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Battery Organizer, 220+ Batteries Storage Case with Tester Checker(BT168), Garage Box fits for AA AAA AAAA 9V C D Lithium 3V LR44 1.5V CR1632 CR2032 for Home

(13 customer reviews)

Battery organizers and storage: Home batteries holder fits for 220+ batteries with battery tester-BT168 External Size: 13.5*10*4 inches. Good for home, garage, kitchen organizer and storage.
Large capacity battery box: Holds 8 pcs AAAA, 51 pcs AAA, 48 pcs AA, 8 pcs D, 8 pcs C, 8 pcs 9V, 14 pcs Lithium 3V(CR 2032,CR 2016,CR 1632, CR 2025. Duracell – 1616/ 2025/ 2032/ 2016) and 1.5 V Button Cell Battery( LR44 AG13 A76 357 303 SR44 CR44).Perfect fits for Energizer/ACDelco/Rayovac/Duracell/LiCB/AmVolt/SURPOWER/Hexbug Compatible batteries.Mesh pocket with zipper allow you to storage more batteries and other accessories, and to prevent falling.
High-quality materials battery case: Made of hard EVA material,with good water resistant and shockproof.Detachable insert foam with well cut holes fits different-sized batteries snugly, also can tightly fix all batteries in the groove, avoid the friction between batteries.Easy and fast to find the battery you need.
Portable design battery holder :Smooth 360-degree zipper for easy opening and closing.Strong handle convenience for you take the batty on the road.Exquisite appearance and unique patterns enhance your visual experience.
Battery organizer storage case with tester after-sales service:If you are not satisfied with the products you received, please feel free to consult us. We will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.


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Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13 x 9 x 3.5 inches. Color: Blue. Brand: PAIYULE. ASIN: B07WLY9N48. Manufacturer: PAIYULE. Date First Available: August 11, 2019. Product Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 3.5 inches; 1.04 Pounds.

Specification: Battery Organizer, 220+ Batteries Storage Case with Tester Checker(BT168), Garage Box fits for AA AAA AAAA 9V C D Lithium 3V LR44 1.5V CR1632 CR2032 for Home

Dimensions 13 × 9 × 3.51 in

13 reviews for Battery Organizer, 220+ Batteries Storage Case with Tester Checker(BT168), Garage Box fits for AA AAA AAAA 9V C D Lithium 3V LR44 1.5V CR1632 CR2032 for Home

3.9 out of 5
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  1. KriKel

    After reading the lower-rated reviews, I was thinking that I wouldn’t be happy with this case. Guess what? They are wrong! First, some folks complained about the odor of the foam, but that is something that is easily solved. I placed some dryer sheets beneath the foam, and I also let it “air out” overnight. Second, others complained that they had to remove the foam cutouts. (Gasp!) To me, it made sense that the forms were left in place until the consumer received the product. Plus, it was actually fun to take them out and punch them with a pencil eraser. I’m 58 years old, and I did it while I watched television. I purchased two different cases. I wanted to have one upstairs and one downstairs, so I wouldn’t have to tote a single one from floor to floor. They are different in a few ways, but I really like this one more. This one has the zipper/mesh pocket for the packages of 2020s and 2032s I have to use for my key fobs and other uses. I keep this case closer to where the downstairs, of course, to be able to access them. I thought I wouldn’t have enough room in one case for all the batteries I have. My mother tends to hoard them after I buy them, so I am constantly buying more than I need. Except for a few C batteries, all of them fit into one case. Splitting them upstairs and downstairs made a lot of sense, and I had plenty of room. I am so happy to have things more organized. I stuck little slips of paper with the date on the first battery in the row of each “series.” Just cut little strips; write the date on them; shift the battery back; slide the slip of paper in front of the battery; and you are all set. So easy.Read more

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  2. L. Autry

    We were tired of having all our batteries scattered hither and yon so I decided to get this case and round them all up in one spot. The case comes with a foam block with a place for all the battery shapes as stated in the product description. Nine volt, AA, AAA, C, D and coin size shapes. You have to push the cutouts out yourself which isn’t very difficult. It also comes with a meter which is very helpful. The very odd thing about the case is that the handle is on the opposite side of the case from the zipper. The zipper side is raised and the handle is a big lump. There are no feet so that means that the you can’t set the case down vertically like a small suit case on either side. It needs to be horizontal unless it’s propped up between other objects.Read more

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  3. smokymountaincritter

    While I am a battery hoarder – and always concerned with having a variety on hand, I think just about anyone could use this battery box. I suggest buying this handy organizer, getting all the loose batteries out of your junk drawer, and finally sorting them into this case which holds everything from AAA to button batteries, D cells, and so on. If you aren’t sure if those random batteries are good or not, there is a handy battery tester inside. I just used it on my mouse battery to confirm my suspicions that the battery was dying. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5, I feel the storage offers too many slots for button cell batteries and 9 volts. I could have used more of that space for AAAs and AAs. But, with all the little gadgets out now using button cells, it may be space someone else appreciates. Worth the price and I am totally nerding over how tidy all my batteries are.Read more

