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Audio-Technica AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone (at 2040)

(13 customer reviews)

Dynamic microphone delivers warm, assertive broadcast sound that’s perfect for podcasting; Large diaphragm for smooth, natural sound and low noise
Multistage foam mesh windscreen provides superior internal pop filtering
Integrated shock mount attenuates noise, shock and vibration transmitted through mic stands, booms and mounts
Hypercardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear for maximum vocal isolation
Includes pivoting stand mount, 5/8″-27 to 3/8″-16 threaded adapter, and a soft protective pouch


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The AT2040 dynamic mic offers professional-quality broadcast sound in an affordable package. Although designed for podcasting, the AT2040 can also be used for other content creation setups, such as live streaming, gaming, or doing voice-over work. This microphone’s large diaphragm element delivers smooth, natural sound, no matter the application. The special internal multistage windscreen (combining foam mesh and a nonwoven pop filter) paired with the hypercardioid polar pattern results in highly directional, tight pickup that reduces external noises while producing a warm, classic sound. The AT2040 podcast microphone makes it easy to record single or dual vocals while in the same room, so even when using two mics to record two-person podcasts, users will enjoy great audio pickup. So, whether you’re a beginner or professional podcaster, the Audio-Technica AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone is a great option. Included Accessories: The AT2040 comes complete with a pivoting stand mount, 5/8″-27 to 3/8″-16 threaded adapter, and a soft protective pouch.

Specification: Audio-Technica AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone (at 2040)

Weight 2.22 lbs
Dimensions 10.1 × 10 × 4.4 in

13 reviews for Audio-Technica AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone (at 2040)

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Greekfreak

    Having been podcasting with a variety of AT products in the past two years, I can honestly say that this mic is very good value for the money, with a few caveats. The at2040 is essentially a 1/4 of the cost of the BP40 but shares a similar look–since I’m never on video for my podcast, I don’t really care about how the microphone looks. In terms of functionality, this mic doesn’t require phantom power, which is neither here nor there, as I still require an audio interface to make the connection to the XLR cable work–and mine goes through a second-generation Scarlett Solo without a touch of feedback or hiss. Noise is controlled very well–there’s no need for a pop filter although simply in terms of protecting the casing, you may want to use a foam head anyway, but if you unscrew the grate you’ll find a pop-filter already included internally. I’m not sure how well it works for everybody else’s voice but the at2040 rendered my vocals much more crisply and cleanly than the at2020. I will say that some post-production was definitely needed to add a boost to the final output (which is often the case for most mics anyway), but for podcasters, this is a very very good budget option for a dynamic mic that looks good and right out of the box helps to deliver a really nice, professional sound. (*Note* as of 9/19/21 I’ve ordered the Coda MB-1 to see if I can’t get even better performance out of this mic, as I noted in a recent recording that at a very low level I could hear some audible hiss which may have been the fault of my laptop ports, but I will update this review if I see any difference is made) I’ve used the atr2100, the aforementioned at2020, and the Pro41 and this one beats them all. **NOTE** with the Coda MB-1 this mic is an amazing piece of hardware and a tremendous performer, and without it, it’s still very good–but on my interface I was able to pot my gain down to 40% of max and get really clear results.Read more

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  2. Sukuri

    For an upgrade from a ModMic 5, this thing blows it out of the water in sound quality overall, and it’s just so much easier to work with. I’m new to the whole XLR microphone space, and quite frankly, I always thought of them to be quite expensive for a newcomer or a casual user to get into, as you need a bunch of other parts and equipment to make it all work together. But now, I have the courage and the cash to throw on something better for myself and my setup. This microphone looks like a real bargain for the price, and it is, as it’s basically complete from the get-go from the factory. The included “shock absorber” and the integrated pop filter does work reasonably well, and for the price of $99, it really can’t get any better than this, can it? The sound quality after everything is tuned and dialed in is just absolutely wonderful, and it really lets me play around with more options and tools compared to my previous microphone that I’ve had. I do also appreciate that it picks up sound only from the front, rather than the side, so I don’t really need to worry about soundproofing up my workspace or my room. Besides that, it’s built well, feels heavy (despite the small size), and it’s easy to clean the filter or replace it if it gets gunked out. If you’re curious of what I’m using for my microphone, I am using the Behringer UMC22 as my interface, Samson MBA28 for my boom arm, and a LyxPro XLR cable (10 ft) to connect everything up.Read more

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  3. Wyatt Knutson

    Great sound quality, and it has a nice bulky solid weight to it. Just to be clear, it does not come with the boom arm, cable, or audio interface. But none the less, it’s a great microphone. It’s definitely worth the price. I’ll put what I bought along with it below: – eWonLife Mic Boom Arm, Microphone Arm Stand Desk Mount, Adjustable Desktop Mic Arm for Blue Yeti, Snowball, Hyperx Quadcast, with Desk Clamp, Filter, 5/8″ to 3/8″, to 1/4″ Adapter, 8 x Cable Ties – Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | FirstRead more

