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Audio Interface with DJ Mixer and Sound Card, MAONO Maonocaster Lite Portable ALL-IN-ONE Podcast Production Studio with 25mm Large Diaphragm Microphone for Live Streaming, PC, Recording(AU-AM200-S4)

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ALL IN ONE and EASY TO USE: Works as a USB audio interface plus the audio mixer. Integrating audio mixing equipment into 1 comprehensive solution. It delivers superb sound quality and offers intuitive and full control to optimize vocal and sound effects. The S4 podcast equipment bundle comes with a 25mm large-diaphragm premium-grade condenser microphone that lets you start podcasting or live to stream easily in no time.
SPECIAL EFFECTS: Four user recordable, eight Built-in special audio effects, and various adjustments available for your creation. Fixed audio effects like APPLAUSE, LAUGHTER, CHEERING…Note please record your own audio effects you like to audio interface according to the instructions. Start recording when you plug into the smartphone or PC.
BORN FOR LIVE STREAMING: MAONO DJ mixer controller supports up to 2 person, 4 devices and 4 platforms to stream simultaneously. Highlights of this set, you can change your voice to the male, female, girlish, robot. Two mic inputs, One Accompaniment input, and real-time monitoring, good noise reduction effect after pressing DENOISE button. It is compatible with IOS and Android systems.
START YOUR OWN CONCERT: 10-step reverb & 12-step electronic music & 3 modifiable tones (Treble, mid-range, bass) make this sound mixer more entertaining and meet more live recording needs.
THE PODCAST EQUIPMENT BUNDLE INCLUDE 1* mic, 1* mic cable, 1* shock mount,1*table stand, 1* windscreen muff, 1* podcast audio interface mixer, 1* charging cable, 2* 3.5mm TRRS audio cable, 1* user manual. We provide a 12-Month warranty. For a better user experience, please download more instructions below and read the user manual before setting up.


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Connectivity Technology: USB TYPE C/3.5mm. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 14.57 x 11.42 x 5.51 inches. Brand: MAONO. Operating System: Mac OXS/ Windows. Battery type: Lithium Polymer. Supported Software: OBS/DISCORD/ZOOM/AUDACITY. Hardware Interface: Bluetooth, USB Type C, 3.5mm Audio. Connector Type: USB A TO USB type c, XLR to 1/8inch. Compatible Devices: Laptop, PC, Tablet, Smartphone. Color Name: AU-AM200-S4. Date First Available: March 3, 2021. Best Sellers Rank: #234 in Musical Instruments. Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,077 ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars. Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. ASIN: B08XXM6DRS. Product Dimensions: 14.57 x 11.42 x 5.51 inches. Item Weight: 5.55 pounds.

Specification: Audio Interface with DJ Mixer and Sound Card, MAONO Maonocaster Lite Portable ALL-IN-ONE Podcast Production Studio with 25mm Large Diaphragm Microphone for Live Streaming, PC, Recording(AU-AM200-S4)

Weight 5.55 lbs
Dimensions 14.57 × 11.42 × 5.51 in

8 reviews for Audio Interface with DJ Mixer and Sound Card, MAONO Maonocaster Lite Portable ALL-IN-ONE Podcast Production Studio with 25mm Large Diaphragm Microphone for Live Streaming, PC, Recording(AU-AM200-S4)

