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Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive 75g

(7 customer reviews)

Adhesive: reusable putty-like
Bostic Blu-Tack is the is the original reusable adhesive. It is permanently plastic and Pliable (it can be readily formed into any shape) and each pack comes with strips for ease of use.
In the blue-only pack There are 4 strips each approximately 3/4 inch wide x 8 inches long and in the color Pack There are 5 strips each approximately 1/2 inch wide x 8 inches long.
A few applications for the putty include using to stick posters, sealing around windows and doors, cleaning dust and hair from clothing, keeping pictures straight and modeling. Use blue-tack on non-porous surfaces, painted surfaces, vinyl coated wall paper, glass, metal, etc. Remember to press it on, but roll it off. Any remaining Blu-Tack material can be removed by rolling or dabbing with another blob of blue tack. Uses & Applications: leave note on door.
Create 3 dimensional models. Hold candles in place in holders. Remove dust from awkward places. Pick up dropped screws or nails. Attach screw to screwdriver to get to hard places. Hold figurines in place on the window sill. Use to reduce noise vibration. Hold markers in place on white board. Clean Computer keys. Hold speakers in place on speaker stands. Graphite artists can use as a graphite eraser or magnet. Keep picture frames from shifting around on wall. Hold end of measuring tape on wall when measuring long runs.


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Blue tack reusable adhesive Bostic Blue tack is a handy putty-like reusable adhesive. Use it to stick, Seal, conceal, hold, and position a variety of items. Perfect for sticky jobs around the home, office, at school and for hobby and craft work. Bostic Blue tack is a great Modeling material. Use it to mold, sculpt, and stick. Preparation Blue tack is ideal for non-porous surfaces such as glass or metal, painted surfaces and vinyl coated wallpaper. Ensure surface is clean, dry, free from grease and loose materials. Make sure hands are clean before handling Blue tack. 1. Posters cut 3cm piece, Remove release paper from one side An affix to surface. Remove the release paper on one side, apply to one surface, then remove the other release paper. Using good thumb pressure, apply to the other surface. Blue tack works because its pressure sensitive so the more even pressure you apply the better the bond. 2. Objects make a blob by tearing off a piece, pull and stretch into a ball and apply to one surface. Removing Blue tack Blue tack works on walls because its pressure sensitive so its important to carefully roll it 0ff. Any remaining shreds can be removed by roll or dabbing with another blob of Blue tack. If Blue tack has been on a surface for sometime, dab with citrus based stain Remover to soften, then roll off carefully. Sometimes, Blue tack can leave a faint oily mark that can be easily removed by using a citrus based stain Remover. Blue tack can be reused. Simply roll into a ball in your hand and massage to get it pliable and apply use blutack to…. •Tack posters, memos, signage, or notices on walls, windows, or equipment. •Tack-up cables, electric and phone cords to keep them from tangling and out of the way. •Secure display cards on counter tops. •Hold down telephones or modems on desktops and counters. •Fasten electrical outlet surge strips to the floor.

Specification: Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive 75g

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4.13 × 0.18 in

7 reviews for Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive 75g

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  1. francene norris

    I use this instead of the red stuff with my diamond painting…and it works wonders! Only use a very small amount and you can pick up diamonds till the cows come home!Read more

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  2. LM

    After searching for how to clean my earbuds, I finally found a method does not involve liquid of any kind. Holding the earbud face down (so that gunk falls out and not back in), you use an old toothbrush to loosen any gunk. Then press some Blu-Tack to the earbud, and pull it away. It will pull out any lint or dirt. I would recommend using only a little bit of Blu-Tack each time and just discarding it after use, but if the gunk in the Blu-Tack doesn’t gross you out, could be used multiple times. I used Blu-Tack as opposed to any old poster putty because my earbuds are Apple (which means expensive) and I didn’t want to risk anything. I did exactly what the online article said to do, and it worked great!Read more

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  3. Kindle Customer

    I purchased this for use in diamond painting to replace those liittle tabs of pink wax adhesive that comes with many diamond painting kits. It lasts me much longer with better adhesion in my diamond placer pens. There’s a trick to using it for this craft, but it’s worth learning. Use just enough to fill the barrel barely up to the outer edges, leaving a depression in the center with which to grip your diamond drills. This saves me a lot of time previously wasted by constantly topping up or refilling my applicator pen with basic pink wax.. It holds those little resin diamonds well, and will release easily (unless too much is used). In the past I’ve used this for posters, and was always very pleased.Read more

