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AstroAI Air Chuck, Heavy Duty Open Flow Lock On Tire Chuck with Clip for Inflator Gauge Compressor Accessories, Yellow Open – 2 Pack

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250 PSI RATED BRASS COMPONENTS are designed for heavy-duty use with tire inflators and gauges
COMPATIBLE WITH SCHRADER valves; the open flow design allows air to flow even when not engaged to a valve stem
¼” FEMALE NPT THREADS fit most air inflators
HEAVY DUTY STRAIGHT TIP makes filling tire hassle-free; the locking clip keeps the chuck attached to the valve stem during inflation


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The AstroAI Open Flow Air Chuck fits most inflators, but is designed specifically for use with AstroAI tire inflator gauges. The brass chuck design inflates tires easily, even on heavy-duty work vehicles thanks to a 250 PSI maximum pressure rating. There’s no need to thread the chuck to valve stems, because a locking clip securely seals the air chuck into place on a valve stem. A straight tip makes inflation hassle free. Package Content: 2 x AstroAI Air Chuck

Specification: AstroAI Air Chuck, Heavy Duty Open Flow Lock On Tire Chuck with Clip for Inflator Gauge Compressor Accessories, Yellow Open – 2 Pack

Weight 3.84 lbs
Dimensions 4.7 × 2.4 × 3.2 in

12 reviews for AstroAI Air Chuck, Heavy Duty Open Flow Lock On Tire Chuck with Clip for Inflator Gauge Compressor Accessories, Yellow Open – 2 Pack

4.9 out of 5
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  1. StraightUpReviews

    Got a compressor that came with a cheap chuck, so I replaced it with one of these. These chucks are a lot thicker and the lever has a bit more tension. It threaded right onto the 1/4in male end on the compressor hose. You press the lever down, insert the valve, release the lever. When you release it grabs the valve threads. Simple, but it works well. The chuck on the right is this one, the left is from the compressor i got. Please hit that button if my review was helpful!Read more

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  2. Kenneth P Shaw

    These valves look and feel very well made and sturdy. They work great on all the valves I’ve tested them with. They held nicely on the threads except one where the valve had an excessive rubber coating on the threads. I found that as long as a valve cap threads on fully these will grasp the valve threads securely. I appreciate the replacement gaskets for the schrader-side of the chuck. However, maybe some written instructions from AstroAI should be included to explain that these are replacement gaskets and are not intended to be used in the 1/4″ npt side as at least one reviewer described. Gasket replacement instructions are needed to explain that the chuck assembly can be taken apart to expose/replace the rubber gasket. As received, the gaskets were placed inside the npt side of each chuck. I can understand the confusion, but not a flaw of the design or construction of the chuck. This is a nice kit and should last for many years.Read more

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  3. Rednroll

    Review Update: 2/27/19 AstroAI has contacted me and sent me a replacement set of Air Chucks. When I received the replacements, I had my doubts that I may have the same experience since everything looked identical. Much to my pleasant surprise, the new chucks I received which still used the 1/4″ thickness rubber washer seals which I suspected to be the problem, did not cause the same problem. I’m uncertain if AstroAI made some type of improvement to the rubber washers, or if there was something defective about the original washers with the chucks I received. Maybe they use a stiffer rubber for the washers now? I can’t say for certain since the original washers were definitely causing me problems. I’ve attached an image of the replacement chucks with the rubber washers I received to better show how I’ve installed these onto my air compressor. Whatever the problem was, this chuck now seems to be working correctly with the supplied rubber washer seals where I am going to revise my review from 1 to 5 stars. Thank you AstroAI for the great customer service and taking care of the problem I originally experienced. The only con at this point I’m currently seeing which is not due to the chuck’s design but more to my specific application. I have an onboard air system on my Jeep Wrangler where I have the air hoses mounted under my Jeep for added convenience of airing up and down my tires for off road use. These chucks therefore get exposed to the elements being mounted under my Jeep and is the reason the original set I had, rusted and needed to be replaced. Brass doesn’t rust but the metal parts such as the spring and push lever do. I really wish there was a vendor who made these chucks who either painted the steal pieces or made the complete assembly out of brass to prevent the chucks from rusting. To overcome this, I painted and greased the pieces which are not made of brass to help combat my rust concerns for my application but that’s kind of a PIA. It would be nice if a manufacturer made air hose chucks which resisted corrosion. Original review below in it’s entirety. —————————————————————– I purchased these to replace a similar set of open flow clip on tire chucks which had rusted. While the overall construction of these chucks seem good there is one major flaw in their design. Inside the screw on side there is a rubber washer which is there to help seal the connection of the hose you are screwing these on. The rubber washer is 1/4in thick. When you screw these chucks onto the air hose, the rubber washer will compress but it compresses too much where the hole in the center of the washer will become blocked and thus not allow any air to flow through the chuck. When I initially installed one of them, I had thought that maybe these were closed flow chucks since my air compressor was getting back pressure when I turned it on and no air was coming out of the end of the chuck. I therefore removed the chuck and found it was indeed an open flow chuck. I then started to gradually fasten the chuck onto my air hose. At a finger tight state, air was flowing out of the chuck as it should but as I continued to tighten the nozzle down the air flow through the nozzle continued to get less where once it reached a tightness I felt was good to hold the chuck onto the hose, there was absolutely no air flowing out of the chuck. The only thing I could surmise was that the rubber washer was squishing down to create a proper seal like it should, but at the same time it was also closing off the inner hole of the washer that lets air flow through the chuck. I pulled the rubber washers out and tightened the chucks back onto the air hose and sure enough, the rubber washer seal was the problem. What I ended up doing was pulling out the rubber washer seals from the rusted chucks which I was replacing and noticed those washers were only 1/8in in thickness and I inserted those rubber washers into these chucks. They worked properly when I used them in these chucks, the chuck was held on tight and air was able to flow from the chuck. If you buy these chucks, you’re going to either have to remove the rubber washer seals, file down their thickness to about 1/2 their size or replace the washers like I did, or only tighten them on the hose so they’re finger tight. Otherwise you will risk restricting or blocking the air flow coming out of the chuck. I used both of the chucks and had the same problem on 2 different air compressors. Such a poor design due to the included rubber washer seals, to an otherwise decent quality open air flow chuck.Read more