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  1. Ryno Reviews Stuff

    The media could not be loaded. This is a very cool audio console for the beginner or intermediate level podcaster OR someone who wants to do some basic voice over work. The “Pro” sound effect with everything adjusted to personal preferences using the included XLR mic sounds EXACTLY like making a recording from a sound booth. This would be an ideal setup for someone recording their voice while reading a script. CONSOLE FEATURES: For the price, it is definitely the most capable console I have used. There are a lot of options here that are not found on others in this price range, and a few that work substantially better. The ability to adjust LO, MID, and HI as well as the recording volume and microphone volume all at the same time is the main selling point for the console. You can’t get anything else at this price that does ALL of that and has the extra features. This brings the CONSOLE up to intermediate level, for sure. I had a lot of fun with the different voice pitches, too. The female voice can get glitchy, but if you adjust how you talk you can get a nice effect. If you speak too softly, the audio does sort of vanish, though. The other voice effects sounded fine, though. Robot voice….eh….more like B-Movie Monster. It’s not bad, really, but should probably be labeled differently. Some of the built in sound effects are great. Kids cheering, applause, booing, and the crow sounds are pretty useful. Would like to see a firmware update allow you to overwrite these with your own effects, though. That’d be pretty useful. Definitely more useful than only having only four programmable buttons. Music Only, Side Chain, and Loop Back work as expected. No complaints! The De-Noise button, however, cuts words off very abruptly causing some distortion if you have a lot of short pauses and it will take practice to use. If you speak clearly and fluidly, this may not be an issue for you…I, however…pause often… Luckily, with the foam cover on it there isn’t much background noise on the recordings anyway. I didn’t use the De-Noise button, and I didn’t have to do any cleanup in post. The auto-tune works really well overall. I’m not much of a singer, but I imagine this could be useful for someone who wants to do a little bit of music work. There are definitely a plethora of outputs and in inputs to facilitate song production for someone just starting out. My recording software picked the device right up. Output through USB-C to PC was flawless. I didn’t have any issue crossfading through the sound effects or music (using my MP3 player). It just worked really well and is pretty intuitive. Big labeled buttons and wheels are a lot easier to understand than thirty tiny knobs like my first console. MICROPHONE: The included microphone is just okay. It’s going to give you a voice-over sound, but it isn’t anything special. I would absolutely advise investing in either a quality lapel mic or even a shotgun mic or two to pair with this. It has TWO microphone inputs so you can easily set this up for interviews during a podcast. I prefer the audio I get using a powered shotgun mic with built-in gain settings. One thing I want to make note of here is that this does NOT supply enough power to run other XLR microphones through the console and included XLR to 3.5mm cable. I have not tried using this in conjunction with a phantom power supply, however….If you plan to, do so at your own risk! It does provide enough oomph to power basic shotgun mics, desktop microphones, and all other mics natively meant for or compatible with the 3.5mm jack. CONCLUSION: If you’re just starting and want a solid audio experience that just works and doesn’t have a huge learning curve…This thing is great. This is absolutely podcast making gold, even using the included beginner microphone. If you have a good 3.5mm mic, I can see this being a great upgrade to more inexpensive consoles. If you’ve got a nice console already, this isn’t going to bring you much you don’t already have. For me, this is a total upgrade. I’m still experimenting with different microphones, but the console itself is well worth it.Read more

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  2. Jtronix

    I will update this review as I’ve had more time to play with this thing but I bought it without seeing reviews which is weird, I don’t usually do that. But it looked cool so I figured I’d give it a shot. It is pretty neat what you get in this package. A mixer with several different controls over your audio. I’m not well versed in sound engineering however it seems pretty good to me. But I do want the manufacturer to know there are a few annoyances that I can’t get over and might consider returning this and wait for the other Maonocaster that I found on their website. My biggest gripe: THERE ARE EIGHT USELESS BUTTONS ON THIS THAT COULD HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMABLE TO ANYTHING. Meanwhile they give you 4 buttons you can program and 8 buttons you’ll probably never use once you realize that the sound effects they include aren’t that amusing. Also, the bluetooth light blinks incessantly until you pair a device with it, but you do not have the option to simply turn off the bluetooth. I really don’t understand the purpose of having a battery operated device with always on Bluetooth. While I’ll leave this unit plugged up most of the time and don’t plan on porting it around much, I can’t understand why the Bluetooth doesn’t have an off button. This means if your device wasn’t paired with your phone and someone around you wanted to mess with your setup they literally just have to pull out their phone and pair it to your Maonocaster. It doesn’t ask for a button combo or a code confirmation or anything. That kinda super sucks. I’m sure I’ll have more good things to say about this device in the future but these two things bother me a lot. Other notes: Also the robot vocal effect sounds nothing like a robot, but the rest are pretty spot on. It has an auto tuner which is fun to play with lol.Read more