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  4. Bubba Pearson

    Based on the usefulness of this product to me, I find it well worth the price. Primarily, I use it to temporarily, yet securely, hold 25mm and larger gaming and display miniatures to a small, sturdy glass jar (wife’s old moisturizer) I use as a temporary model holder. I pull off a hunk, roll it up into about a 1 1/2 inch ball, smush that down securely onto the top of the jar, then push the base of the miniature down firmly onto the blu-tack, and it will stay there until I want to remove it. The jar is just about the perfect size to fit comfortably in the palm of my hand, light enough to manipulate in any direction with my fingers, yet heavy enough that I can set it down safely any time I want, to clean my brush, change paints, add on small pieces with tweezers and super glue, etc. This enables me to customize and paint the miniature much more quickly and easily than I did back when, holding it in my fingers by the base only. Speaking of bases, it also makes finishing the base itself much easier, to terraform and paint both, since my fingers aren’t in the way. Another big plus? I’m not dropping anything or knocking it over while any material, glue, or paint’s still wet either, which usually is disastrous. Afterwards, I just pull off the finished mini (it comes right off, cleanly and easily), pull the smushed blob off the jar, put the ‘tack back with the unused portion, and store all of it in its own airtight jar (NOT provided) until needed again. It’ll stay tacky and useful (and re-useful) for ages this way. Also, I use it to hold miniature and other model parts together to check the fit before applying glue to anything. If the fit is a little off, I can pull the parts apart and re-assemble them as many times as necessary, while taking care of repairs and adjustments (like sanding, slicing, adding pins or other reinforcement, etc.) to one or both parts, before ever applying glue to anything. This prevents lots of potentially serious problems and considerable stress and hassle along the way, always a good thing. Finally, since it goes on and pulls off with no trouble or leaving behind any nasty residue, it also is a great material to use as a paint mask, especially for airbrushing and spray painting. Getting paint on it will reduce effectiveness over time (eventually to uselessness), but still it will last a long time, it can be reshaped and reused over and over (paint and all), and there’s plenty of it for these purposes. I always have used it as a temporary adhesive, come to think of it, and doubt very much whether it would offer good long-term results anywhere permanently. Recently, I discovered another, less expensive, Amazon best selling version of this (there are similar products made by several other manufacturers available here on Amazon) for just under three bucks per package, and it seems to work fine as well. On the other hand, Blu-Tack is a well-researched, well-known product that’s been around for a good long time, and it’s not really very expensive itself. Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for, but how you choose to spend your own hard earned cash is your decision entirely, so go with what works best for you. I like this.Read more

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  5. Are K

    Used to attach speakers to the top plate on a set of speaker stands. This keeps them from being accidentally knocked off the top. However I could deliberately remove them easily if significant pressure was applied. I repositioned one of the speakers once and it stuck back easily although there was no visible damage to the speaker at all. This stuff is great.Read more

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    I purchase the Blu-Tack adhesive for my 84 year old mother and usually buy quite a few packs at a time. My mother loves to decorate her windows with seasonal decorations that are a combination of cardboard, plastic, and string lights. She uses and reuses the Blu-Tack to hang all her decorations. She also has a new kitty in the house and she uses the Blu-Tack to make sure all of her knick-knacks stay in place. The Blu-Tack does it’s job. What is great is you can tear off as large or as small of pieces as you need because it is soft. When done you can put the pieces back in the package and by pressing the pieces together (like modeling clays) they become large again. It does not seem to dry out in the windows with the sun hitting it. It does work on most surfaces, however on painted walls I noticed it leaves an oily residue/stain behind. I have to say that it sure beats using tape to hang everything because you don’t get that gooey mess after like tape, and no scraping like tape.Read more

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  7. Wishful

    I have used this product in the classroom for 27 years. It is amazing. I used it for papers and signs and bulletin boards and everything else I needed to display or give directions for. Every year I started with a new bunch and used it all year. I didn’t get in trouble for using it because it didn’t stain or damage the wall, doors, windows, bulletin boards etc. I even had some students use it for stress relief. I just started diamond painting and I am using the blu tack to display my work until I can get it framed. For those who don’t know, diamond painting is done on canvas. The Blu Tack is holding well. Love the product and will continue to buy it and use it for years to come.Read more

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    Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive 75g
    Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive 75g


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