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  4. Carlos Echenique

    With the “new normal”, having a good microphone attached to your computer is a must. I had tried other pro-level microphones and while they sounded good (for my needs anyway) Their vertical orientation caused them to block the view of one of my monitors. The AT2040 with its “top oriented” sensitivity allows the mic to be used on a desktop stand discreetly pointing at my mouth without blocking my view of the screen. Please note this mic requires a USB interface with 48V phantom power (not included). I use a MOTU M2 and the system works flawlessly on my Arch Linux workstation.Read more

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  5. Carter

    I love this microphone. It’s all metal and sounds amazing. I really feel like a twitch streamer or a podcast hoster with this mic. There’s only a few other microphones I would recommend In this price point but this one is my favorite for the build quality and style. The middle range is a little muddled but that is expected as a dynamic microphone. The volume is a little quiet compared to a condenser microphone as I had the At2020 before this so I had to crank the gain on the mixer to get close to the volume. I would recommend a cloud lifter as well just to get it dialed in perfectly. If you are looking to buy this microphone I suggest watching Podcastage on YouTube. He reviews hundreds of microphones and dives deep into the sound and even does comparison videos! He’s been a great help whenever I want to purchase a new microphone.Read more

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  6. Millsy

    Bought this for video calls, podcasting, and general audio recording. Also bought the 2020 condenser. Ended up keeping the 2040. Built in pop filter is nice, but I also added a foam top as well. Picks up low and and miss really well. Highs are a little attenuated, but that’s to be expected with a dynamic (nothing that can’t be fixed with a little EQ)Read more

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  7. Dacio Romero

    I bought two of these mics so that me and my partner can game in the same room on Discord with our friends. The off axis rejection with a proper noise gate has finally stopped our friends from hearing double of us and plus I sound a whole lot better than my cheapo FifineRead more

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  8. Jonathan

    I have mine connected to a GOXLR amazing microphone i would recommend for the price!!!Read more

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  9. Mr T

    The AT2040 is well built and a bargain XLR microphone, on air tests on ssb are very good. It’s heavy so bare that in mind if you are mounting on a boom arm.Read more

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  10. Fish Whisperer

    After reading reviews for mics for podcasting and voice over, I finally decided to get this one, which does not sound (pun intended) like the natural choice according to the reviews. The reason for that is that in general, condenser mics are recommended over dynamic mics, and lately, USB mics over XLR because they are easier to setup. After listening to many sound samples I chose the AT2040 which is a dynamic mic, and an XLR mic, which means you also need to buy a mic interface to connect it to your computer. What I like about this mic is it is very good at not capturing background noise, and gives your voice a very warm feeling, which is something I was looking for. Connecting it through a sound interface also gives you some flexibility to manipulate the gain level, and ability to monitor directly through headphones in a better way that you can do with USB mics. It also looks very nice if you are planning to be on camera with it. In summary, very happy with the mic. Highly recommended.Read more

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  11. Braden

    Audio-Technica does it again! I used their AT2035 Condenser mic for a few years and wanted to give a dynamic mic a try for that broadcast feel and this mic gives it all! I was deciding on this mic vs. the industry standard Shure SM7B and am glad with my choice to save $300+ and buy the AT2040. My only problem with the mic is that the built in foam pop filter under the metal mesh grill of the mic isn’t that great, this mic would definitely benefit from an on-top of the mic foam filter to help with plosives and breathing noises, either than that I like it’s warm sound and neutral tone. I’ve never been disappointed by the quality you receive from Audio Technica. This is a sturdy mic, all metal frame, and heavy! But my little $15 boom arm stands the test and will hold it in place! If you’re looking for a cheap dynamic microphone this is the one to get, I had the pod-mic and found it too top heavy in the highs and it didn’t suit my voice, this one has bass and I prefer it.Read more

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  12. ぽぽ

    SM7B/AT2020/SM58 など複数のマイクを所持しています。 ショックマウントも内蔵していることから揺れに伴う音なども軽減されています。 指向性マイクであることから、キーボードなどの音が入りにくくなっています。 環境音が入りにくいので気にしなくていいのもポイントですね。 安価で導入しやすいので配信を始める人・VCを始める人などに特におすすめです。Read more