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  3. JuRo

    I have tried several solutions for streaming audio mixers, and none of them come close to the usefulness and amazing sound quality of this bundle at this price. First the microphone sounds great for voice, it’s crystal clear and has nice rear noise rejection. It’s also loud enough where you don’t need to be right up on the mic all the time for it to sound good. The mixer has a great noise reduction button that really cleans up any background noise effectively. The ports are all 1/8″ TRRS connections except one USBC port. This is also very useful since it will effectively send audio to and from nearly any mobile device. I tested streaming simultaneously to YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram, using 3 different outputs, while using the mic input as well as the music input using a CD player. It worked perfectly! You have a monitor fader so you can hear yourself in the headphones, a separate “Rec” level which gives you independent master volume control over your stream separate from the monitor level, as well as mic and music levels. The sidechain button is a really amazing feature. This is essentially auto-ducking, so you can have music playing and when sidechain is activated, the mixer will automatically lower the volume of the music so you can hear your voice. This is INCREDIBLY useful. The ‘Echo’ effect is actually reverb, and there are a few different ones to choose from by pressing the effect button. They all sound very decent. The voice changer is a lot of fun and works great. The sound fx are silly, but pretty cool too, and can liven up dead airtime on a stream. If you are a YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or IG streamer, or all of the above, this is an essential piece of hardware. The fact that it will work so flawlessly with computer, iOS, and Android, and do them all at once is really impressive. 10/10 great device!Read more

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  4. Cal

    The media could not be loaded. The AM200-S1 is essentially both a mixer and audio interface in one, much like TC Helicon’s GO XLR, but at a much lower price point than both the GO XLR and GO XLR Mini. The AM200-S1 looks great, and is a little larger than I expected, but feels very robust and premium. The front of the device is taken up by all the various dials, faders and buttons, and definitely looks the part. The faders and dials feel really good, with a good amount of weight to them, so it doesn’t feel like you’re pushing thin air – they actually feel like they’re doing something, which isn’t always the case with faders. There are 12 buttons in the center, 8 of these are pre-loaded sound effects (applause, laughter etc) and the bottom four are available as custom sound effects. To the right of these you’ll find your effect/action buttons: Effect, Pitch, Music Only, Denoise, Loop Back and Side Chain These perform as you would expect, pitch changes the tone of your voice, from a female, to a male, to a baby, to a robot and so on, whilst effect changes the output style, and denoise removes any unwanted extra sound in the room. And for the most part, these work really well, and are fun little additions to the setup, but switching between them can be a little cumbersome – you press the button until the desired effect loads up, which is fast, but having to press a button four times to get back to the one you want is a little finicky. Above the center buttons you’ll see a touch sensitive panel, that allows you to play around in octaves and give yourself the auto-tune voice all the Tik-Tok kids love – it’s not for everyone, but it’s good fun. The bundled microphone sounds great, much better than I would expect a bundled mic to be and I would be more than happy to record a podcast with it. There is no XLR support on the AM200-S1, and whilst you are able to connect your own using the supplied cable, bare in mind that any microphones that require phantom power to function wont get the juice from the AM200, so you’ll need to supply your own. Moving back to the front of the device, the big eye catching dials fill out the sides of the panel, the left for your microphone, and the right for controlling music, with the four small dials in the middle taking care of highs, lows and mids, and a separate dial to control recording volume. These are all great and feel really good to use, with a satisfying bit of heft to them, and under these are the three LED bars that allow you to monitor sound, and see any clippings going on. A really neat feature for a portable podcast studio, is the ability to connect devices via bluetooth or 3.5mm jacks, and bring music into the mix. The large dial on the top right allows you to control the volume of the music, and it’s a really cool way to keep your production high on the go. I really genuinely love the AM200-S1 – it’s a fun and easy to use addition to any podcast set-up, and if I was to add anything, it would be full XLR support (and phantom power), and the ability to control two microphone independently. But these are fairly minor gripes for an otherwise excellent product.Read more

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  5. J Mo

    The media could not be loaded. This is an entry level piece of kit for creation of podcasts or voiceovers. With highly adjustable inputs and outputs you’ll quickly be able to produce high quality material. The number of outputs and cables supplied allow the user to simultaneously stream over several media platforms. The sound effect buttons pre-programmed are Opening, Applause, Gunshot, Laughter, Booing, Awkward, Slapping and Cheering and although you’ll likely get some fun use out of these it is the four programable effects buttons I find to be most useful. Be aware there are two mic inputs but only the one volume control for them so you may have to adjust the mic positions to balance your inputs. Also be aware you can use any microphone with a 3.5mm jack but the unit does not provide phantom power. The mic you use therefore must either not need power or have its own power supply. I got good results using a variety of microphones.Read more

