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Aurora AU1200XD Compact Desktop-Style 12-Sheet Crosscut Paper and CD/Credit Card/ Junk Mail Pullout Basket Shredder 12-Sheet CrossCut/ Junk Mail Desktop

(10 customer reviews)

Ultra-quiet operation, Crosscut shredder with 12 sheet capacities; destroys CDs, DVDs, credit cards, junk mail, staples and small paper clips
Shreds Paper, CDs, DVDs, credit cards, junk mail into small pieces (5/32 by 1-7/32 inches), security level P-4
Anti-jam auto-reverse to clear paper jams; nonstop 5-minute continuous run time and hassle free
“Shred Safe” advanced safety feature auto power-off upon forced entry, prevent accidents
1.8-Gallon translucent pullout bin with LED indicator lights standby/ overheat/ overload/ door open status


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Style:12-Sheet CrossCut/ Junk Mail Desktop The Aurora AU1200XD compact desktop style 12-Sheet crosscut paper/ CD/ credit card/ junk mail shredder with 1.8-Gallon PULLOUT basket is the perfect personal and home office device to keep you safe from identity theft. The AU1200XD accepts up to 12 sheets of paper at a time and shreds them into small pieces (5/32 by 1-7/32 inches), security level P-4. In addition to Paper, the AU1200XD shreds CDs/DVDs/credit cards/ junk mail, keeping vital information from falling into the wrong hands. The throat of the shredder is 8.7 inches wide and has anti-jam auto-reverse for jam prevention. Product Dimensions: 13.2″ W x 9.9″ L x 11.8″ H. Item AU1200XD number: AU1200XD

Specification: Aurora AU1200XD Compact Desktop-Style 12-Sheet Crosscut Paper and CD/Credit Card/ Junk Mail Pullout Basket Shredder 12-Sheet CrossCut/ Junk Mail Desktop

Weight 17.2 lbs
Dimensions 13.19 × 9.92 × 11.77 in

10 reviews for Aurora AU1200XD Compact Desktop-Style 12-Sheet Crosscut Paper and CD/Credit Card/ Junk Mail Pullout Basket Shredder 12-Sheet CrossCut/ Junk Mail Desktop

3.0 out of 5
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  1. A.K.T.

    I needed a shredder at my home to destroy mail. I recently become paranoid about identity left after a special on CNN.. but I digress. This little guy packs a big punch! I have used it to shred whole pieces of mail without even opening them and credit cards. It was able to handle both without any trouble. Due to its small size it isn’t great for shredding stacks of paper, so it is better for the once in a while user. I attached some photos to give you a better idea of the size. I give this 5 stars because the manufactures description is spot on and the price-to-value-ratio can’t be beat.Read more

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  2. robert stanton

    Nice, small enough to fit on any sized desk or table. Price was $30. I have another desktop shredder I bought 5 years ago, but my son borrowed it. That shredder was $80 with a $30 rebate at Staples. It’s almost the same size as this one, but more squared. I’m making him bring my old one back. That takes up to 12 sheets of paper, and has a slot wide enough to run an 8.5″ wide sheet of paper through without jamming. This one has a narrow slot. The instruction book says the slot is wide enough for an A4 envelope, which is a regular sized business envelope, but I found that a bit optimistic. It’s really about 3.5″ wide instead of 4″. And, you DEFINITELY CANNOT put more than 4 thicknesses of paper through at once, because it will jam. Badly. It comes with a pick tool, which isn’t very useful. The metal points on the pick are OK, but the handle is flexible plastic. I couldn’t get it to pry out much. I used a pair of very thin tweezers to clear the jams instead. It has a pocket on each side of the opaque white plastic container, apparently to hold the pick, or cleansing papers. That doesn’t work well, though. The first day I used the shredder, I kept putting the pick back in a side pocket, then dumping it out on the floor every time I turned it upside down to empty it. Now the pick and tweezers live in a Styrofoam cup near the shredder. The top piece on this shredder is the shredder itself, which I actually prefer. My old one has a container that slides in to the base’s casing. The old shredder itself doesn’t come off, so if it does jam, I have to unplug it, and put my hand up in the casing and feel around. I can see the jams with the new one, which makes them easier to clear. Both will shred a credit card, although the new shredder really grinds. I don’t think it would shred a CD or DVD. The main thing I don’t like about the new shredder is that the cut up strips of paper are about 1/4″ wide, but 3″ to 4″ long. Most good shredders cut strips 1/4″ wide, and 1″ long. Most identity theft experts say the strips shouldn’t be more than inch long. Between the too-long strips and the dinky slot, it’s not something I would buy again.Read more

