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Bark Collar for Dogs, Anti Barking Training Collar with 3 Adjustable Sensitivity and 7 Intensity Beep Vibration for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black)

(8 customer reviews)

【Humanized Design】No-Shock Mode: Press the shock setting button to adjust the level to”0″, suitable for dogs under 55 lbs. Double Safe: 2 activation conditions, Bark and vibration from vocal cords. Two Silicone Sleeves can protect the dog’s skin from damage.
【Adjustable Mode & Levels】Bark collar with 7 intensity levels and 3 sensitivity levels. There are 3 test training modes of beep, vibration and shock, providing a variety of training methods.
【No Need to Charge】The bark collar comes with two AAA(LR03) batteries and can be used for about 16 days.
【Fits Most Dogs】With two collar straps, the size can be adjusted freely. Rivet Straps On The Machine: Suitable for dogs 15-55 lbs. Another Free Long Strap: Suitable for dogs 15-110 lbs. (Excess length can be cut off with scissors)
【Waterproof】The bark collar is resistant to rain, snow and mud splashes. You can walk with your pet indoors and outdoors in any weather.


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Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Pet Supplies. Closure Type: Button. Brand: Befond. Material: Silicone. Color: Black. ASIN: B09N8NLJLS. Manufacturer: Befond. Date First Available: December 8, 2021. Package Dimensions: 4.8 x 4.02 x 1.73 inches; 7.37 Ounces.

8 reviews for Bark Collar for Dogs, Anti Barking Training Collar with 3 Adjustable Sensitivity and 7 Intensity Beep Vibration for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black)

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  1. Jeff

    I work a rotating shift at my work and sleep during the day about a quarter of the year. I have two dogs and they like to bark if they hear anything outside, making it difficult to get meaningful rest. I got this to help correct this. Instructions in the manual were clear and simple on how to set it up and test it prior to putting it on your pet. I was finally able to get some rest without having to coop the dogs up in the garage all day. It has several different settings you can enter on how you want it to work. I set it into auto. This makes it so the first time the dog barks it beeps and buzzes. If the dogs continues to bark it starts with a small shock and will increase gradually every time the dog barks. After the dogs doesn’t bark for 80 seconds it resets. Only took a few lite zaps before the beep was enough to calm them down. This allows my dogs to stay in the house while I rest and ultimately affords them more comfort during the times I have to sleep during the day. Hopefully, in time, I will not need to put it on them during the day once their habits change.Read more

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  2. Pam

    For a product promoting a humane way to train a pet you really screwed up that one by falsely stating that your collar isn’t a shock collar. Not to mention I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to take it out of “shock mode”. I am returning it to you, mainly because I don’t want my dog even accidentally subjected to shocking.Read more

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  3. Cynthia Ashley

    We have 8 dogs in the house and barking has always been an issue. Whether it was people coming to the door, cars driving on the street, UPS delivering a package, or even us coming home 3 of our 5 dogs would bark incessantly and would not take cues to stop. I was at the end of my rope! I love the design of these collars, ease of set up, and not to mention the ability to set each one to the perfect setting for each dog. The settings go from a 0-7 for sensitivity, vibrate, and shock. The collar will emit a beep even if the vibration and shock are set to 0 which is wonderful for our older dog. It’s a great training tool because you can customize it, and once the dog has learned not to bark continuously you can lower the settings. I also like that the collars settings still allow the dog to bark if they are trying to communicate or sense danger. It is a MIRACLE to have such a quiet house. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product, it’s a game changer. BTW Befond bark collar suits small, medium, and large dogs weighing from 7 to 60 lbs. with neck size from 5.5 to 17.5 in. AAA batteries are included. You don’t need to prepare batteries for them.Read more

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  4. JLCKai

    The collar came with batteries, multiple electrodes with different lengths, two different sized collars, a softer and longer metal portion for dogs wit longer or thicker fur, and a small wrench to attach the metal electrodes. The instructions were straight forward, literally spells out exactly how to use it. The great thing about this is you can set it up for only beeping and vibrating if you don’t want your dog to get a tiny shock. I tested all the settings on myself so that I know my dog wouldn’t get hurt. The shock isn’t bad but I feel the vibration is really good and may be all that most younger dogs would need. I have a Samoyed and she is an expert nonstop barker, so I started with beep and vibration and she stopped barking after only an hour. Occasionally she will bark but only once and stop. Thankfully I didn’t need to use the shock portion on her, but it is an option if she ever got bad again. This collar is inexpensive and will help teach your pup. The sellers are always very fast to respond if you have any concerns or questions. 5/5 and accomplished exactly what it was designed to do.Read more

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  5. D. E.

    Most of the other brands I have seen of collars do not come with batteries so right off the start I was happy to see this one did. The packaging is nice, and they give you plenty of extra parts to customize the collar for your dog including an extra strap. The instructions were very clear, and the second picture is what it looks like assembled. There’s a little plastic piece that works as a tester, AND a bolt tightener. It’s awesome. Lots of settings as well as the ability to turn off the shock part so that it only vibrates. That was a big selling point for me as I think the vibration will be more than enough for my dog. Great product, and great price.Read more

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  6. faith

    First day it worked. I didn’t use the shock. The directions made no sense like I read in the other reviews. It didn’t explain that V is for vibrate or that its not an actual setting. V for vibrate means you did not attach the shock strip and you put the rubber covers onto the prongs/spikes that you attached. Anyway it seems to work randomly (sometimes when he barks, plays with a squeaky toy, or when I say no) and my dog now has no idea why or when it will go off. I don’t trust it to use the shock. I am returning it.Read more

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  7. Jessica Robbins

    I have to admit that I am not a fan of any types of shock collars for my dogs but our new lab puppy decided to test her very limits. We get along fabulously with our neighbors so when they casually mentioned that she literally barked all day while we are at work we knew we had to do something. I was drawn to this one after reading the product description and the reviews. The different levels work beautifully as your dog learns their limits. Ours was quick to hush once she heard the beep by the end of day two. After a short few weeks we have been able to leave it off for the most which was out goal. Our other puppy had a fit after we relocated her crate out of our bedroom so it worked quite well for her as well. I highly recommend it for those looking for the same thing.Read more

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  8. Amber Gardner

    I bought this collar bc my Lab barks constantly. Within a couple of days she figured out that if she barks once and waits a bit, no repercussion. I even have the sensitivity and shock set as high as they can go. Batteries are great and the light flashes green.. Yet, she still barks ALL the time, just not consecutively. I’ve been using this for over a month and am currently searching for a new collar because this one is absolutely not what works for her. If you have a dog with any bit of smarts and determination, they’ll figure it out. Super disappointed!Read more

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    Bark Collar for Dogs, Anti Barking Training Collar with 3 Adjustable Sensitivity and 7 Intensity Beep Vibration for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black)
    Bark Collar for Dogs, Anti Barking Training Collar with 3 Adjustable Sensitivity and 7 Intensity Beep Vibration for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black)


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