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  4. RALPH B.

    I ordered several brands of these in-line lock on air chucks. As you can see in the pix, AstroAl takes heavy duty to another level! Packaged in a box, with a recloseable plastic tray, individually bagged and included a spare rubber sealing gasket. AND a card for online registration to get an extra year of warranty!! Air fittings NOT included. Highly recommended!Read more

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  5. Amazon shopper

    I wanted a “quick connect” for my Milwaukee cordless 18v air inflation tool and these, along with theseMilton (S-684-4) 1/4″ MNPT Male Tank Valve made for an excellent solution. I can just stick this (open flow of course) over the air valve, and a leakproof connection is formed. My inflation tool instantly states the existing pressure. I turn it on, pressure rises to the desired level, pop off the air chuck and I’m done. Prior to using the chuck I had to screw on and off the inflation tool to the valve, losing air while turning … not a big problem for large tires but a very big deal for smaller volume tires. Very happy with the chuck.Read more

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  6. Anonymous

    Really amazed by how heavy these air chucks are. I followed the tip by an earlier reviewer, pairing them with a $10, 4 piece WYNNsky tank valve set (standard valve core with 1/4″ NPT male threads). Absolutely no trouble screwing these two modifying pieces together and then screwing them onto our tire inflator hoses (JACO and Tacklife model acp1b). The closed system air chuck fit perfectly on tire stems and really made airing up the tires easy, with practically no air loss upon removal. I do recommend that you double-check your psi with a hand held gauge, to make sure their addition doesn’t affect your inflator’s accuracy. My only ‘complaint’ is that the extra pieces are hard to fit into the tight carrying case of the inflators. For storage, they have to be unscrewed from the hoses and wedged into the inflators’ carrying cases. So happy I didn’t let my apprehension about modifying my inflators keep me from trying this!Read more

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  7. am

    Look to be great quality, especially for the low price. I like this style of chuck on my air compressor because I set the line pressure regulator to the recommended 36 lbs for my wife’s vehicle and all she needs to do if she gets a low pressure warning light is clip the chuck on the valve stem and wait 30 seconds for the tire to hit the recommended pressure. I travel a lot for work so anything I can do to put her at ease when I’m gone is a solid win in my book.Read more

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  8. edil

    I bought those because my Longacre tire pressure gauge had air chucks that did not fit schrader valves on Michelin and Bridgestone tires for my Honda CRV. The air on the gauge were leaking the air making it impossible to check air pressure. I tried to contact Longacre manufacturer; however, the customer service was horrible: I did not get any reply whatsoever !!! Therefore, I started to look for a new air chucks. So I found and ordered AstroAI air chucks. They came promptly. The quality was very good, and the air chucks looked very solid. After I had installed them on my tire pressure gauge, I tested them. The results were more than satisfactory. Perfect fit and no air leaking whatsoever. Great product. I am very happy with this purchase. Highly recommend.Read more

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  9. e_c_poirier

    this is the first time I used a Closed Flow type of chuck, and if I were to do it all over again, it’d go with Open Flow – purely as a personal choice (just like Pepsi vs. Coke), but I like the feature of an Open Flow chuck to allow air to pass through even if the chuck is not connected to the valve. the CLOSED flow works just fine – just a personal choice – is all.Read more

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  10. Y

    Pay attention to the 1/4 inner thread which connect with the air hose. It does fit the 1/4 air hoses. It might not fit the hose on less expensive air pressure gauges. You might need an adaptor. Solid built and reliable. It can handle high inflow for rapid tire inflation and does not leak air at the valve.Read more

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Used it for the first time yesterday, the day it arrived used it to fill tractor tires which take about 60 lbs psi. I didn’t have to kneel and hod the chuck on the tire valve waiting to fill the tire. My only advice is because it fills the tire so fast check it right away, in no time I had put 100 lbs in the tire and had to adjust down to 60. I guess the only complaint was that they were only sold in pairs so while I only needed 1 I had to buy 2. Worth the money however and it works.Read more

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  12. Bernard J.

    J’ai commandé ces mandrins car celui d’origine sur mon manomètre AstroAI était mal conçu et laissait fuir l’air. Cet article a définitivement corrigé le problème mais j’aurais apprécié ne pas avoir à débourser pour corriger un évident défaut de conception.Read more

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    AstroAI Air Chuck, Heavy Duty Open Flow Lock On Tire Chuck with Clip for Inflator Gauge Compressor Accessories, Yellow Open – 2 Pack
    AstroAI Air Chuck, Heavy Duty Open Flow Lock On Tire Chuck with Clip for Inflator Gauge Compressor Accessories, Yellow Open – 2 Pack


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