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  6. Peter B

    From the moment I started using this I was disappointed. The mic is horrific. You’d have to have the volume on max constantly and the mic within an inch of your mouth to be able to get sufficient, usable audio. Sat it on the desk a foot away from me and it was barely registering 3 bars on max volume and sounded like I was in a tunnel when recorded. No ability to lower the volume of the (being honest) tacky preprogrammed sound bites so they’re ridiculously loud compared to the audio the mic is capable of picking up. Recording sounds to the programmable buttons was awful. The volume was showing as nice and loud when recording and the on playback it was barely audible. I didn’t expect a great deal from this to be honest because it’s a pretty cheap bit of kit but I expected a lot more than this! Not to mention it crackles and even screeched at me a number of times whilst using it. I wouldn’t recommend at all.Read more

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  7. Steve

    Great packaging, seems that a lot of people have taken the idea from a fruit based company to present the product well when even in the box. Very easy to set up almost plug and go. Quality build (let down a little by mic tripod) used a boom mic stand and everything works well. Read a couple of reviews and decided this was the one for me. My only kind of dislike is some of the chosen marketing on You Tube with the choice of “influencers” the audio guys fine, but beauty bloggers etc, have the same enthusiasm for the product as they do for “diet tea” “hair extensions” etc. multiple mention of product name, multiple box shots. Lots of “looks nice” kind of comments but no knowledge of use, demo etc. All seems impressed with the unnecessary stuff “baby voice changer” and don’t talk about the product. I would suggest on future versions use people who brought the product or similar items, rather than filling You Tube with these terrible reviews from product placement “non experts”. That marketing decision almost made me NOT BUY which would have been a shame as I would have missed out on the great little kit.Read more

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  8. DerOlli

    Ich kann die positiven Kommentare nicht nachvollziehen. Sobald ich nur meine Kopfhörer anschließe(ohne Mikro) habe ich bereits ein Grundrauschen wo immer lauter wird je mehr ich anschließe. Schließe ich mein Mikro an wird das Rauschen lauter, stecke ich USB zum Laden mit an gibts noch Knacksen und Frequenzrauschen dazu. Das Rauschen hat man auch auf der Aufnahme! Das Bluetooth lässt sich nicht ausschalten, d.h. jeder in der Nähe kann ohne Passwort direkt mithören. Die Gespeicherten Töne sind von schlechter Qualität. Die aufgenommene Stimme ist vergleichsweise leise und je höher ich den Pegel stelle je lauter wird auch das Grundrauschen. Das Kabel vom Mikro ist zwar lang, doch die 3,5mm Klinkenkabel für den Inputs sind zu kurz. Der Stimmenverzehrer gibt deutliche Knackser im Gespräch ab. Habe mit dem netten Support gesprochen und werde das Gerät umtauschen, falls es ein Produktfehler ist. Wenn ja gibts hier ein Update. 2Sterne deshalb weil das Material ansich einen werteten Eindruck macht. Update: Habe nun den zweiten Mischer, jedoch gleich mit einem anderem Mikrofon MAONO AU-A03 hier und getestet. (Das Board und das Mikrofon kann man auch einzelnd kaufen). Jetzt ist zumindest das grundrauschen deutlich weniger, die eigene Stimme ist lauter und man kann es nutzen. Das Mikrofon im Set hier taugt nix. Was mir noch aufgefallen ist. Die fest gespeicherten Töne kann ich bei der Wiedergabe nicht in der Lautstärke verändern, die von mir eingespeicherten gehen über den “Musik” Regler. Auch nicht wirklich sinnvoll

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    Audio Interface with DJ Mixer and Sound Card, MAONO Maonocaster Lite Portable ALL-IN-ONE Podcast Production Studio with 25mm Large Diaphragm Microphone for Live Streaming, PC, Recording(AU-AM200-S4)


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