drain flies (I’m not sure which) and nothing was working. We tried fly shatters, apple cider vinegar, bleach in the drains, wine bottles, etc and I think we were just basically feeding them. This thing arrived 3 hours ago and this round has almost been eliminated and we had literal swarms. They are magically drawn to the bulbs but let me warn you, it’s LOUD. I’m afraid to hear what happens if something substantial gets in there. A fly or moth may sound like gunfire because these tiny fruit flies sound like firecrackers. Our dogs HATE it. Also, be careful moving it because the tray (along with all the corpses) will fall out, spilling your fresh kills everywhere. But yeah, it works and it’s doing the job, thank goodness!Read more

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  4. A quiet reader

    I’ve had Aspectek bug zappers in my condo for a few years, and have replaced two of them when the bulbs wore out – I couldn’t find replacement bulbs on Amazon. For some reason, my condo is plagued with these tiny little flies that I can barely see, but always find their way into my wine glass. I think they must get in via the AC vents. Anyway, I bought two new ones that came with two replacement bulbs and they arrived May 5, and here it is June 1 and the lower bulb on one of the units is already dead. I tried to replace it. I disconnected it from electricity, I emptied the tray and Lysoled it. I googled how to change the bulb; it’s not exactly intuitive. I finally removed the grate with great difficulty (not sure I’ll ever get it back in place) and reached for the dead bulb to remove it. I got zapped! This had to have been at least 40 minutes since I’d unplugged it. Please clarify, Aspectek, how to change your bulbs. At 127 lbs, I weigh a lot more than a fruit fly, so I survived it, but surely you don’t want your buyers zapped? Anyone with a heart condition might find that dangerous. ETA (7/23/20) To clarify, I had to buy a new Aspecteck when a bulb failed. I was psyched at the cheaper idea of changing bulbs. Not at all psyched when I realized there were no instructions & then I got zapped.Read more

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  5. 1down5up

    Great bug zapper! We had a fruit fly infestation that was horrible! We tried every trap you can buy and every home remedy online, but we just couldn’t keep up with their reproduction rate. I bought this bug zapper and it just lit up like the 4th of July! Zap! Pop! Zzzz bam! It was a massacre! I moved it from room to room, but I could only kill about 80% of the original infestation with one light. So I bought another one and placed them in separate areas. Finally, the fruit flies are about 98% gone and these two lights keep it that way. It’s probably impossible to kill them all, so I’m marking this in the win column for me. I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it to anyone who needs something like this.Read more

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  6. Obsessive Book Geek

    I am writing this review now that I’ve had it a year and a half. Works good for mosquitoes, flies, noseeums/gnats/fruit flies Doesn’t seem to attract the other common pests in this area (asiatic ladybugs, box elder bugs, etc) Works best at night; during the day they don’t notice the UV light as much Price was about triple what my last (Little Stinger) bug zapper cost. Both seem to work about the same. I have mine on a timer to turn on for 15 minutes just after sunset and another 30 minutes around 1:00am (and I will manually override to turn it on if there are bugs pestering me). I know someone who has the same model and runs it 24/7 and hasn’t gone through a set of bulbs yet.Read more

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  7. Jim Bailey

    Tiny little flies in my office that are immune to bug spray are driving me nuts. Hooked this thing up and got revenge very quickly. Scared the sh1t out of me though. Just popped another one while I was typing this. That scared the sh1t out of too. I love it.Read more

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  8. Stewart Anderson

    Works great. Zaps are really loud so you know when you get a kill. I wouldn’t recommend this for outdoor use though as it is advertised INDOOR only. But just for fun when I noticed a large amount of flying insects outside my back door one night I put it out there… “ZAP ZAPZAP ZAP ZAP!!” I was decimating insects by the dozens, take that blood suckers! But the victory was short lived, only after about 30 seconds or a couple hundred kills of having it out there this giant moth kamikaze flew right into the zapper “ZAP ZAP ZAPZAPZAPZAPZAP!!” And then in a blaze of glory the moth was ignited into flame! It clearly caught fire inside the device. Luckily I was watching so I unplugged the device and blew out the little fire and the device was not damaged. Keep it indoors :)Read more

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  9. Charles

    This was the ideal product, I thought. But what arrived was a device with a North American plug and running on 110 volts, so I had to send it back to the seller – in Nevada! Have asked the question please can I have this item with UK plug and voltage, but no reply.Read more

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  10. Aisling

    This is not only the wrong plug for the UK but its the wrong voltage so it will trip your electricity switch. Absolute nightmare trying to send this back as its not an Amazon return and the nearest place to return was miles away. Had to get a taxi there cos its so off the beaten track. .Also it comes from LAS VEGAS. Still waiting for my refund. disappointed as I thought I was ordering from Amazon direct.Read more

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  11. Nicoli

    This has worked well for our asian ladybug problem. On sunny days they show up in crowds In one room. While I don’t take joy in creating popcorn out of living things- it was getting to be stressful. They are attracted to the light and fly/walk right into it. It makes a very loud snap noise that at first shocked me but now I know to expect it. To encourage movement we’ll knock them off the windows onto the floor and they “go into the light”. It loses a star only because it sometimes needs encouragement (knocking ladybugs down), but at dusk when the sun goes down they move towards. Update: We have not had one lady bug since my report. It must have killed off the nest/source or word got out to “stay away”. Couldn’t be happier. I’ve put this in the closet in case we run into this issue again. I was skeptical with this purchase and it paid off!! I paid full price for this product.Read more

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  12. Al Fairclough

    We have indoor bunnies as pets, so we also have an indoor fly problem as well. I got fed up with hanging and handling those messy and unsightly fly strips, so I started hunting for an alternative. Fortunately, I came across the Aspectech Bug Zapper. Having never used an electronic zapper before, I was curious to see if they would address my fly problem. The Aspectech came through in Spades! Within a couple of days, the zapper cleared all the flies from the bunny area, both the tiny 1mm hatchlings to the larger adults. As an added bonus, the Aspectech nuked the occasional Cottage Moth as well. I have been so pleased with the performance of the Bug Zapper, that I bought a second one for the kitchen area. I am pleased to be able to recommend this fine product that actually works as advertised. Try one, you will be glad that you did.Read more

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    ASPECTEK Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Kill Mosquito Bug Fly & Other Pests Killer, Powerful 2800V Grid 20W Bulbs, Indoor Black
    ASPECTEK Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Kill Mosquito Bug Fly & Other Pests Killer, Powerful 2800V Grid 20W Bulbs, Indoor Black


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