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  3. MedStudent

    The media could not be loaded. I just received this shredder and I love it for my needs. I have never had a shredder before, but have the occasional personally identifiable item that needs to be destroyed. I used to rip those up manually, which is fine, but doesn’t work for more than a few pages and is pretty inaccurate. I am in medicine, and now have on my person, notes about patients when I come home at the end of the day, and would like to destroy these notes without having to take them back to the hospital and use their shredders. This will be perfect for that, with no more than 2 or 3 pages a day + junk mail etc. I prefer the small size because I find the big shredders hideous. This I can hide away and bring out when I need it. I posted some pictures of relative size of the shredder. It has a clear bin which shows if it is full. It turns on, but only operates when paper is fed through the slot. It must be folded along the long axis, otherwise it does not fit. I haven’t tried to test the full power of this device because I have no need to, I am not bulk shredding. The resulting pieces are nice and small and only the most diligent of criminal would attempt to reconstruct these papers.. In the manual it states that one should “never shred plastic, continuous forms, anything with adhesive including labels and envelopes, newsprint or any hard materials. while this shredder will shred staples, it is recommended that you remove them whenever possible in order to extend the life of your shredder. only shred credit cards by feeding them vertically within the designated area. never feed more than on credit card at a time.” I will update this review as I continue to use this product!Read more

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  4. Zakk & Steph

    This is a bit of an inconvenient shredder so if you shred often this isn’t for you. The best feature is that it’s a small shredder. So if you don’t shred very often that’s a huge plus. On the negative side it says “max 4 sheets” but as the picture shows, a sheet has to be folded in half to fit. Which means you can only shred a max of 2 papers at a time and have to go through the trouble of folding them in half vertically. The bin also doesn’t hold a ton a paper. It does have a nice handle and there’s a safety feature where it stops shredding if the top is lifted off. However it’s a bit annoying to move because you can’t use the handle to move the whole thing because the top and bottom aren’t attached. It struggles a bit with cards and couldn’t handle shredding multiple cards one by one in a row for some reason. But if you only shred once in a while and want a small shredder that doesn’t take up a lot of space, this one is definitely the one for you.Read more

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  5. Foxyfeline99

    It blew up in my face electric explosion I inhaled all of the fumes and could have been seriously injured aside from my pinky finger being severely bruised from the top exploding off the canister. The paper shreds inside were burnt and could have caused a serious fire in my apartment. I have a strong electrical burning smell in my apartment and I inhaled it pretty bad since I was standing over the shredder at the time of the explosion. Do not buy this item it is a dangerous hazard.Read more

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  6. CM

    Always annoys me when you buy something in the uk that arrives with a foreign plug (US). I ordered an adapter and plugged it in to use it for the first time. It wry nearly caught fire on first use. Smoke coming out of the motor and an acrid plastic burning smell. Horrendous. Have returned it.Read more

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  7. G Caldwell

    This is a Level P-2 shredder. The strips are ¼” wide and about 1.25″ long. If you are looking for security this is *not* the machine for you! The risks are high because of the shred size and the amount of sensitive information that may still be legible on a single strip. When I examined my basket full of shredding, from multiple sheets of a variety of communications, I could very easily find enough pieces from this and that to confirm my name and address. It is just a simple jigsaw puzzle to match account, policy numbers and what ever else you want to piece together after that. I should have paid more attention to the security level! I don’t think the level was listed, but, as I look back to the advertising information, the illustration of the credit card should have given me a clue. 🙁 As far as the machine: Nice desktop size, functions well, good price for small shredder.Read more

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  8. Desiree C.

    Shredder does not have a lock to avoid separation between the blades and the container. You could by mistake lift the lit or Hit it unintentionally and the shreeder would continue to be on making it a little unsafe for my liking if you are not extremely carefull. It also came with pieces of paper in the blades as well as scratches . I would imagine it was previously used… I does work well. And it is compact and convenient. But i would not recommed if you have kids or are clumsy.Read more

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  9. Brisco D.

    Pros: Pricepoint, easy set-up, low noise level, compact, short cool-down Cons: Low paper count feed (ideal is below 5 sheets), easily jams up. Overall: You get what you pay for, not something to brag about. Purchase decision was mainly driven by positive user reviews although other models are cheaper. Used it for a day to shred old tax returns and bank statements to make room. Amazon’s delivery is unparalleled as they always beat their own advertised timeframe. It shreds up to 4 relatively running smooth, but on 5 sheets you can hear the motor struggling to sink down the remaining 1/2 to 1/3 of the feed. 6 sheets mean only a couple of loads are in store and super slow until it finally stops. 7 and up means you are risking a jam and breakdown as you can hear the motor screaming for help. Still debating whether to return or keep it.Read more

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  10. Client d’Amazon

    J’ai commandé ce produit pour la maison pour détruire les documents importants que tu ne veux pas jetter dans la poubelle. C’est très petit et très compacte mais le moteur est puissant. Tu ne peux pas mettre plus de 4 épaisseurs de papier à la fois et attention, la fente pour mettre le papier ne fait pas une feuille 8 x 11, tu dois la plier en deux pour la passer donc pas plus de feuilles a la fois. Si vous avez des gros projets , ce n’est pas pour vous.Read more

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    Aurora AU1200XD Compact Desktop-Style 12-Sheet Crosscut Paper and CD/Credit Card/ Junk Mail Pullout Basket Shredder 12-Sheet CrossCut/ Junk Mail Desktop


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