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  4. chesches

    I like the case and how it holds batteries. They don’t move around if turned over with top zippered. I didn’t like the fact that all the cut out holes were still filled with the foam. So plan on taking some time to punch them all out. I suppose some people might use AAAA batteries, but I have never seen one. Also the coin slots are just slits, not cut outs. I do like the lid zipper pocket, I put all my coin batteries in there which are already in a protective packaging. Overall. I think this unit will fit my needs.Read more

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  5. Tilly

    Purchased one of these because, hey, why not store batteries in a nice / orderly fashion vs. all dumped in a box. In fact while emptying said box to fill this one up, one of the 9V batteries I had was super hot meaning it was shorted somehow, could have caused a fire. Having to remove pieces of foam from this kit was arduous esp if you have a bit or arthritis, no idea why it came with the foam in the cut-outs to be removed and subsequently thrown in a trash. But, my largest gripe here is the cost – $25 for this? It just doesn’t feel like it’s worth $25. Maybe $9.99.Read more

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  6. D. Matlock

    Over the years , I have acquired a significant number of batteries, some of them rechargeable, some of them not. This case is the answer to my prayers regarding how to organize, store, and manage all the different battery types. New batteries go directly into the case. Rechargeable batteries go into the case only after they have been recharged, checked, and ready for use/reuse. I know that a battery in this case is ready to go, and the case provides an easy and comfortable way to carry the batteries around to where the batteries are needed. A brilliant storage idea!Read more

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  7. J. Palmer

    For most of my life, I have stored batteries in one cardboard box. Finding a battery was a frustrating experience, usually involving pulling all of the cartons out, dropping batteries, etc. This case will hold dozens (if not hundreds) of batteries safely, in an organized way. Need a battery? Just pull the whole case out by the handle, unzip, and take what you need. The mesh pocket for button cells and the battery tester are great additions. I would highly recommend this for your home.Read more

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  8. Allgoodx3

    After spending a lot of time adding my batteries, I picked it up by the handle and the stitching broke away from the case – not completely but enough that I can not carry by the handle. It took so long to organize the batteries and pull out those little filler foam pieces out that I just didn’t want to spend that much time to return. I do not recommend this case. It’s not sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the batteries that it claims it can hold.Read more

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  9. Nick

    Okay, it’s a battery holder and it holds batteries. It is a hard shell case and simply uses a formed foam slab with holes punched in to hold batteries. It is fairly large because it holds a lot of batteries, but that make it very heavy when even half full. What is lacking are handles on the ends (at least one end) and the handle it does have is on the wrong side. It should be on the side which opens, not on the backside. There is a mesh pouch inside which opens towards the side of the case which opens, THEREFORE, if you pick up this case by the handle, everything in that pouch will fall out. It is kind of normal to have a handle on the top of a case, not the bottom. Also, on my shelf (no way this is fitting into any drawer)., this case fits nicely end ways in and there is no handle to pull it out on the end. That would be useful. Remember, this is very heavy when full of batteries. A handle to hold on to is seriously needed.Read more

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  10. Jen H.

    I like to be prepared for stuff. Which means I buy my batteries in large boxes, and have every conceivable size and style on hand. I got 3 different styles of battery organizer case, and all were excellent for keeping my batteries organized and together in one place. the padding is good, because it stops battery terminals from touching in storage and accidentally causing a fire (not, it’s never happened to me, but I have heard it is a possibility. If you use multiple sizes of batteries, this is a great way to keep them where you can find them – provided you don’t misplace the case, of course!!Read more

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  11. Kevin

    Before I bought this case we had batteries all over – in different drawers, some in opened packages, some rolling around loose. During the first two weeks after receiving this case, each time I discovered more I gathered them up. The case holds them very securely in the soft foam pockets, and the case holds more than enough so that i was able to fit our entire collection inside. I chose to keep the flat disc batteries in the zippered pockets in the lid of the case as it makes them easier to handle. The case itself is well made, light but feels very strong and secure. It is attractive and well finished so that I don’t feel the need to hide it away.Read more

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  12. Dave

    A box, with internal dividers would be better. But my wife bought this. AA, AAA batteries often come in 4 piece wraps and the idea of taking them apart so they are no longer together and slot them into the holes is stupid. We just keep all of them in the netted area. Having it in a hard box would be better because they wouldn’t bulge. This caused some real arguments in our household.Read more

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  13. Westie

    Like the case. Batteries very well organized. Like the extra zippered compartment in the lid for flat batteries still in their packaging. Much better storage for batteries than the old plastic container I previously used. Batteries stay completely separate from each other. Would certainly buy again. Very pleased with purchase. Well madeRead more

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    Battery Organizer, 220+ Batteries Storage Case with Tester Checker(BT168), Garage Box fits for AA AAA AAAA 9V C D Lithium 3V LR44 1.5V CR1632 CR2032 for Home
    Battery Organizer, 220+ Batteries Storage Case with Tester Checker(BT168), Garage Box fits for AA AAA AAAA 9V C D Lithium 3V LR44 1.5V CR1632 CR2032 for Home


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