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Aspen Pet Oval Cuddler Pet Bed for Small Breeds 20-inch by 16-inch Chocolate Brown 20 inch by 16 inch Chocolate Brown

(8 customer reviews)

COMFORT & SECURITY: Aspen Pet’s cat & dog bed features nest-like walls filled with high-loft polyester to promote security. The round pet bed provides comfort as a dog bed for crates & kennels. Machine washable. Raised sides reduce exposure to drafts
SMALL PET BREEDS: This crate bed for small dogs and cats is conveniently sized to accommodate small toy breeds and is easily portable for car rides and vacations.
DOG BEDS: Pets can feel at home both in the house & on-the-go with a variety of beds for cats & dogs as well as plush kennel crate mats. Features self-warming beds, orthopedic beds for senior pets, cooling cots for outdoors, pillow beds & more.
ASPEN PET: Aspen Pet provides every day essentials for pet parents, dogs & cats. Check out Aspen Pets for leash cable tie-outs, litter box accessories, pet toys, gravity water/food bowls, pet beds, dog houses, carriers & more!
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The Aspen Pet Oval Cuddler Pet Bed provides comfort tailored to extra-small and toy breed dogs as well as larger cats. The soft, raised walls are filled with recycled high-loft polyester for cushioned comfort, and the nest-like design helps pets settle in for a cozy night’s rest. For crate and kennel-trained pets, the Oval Cuddler provides cushioned comfort as a cat and dog crate bed or kennel pad. This small pet bed is entirely machine-washable and measures 20 by 16 inches for convenient placement within standard washers. For pets and pet parents on the go, the cat and dog pillow bed’s lightweight polyester fiberfill ensures portable convenience. With plush fabric in attractive, contrasting colors and a charming bone design, Aspen Pet’s cat and small dog beds are a lovely addition to any room of the home. Features raised bolstered sides that give your pet 360° of decadent comfort and to help promote the nesting instinct while reducing exposure to drafts

Specification: Aspen Pet Oval Cuddler Pet Bed for Small Breeds 20-inch by 16-inch Chocolate Brown 20 inch by 16 inch Chocolate Brown

Dimensions 20 × 16 × 5.5 in

8 reviews for Aspen Pet Oval Cuddler Pet Bed for Small Breeds 20-inch by 16-inch Chocolate Brown 20 inch by 16 inch Chocolate Brown

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  1. Caelita

    In hindsight, maybe it was a mistake to get my dog a “cuddler” bed. When I first presented her with her new bed, she immediately tried to eat it. Then she tried to flip it over in order to lie on the flat side. She’s not the smartest dog. But she did finally figure out how to use it correctly and has pretty much been living in it ever since. She used to beg for cuddles all the time while I was trying to work, but now even when I want to cuddle with her she will only tolerate it for a minute or two before going back to her nest. I’m a little surprised at the reviews saying the bed is too small. My terrier mix is 18-lb and measures 16″ long from between shoulder blades to base of her tail. Except for one of her ears (see pics attached), she fits perfectly inside the walls of this bed. Sometimes I even find chew toys in there with her.Read more

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  2. BayAreaWmn

    The dogs love it! Other reviewers praised it – and they were right. We have 3 dogs – the bigger one has a “bigger” bed, but even he wedges himself into this one instead. I’m going to have to find one his size from these folks! I actually got “this” one for the 10# shih tzu girl. She likes it. The 5# Yorkie loves it. The 25# “mostly” shih tzu senior citizen loves it. The contest is… who gets to it first. I’m not sure what makes it so terrific, but it is popular! (We did get a different new bed for the Yorkie, but he likes this one best, as well… maybe it’s the competition?) UPDATE: Wanted to let people know that I’ve washed it 2x a week for over 3 months now, and it is still holding up well. I do air fluff it a little and then air dry it. Additional update: Nov. 2018…. It is still going strong and holding together. Washing on delicate in a front loader, flipped inside out (double rinse, to keep down any soap residue).Read more

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  3. Jean

    This dog bed is fantastic. Our dog fell in love with it on Christmas morning and spends most of his “unoccupied” time in it. It is just the right size, nice and soft, and the low sides are just right for him to look over and keep track of what’s going on. Recently, I left a small blanket beside it and he has actually learned to arrange it around himself for even more comfort. Finally, last night we wanted to go out to dinner but we needed to drive our truck because of the weather. We just picked up bed and blanket together and put him between us – worked like a charm.Read more

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  4. Rusty T.

    I have a 14 lb Cockapoo and she loves this bed. I was very concerned when I bought it that it wouldn’t be comfortable enough or thick enough. If you are reading reviews for dog beds you are probably as confused as I was about determining what a good dog bed is vs sticker shock of the $50+ beds that look very similar. If you have a small dog, buy this one. Dogs tear up or make any bed smelly. No since in spending that much money when they all have a similar fate.Read more

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  5. Brian B.

    Bought two as they were inexpensive, one for home, one for office. 11.5 lb Pomeranian just fits nicely and he likes it. If he were any bigger, he would not fit. He has a bigger bed with firmer walls he alternates to, but doesn’t seem to have a preference.Read more

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  6. Another Scholar

    This is an excellent buy (I’m reviewing the small PetMate oval bed – brown fabric). I have two poodle puppies, and I use the beds upstairs and down. As a new puppy-parent, I purchased several bed options, including some that are far more expensive, and these are by far the best. At first, the babies used the same one, and they could fit perfectly. They can still fit in one bed together, but sometimes prefer to hang out separately (or to play “hoard the toys” from each other). These are cute-cute-cute, great for giving pets a “snuggle” feeling, and the fabric is so soft (a suede feel, but not actual suede). I’ve washed the beds a few times (house-training time, y’know) and they hold up beautifully – look like new. I actually ordered a few more of these beds, because they’re affordable, I can wash them but still have two in use, and they’re a great size. I machine wash on a “bulky items” cycle, medium spin, warm wash & cold rinse. They dry fairly quickly (delicate or ultra-delicate cycle, or even “air dry” will do it) and I sometimes let them finish drying in the open air when they’re almost completely dry. In contrast, I bought a cute bed from a major pet store chain & it is not holding up well at all. I also bought a comfy-looking bed (from Amazon) with a fluffy fabric. The puppies enjoy it, but after one wash, it looks like last-year’s discount-store, faux-fur sweater. Both of these beds were twice or more the cost of this bed (PetMate). Buy it!Read more

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  7. C

    My 3 cats love them. I bought two beds and intend to order another. I have a large 17 pound tuxedo and two smaller cats. Each fits comfortably in the beds and they use the beds all the time. The bed is well made and durable (my fellas horse around a lot). Highly recommended.Read more

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  8. Mitchell M.

    I got this for my 10 pound cat, and it’s a perfect fit for her. The base support pad is a different height, and smaller than the outer ring, and that makes it a little wobbly, but it’s really soft and keeps her snuggled in nicely. I like the fact that the high sides make it easily portable with her sleeping in it. She’s a rescue, and I used this bed to give her a warm place outdoors, but I’m also using it to transition her to indoor living, so it’s easy to pick her up in it and move her inside. She feels safe with the high sides surrounding her. The bottom pad is also weatherproof, and that’s a plus.Read more

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    Aspen Pet Oval Cuddler Pet Bed for Small Breeds 20-inch by 16-inch Chocolate Brown 20 inch by 16 inch Chocolate Brown
    Aspen Pet Oval Cuddler Pet Bed for Small Breeds 20-inch by 16-inch Chocolate Brown 20 inch by 16 inch Chocolate Brown

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