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Bluetooth WiFi Smart Plug – Smart Outlets Work with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Aoycocr Remote Control Plugs with Timer Function, ETL/FCC/Rohs Listed Socket 1

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Easier Faster Connection: Upgraded bluetooth wifi technology allows you could connect your mini wifi smart outlet with your smartphone automatically on POPOTAN app via your bluetooth function (Compatible with Smart Life app too). Only support 2.4Ghz wifi network.
Manual Remote Control : Plug the home equipment into mini smart plug, download the free app, Smart Life, then control your home appliances from your phone . Wi-Fi enabled, No hub or subscription required.
Voice Control : Compatible with CARTGET Echo, Google Assistant, Control your home appliances with the smart home outlet by giving voice command to CARTGET Alexa or Google Assistant, it will automatically turn on/off.
Schedule Setting : Create customized timer to automatically turn on or off your home electronics and appliances. Allow you to prevent power-hungry devices from being left on longer than needed. It will make your life easier and smarter.
Create Group & Share to All : Set a group for all Wi-Fi Smart Plugs and control them in one command. Share your smart plug to all family members in a minute. No more worries, everyone can control it easily.


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GTIN: 713721027910. Specification Met: FCC, ETL, RoHS. Mechanical Life Expectancy: 1 years. Actuator Type: Push Button. Mounting Type: Plug-In Mount. Material: PVC. Brand: Aoycocr. Connector Type: 插入. Operating Voltage: 110 Volts. Current Rating: 10 Amps. Operation Mode: ON-OFF-ON. Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement. ASIN: B07Q1L6311. Manufacturer: Aoycocr. Date First Available: January 16, 2019. Package Dimensions: 2.24 x 2.13 x 2.13 inches; 2.08 Ounces.

7 reviews for Bluetooth WiFi Smart Plug – Smart Outlets Work with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Aoycocr Remote Control Plugs with Timer Function, ETL/FCC/Rohs Listed Socket 1

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  1. Isabelle Belzile

    This Ayococr Smart Socket is one of a small army of essentially similar products coming from overseas, all built on the Tuya Smart IoT (Internet of Things) platform. Setup is essentially identical to any of the other similar, no-name products sold on Amazon. A download link is provided for the “Smart Life” app, in the form of a QR code on the product box, and in the included instructions. I can’t speak to the Android version of the app, but the iOS version works well, and is highly rated. The Smart Life app performs the initial setup of the Smart Plug, to get it on your 2.4 GHz WiFi, and provides remote turn on/off. In the case of this device, the “Quick Mode” setup did not work, but the fallback “AP Mode” configuration was completely effective. Once this one-time setup is complete, Smart Life provides on/off status, and provides myriad timer on/off functions. Alexa integration requires additional steps, to install the “Smart Life” skill, and configure Alexa to control the Smart Plug. Instructions for this are also included. Once the initial setup is completed, the unit functions as expected with the greater Alexa ecosystem. Altogether, being a two-app process, setup is disjointed, compared to the Amazon Smart Plug, but unlike the Amazon product, provides multi-platform support (Google and IFTTT). I have lamps plugged into mine, and setup to respond to “Alexa, turn on/off the bedroom/family room/living room lights” which works flawlessly. Interestingly, the product itself does not have the ETL certification mark called out in the product description, but does have legitimate FCC and RoHS marks. The product itself is attractively packaged, and has good fit and finish, particularly for the price point. It is also more compact than many competitors; this plug can be used in a standard duplex outlet without blocking the other socket. Given I can buy a four-pack of these for about the same price as a single Amazon plug, and get the same final result, it’s a great buy. Update: Based on my previous experience with this product, purchased in August 2019, I ordered another one of these in February, 2020. In contrast to my earlier experience, this time, I was able to successfully configure the new unit via the “Quick Mode” setup. Also, unlike the units I received last summer, the new one has an ETL regulatory mark on it. Quick web searches confirm the ETL and FCC marks are “genuine.” Given how many low cost electronics of Chinese origin are lacking such regulatory approval markings entirely, or have obviously falsified markings, this inspires a much greater degree of confidence that this product is well made and safe.Read more

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  2. Ahmed Fayed

    The media could not be loaded. Very easy once you follow the instructions included in the box. There is an App you have to download that then integrates with Google Home or Alexa. I didnt try Alexa, but with Google home it was perfect! Works everytime with my voice to turn on or off. I do recommend!!Read more

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  3. Cindy A Lee

    Every time I try to set up the plug, it times out before it is set up. My wifi is strong for everyother device we have on either 2.4 or 5 bands, These just time out too quickly. Will most likely have to return them since I cannot contact Aoycocr support at the email address they give. Too bad. If some one would show me how to set them up I would keep them.;Read more

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  4. TonyS

    These came in and all work great. Be sure to use your 2.4 ghz wifi band of your router. I downloaded the APP, THEN you have to connect to the SWITCHES’ wifi signal to set it at first. Don’t try to use your router. Once it is connected AND NAME IT (Or leave at default name) then reconnect your phone APP to your home wifi then get out of the APP and go to your Alexa app or Google app and it will detect the new switch. Meaning, “Add Device” (See your Alexa or Google instructions). The Alexa APP tool 45 seconds and it was added. Set it in a group if you want like “Living room”, etc. It works! Why do I say this? I was stupid and didn’t know to connect my phone to the devices’ wifi , NOT the router wifi. This sets it to connect to your home wifi. Then disconnect your phone from it’s wifi and reconnect to the home wifi. I know I repeat but that’s a trick I could not get from instructions. 5 stars because they all work perfectly. Example: “Alexa, turn off backlight”. It does it. I hope this helps because I’m in I.T. and tried to overthink it.Read more

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  5. Mr Baccarat

    I liked that they are less expensive and that they work just like the GOSUND brand I bought first. Now I have 8 working perfectly on 2.4 wifi. And, as I paired these 4 AOYCOCR plugs, Alexa helped out by letting me know as each one paired by saying the plug name. Of course I went to the Smartlife App and changed the name to what it controls. Then I commanded Alexa to turn on the tv or lamp or whatever. I think I have seen wifi plugs for $18 each. These were about $6.25 each, including shipping.Read more

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  6. Reverend Webster

    Bought the 2 socket set. They appear to be the same as the other sockets we have from other sellers. I guess there’s one manufacturer out there and a bunch of resellers. Socket uses the SmartHome phone app for setup. Pro tip: be sure your phone and the socket are on the same wifi network or setup will fail. If all goes well, setup only takes a minute or two. Now is the time to decide what you want to call the device. Choose wisely, since renaming in Alexa is a pain after you put it into a routine. If you’ve already got Alexa running, it should automatically become visible. In the past, I’ve had good and bad luck with the long-term durability of these sockets. Some fail and need replacement after a month or two, and some have lasted for a couple years. I usually keep a couple in the drawer just in case. This set came out of the box working, so that’s a good start. If you’re just starting out with Alexa/Google ecosystems, these are a good start.Read more

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  7. HankC

    Setup for hardware and App are both so for emptyhead that anyone could finish it in a minute. App allow you to turn it on/off anywhere. It could also set multiple schedules, timers or random. I will recommend this to anyone who need wifi outlet.Read more

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    Bluetooth WiFi Smart Plug – Smart Outlets Work with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Aoycocr Remote Control Plugs with Timer Function, ETL/FCC/Rohs Listed Socket 1
    Bluetooth WiFi Smart Plug – Smart Outlets Work with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Aoycocr Remote Control Plugs with Timer Function, ETL/FCC/Rohs Listed Socket 1


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