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  13. Amazonのお客様

    【前置き】 コンデンサーマイクはMPM1000→TM80→AT4040と使ってきましたが、 安いマイクはノイズや音質に難があり、少しお高いAT4040は素晴らしいクリアな音質でしたが、その高感度故に音を拾いすぎて外を走る車の音もしっかり入ってしまうし、鉄筋マンションということもあって反響音も拾いまくって涙を飲んで売却しました。 そしてコンデンサーマイク離れをした後にこちらのAT2040が新発売!とのことでしたので価格も安いしで試しに購入。 【外観】 めっっっちゃかっこいいです。ブラックの頑丈なメタルボディで剛性もしっかりありますし、コンデンサー程に湿度管理に気をつける必要もないので接続しっぱなしである程度雑に使っても大丈夫。 見た目もすこぶるかっこいいのでマイクアームに接続しっぱなしで、視界に入るだけでうっとりします。 飾ってるだけでもおしゃれでテンション上がります。 【接続】 色々すれば外付けのショックマウントも使えるみたいですが、自分はデフォルトの一体型のままアームと接続しています。アームの種類によっては変換ネジが必要になるかと思います。大体アーム買うと付属しているかとは思いますが。 角度調整のつまみもしっかりしていて、程よい角度に気持ちよく調整することができます。マイク自体はそこそこ重量はありますが使っていてずるずるズレてくるといったこともありません。 【音質】 一番気になる点だと思います。自分の使用環境はみんな大好きオーディオインターフェースAG03。 AG-03は元々ホワイトノイズが発生しやすい機種のオーディオインターフェースではあるので、その環境ですとやはり多少のノイズは乗ります。このサーーーッというノイズはIFが起因のものだと思いますが、安いマイクを使っていた時のようなヴーーンという低音ノイズなんかは全く聴こえませんでした。 超指向性なのでコンデンサーマイクの時のような、エアコンや外の車の走行音等の周りの環境音も大幅に拾わなくなりました。タスカルラスカル。 逆に言うとある程度大雑把な位置でもVCなら問題ないですが、楽曲制作等の際にはマイクの位置の調整次第で入力のされかたが左右されますので色々テストしてみて位置に気をつける必要があります。 ポップガード内蔵とのことでテストでマイクを近づけてナレーション録音をしていても、特に気にならないレベルまで吹かれや破裂音等うまく抑えてくれています。気になる方は更に外部のポップガードを使っても良いかもしれません。自分は気にならなかったので使っていません。その方がとてもスタイリッシュ!!!!最高!! 【コンデンサーマイク(AT4040)との比較】 コンデンサーマイクと比較して、透き通るようなクリア感は確かに減ります。 しかししっかり芯のある声として録音してくれますし心配してたこもり感もコンデンサーマイクと比較すれば多少はありますが気にならないレベルなので、VCや配信、ボーカルや楽器録音まで幅広く万能にこなせてくれるタイプのマイクだと思います。環境の整った完全に静かで反響しない場所以外ではやはりダイナミックマイクの方が遥かにオススメです。 【入力レベル】 懸念事項としてAT2040に限った話ではないのですが、ダイナミックマイクは入力が小さいのでそのまま使うと音が小さく録音されます。むしろダイナミックマイクの中ではAT2040は感度の高い方なのでIF(AG03)のゲインを上げれば普通にVCに使う分には問題ないぐらいまで十分大きい音で拾ってくれます。 ただIFのゲインを上げるとノイズも大きくなりますので、ダイナミックマイクを使用する場合はマイクプリアンプを間に噛ませてあげた方が大幅に音量アップ=ゲインの上げ幅を小さくすることができてノイズも減る=音質アップになります。 自分はCodaMuscさんのマイクプリのMB-1を使用しましたが、フェーダーMAX+ゲイン2時からフェーダー標準位置+ゲイン11時まで下げることができて音量は上がってノイズは減りました。マイクから結構離れてVCしても大きい声で向こうに届くようになったので楽になりました。 【総評】 音質最高!これがあれば他になにもいらない!!と言うような商品では決してありません。 コンデンサーマイクや高価格帯のものと比べると、やはりどうしても音質のクリア感や多少のこもり感等に差はでます。 しかしこの価格帯で高い質感のカッコいいマイクで、これだけの必要十分な音質+低ノイズで録音できることを考えるとかなりコストパフォーマンスは高いと思います。 コンデンサーマイクは持ってるけど雑音や反響音も結構拾うんだよなーという方のサブマイクとして、またはこれからVCや配信や楽曲制作等したいけど最初のマイクどれにしようかなーといった入門者の方まで、幅広くオススメしたいマイクです。 少なくとも自分の環境(鉄筋住宅で反響音が入る、隣に道路があり車の走行音が聞こえる)等ではAT4040よりAT2040の方がいい音で録音してくれて編集作業もやりやすいです。 お値段もお手頃ですし何よりカッコいいし十分に良い音で録音してくれるそんなマイク。 これから末永く使っていこうと思います。Read more

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    Audio-Technica AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone (at 2040)
    Audio-Technica AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone (at 2040)


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