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Bog Street SAMPLER PACK, 15 Picks Total, Ergonomic Guitar Picks Variety Pack Made in the USA

(8 customer reviews)

GUITAR PICKS VARIETY PACK (15 picks total) – This mix pack contains one of each of the Bog Street Pick designs
AXE SERIES PICKS (9 Picks) – The new AXE Series smooth-edge picks have been thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered to maximize comfort and control through our patent-pending ergonomic designs. The new grip pattern provides a unique feel and added security to prevent unwanted pick rotation and slippage. The curved form is designed for optimal comfort and center hole allows contact between the players index finger and thumb for improved feel and control
AXE SERIES TEXTURED (3 Picks) – The Axe Series Textured features an edge-to-edge texture to create a grip-friendly slip-resistant feel. The textured edges are designed to give extra volume and attack from the strings while still offering smooth string release and unique tone
LEAP SERIES (2 Picks) – The LEAP series picks feature an aggressive grip solution in a patented ergonomic design and 3 different thicknesses
MINI BEAST (1 Pick) – The Mini Beast is a 3-sided Jazz style pick with an aggressive grip solution design for pinch style grips. This pick is designed to give players added control and grip security.


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Brand: Bog Street. Guitar Pick Thickness: Medium. Compatible Devices: Guitar. Date First Available: October 8, 2020. Best Sellers Rank: #1,823 in Musical Instruments. Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars 172 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B08KH12HBJ. Package Dimensions: 4.13 x 2.52 x 0.51 inches. Item Weight: 0.634 ounces.

Specification: Bog Street SAMPLER PACK, 15 Picks Total, Ergonomic Guitar Picks Variety Pack Made in the USA

Weight 0.634 lbs

8 reviews for Bog Street SAMPLER PACK, 15 Picks Total, Ergonomic Guitar Picks Variety Pack Made in the USA

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  1. John Z

    I bought the sampler pack to get a feel for the brand. I think for the price you get some good options but I found that half the picks weren’t to my liking. That’s the inherent risk I guess. Tl;Dr – the picks are insanely durable – the battle axe is a nice, ergonomic alternative to a jazz 3 – the leap series is nice for acoustic guitar – the axe cut and axe blade seemed better in theory than in practice but could be okay if you use the sturdier tips or find yourself uncertain on what gauges you like – the mini beast is not a good jazz 3 substitute and forces certain pick grips – get the textured picks if you get sweaty hands but know it’ll change your tone a bit – lean towards higher gauges than you would normally play as the hole in the middle is a tradeoff for pick flexibility More info: I found the offset picks (the axe blade and axe cut) tended to wobble in my hands on the lower gauges especially when playing fast leads. The irony of these picks is that while the hole in the middle provides additional grip, the loss of structural integrity makes the lower gauge picks bend more. The added bend causes snapback in your hand which leads to more slippage than I was experiencing with normal picks. Using the higher gauge corners compensated for that a bit, but then you’re only using 2/3rds of the pick. As far as the axe cut vs axe blade I definitely felt like the axe cut’s additional size makes it at least decent for rhythm playing whereas the axe blade felt too small while still experiencing the issues previously mentioned. That said the battle axe were by far my favourite. I play Jazz IIIs at 1.5mm and the medium battle axe (2.0mm) felt similar to those. I play with a lot of pick attack so I can burn through a jazz 3 in a couple of days usually with the first day of practice starting to show some wear. I checked the corners of these picks and they are still immaculate after an afternoon of mechanical practice. As far as textured vs untextured I didn’t like the way the textured seemed to snag the strings but the tradeoff was that when my fingers get sweaty there’s no slippage. This was actually really nice and definitely outweighed what felt like a minor tonal change. I also felt that knowing my pick was going to grip the strings I could play a tad looser and let the pick do some of the work. The leap series picks are nice for strumming. They definitely feel like good acoustic guitar picks but my electric would chew them up so that’s something to keep in mind. Lastly I did not like the mini beast. It felt like a jazz 3 but has the structural integrity issues I’ve mentioned previously and the grip itself is a bit awkward. I hold my picks with my index finger perpendicular to my thumb and my index aligns with the tip of my pick. You cannot hold the mini beast this way without the ridges getting in the way. If you hold it with your index and thumb parallel it might be more comfortable but for playing leads it did not work well for me. I would personally likely purchase a pack of the battle axes in the future after trying the sampler, but some of the picks definitely feel overengineered.Read more

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  2. Robin Leigh

    Not impressed. They are all too stiff for my liking. I also find that they still slip in my fingers.Read more

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  3. Saint

    Wide selection of versatile picks with different thicknesses. Attack is great on all of them although I tended to veer more in the direction of the Axe-cut and axe-blade series with flatter tips. The thinner battleaxe variant worked better for me as well. The Mini Beast takes some getting used to as the grip can be a little awkward at first, but after you get past that they’re great. The only ones in the bunch that weren’t really my thing were the Leap series variants. They’re quite awkward to hold and force my picking hand too far away from the strings for my liking and because of the grip and shape you can’t really choke up on them.Read more

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  4. Aaron Strait

    As a bass player, these are indispensable! A must have for any technical/speed player who uses a plectrum. I was a guitar player first and foremost, so when I play bass I naturally use a pick. Please help immensely with technical aspects of my music as well as chording. They’re pretty ducking awesome! I cannot attest to this fact because I have yet to use these pics whilst playing an electric guitar, but I can only imagine they’d be extremely useful when doing false harmonics! My only gripe is how expensive they are

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  5. J Redinbaugh

    I have had both of my hands burned in a fire, with my skin grafts I thought I wouldn’t be able to ever play the guitar again. I’ve since picked up a Takamine acoustic guitar from Amazon and put my old Yamaha aside and really gave every it a shot to be able to play once again. These picks are amazing. The grip texture, the durability, the action, they make regular picks inferior. As a beginner I would strongly recommend them they will definitely give you an edge. And a most have for any professional guitar player. I have given them away to other musicians I know and they all have made the switch. Amazing product.Read more

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  6. Francis Coutou

    I have not tried them all as yet ,only a couple. the hole in the middle is a good idea, it prevents the pick from slipping out but I have found the detent area for the thumb is at 90 deg. to the tip, my playing position ( grip) is a little bit more than that, so there is a little bump under the thumb which sometimes causes the pick to spin between the thumb and index finger while strumming. I am trying to adjust in the way I hold the pickRead more

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  7. Caleb

    These picks are an absolute game changer. The speed and control I gained is out of this world. I’ve been playing guitar for 25 years.Read more

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  8. gar r jennings

    The concept is good but the choice of plastic makes the picks as slippery as a cheap fender pick. The hole and doodads to keep the pick in your hand are gimmicks that won’t help. You need a stickier plastic to make this design work Don’t waste your money until they figure it outRead more

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    Bog Street SAMPLER PACK, 15 Picks Total, Ergonomic Guitar Picks Variety Pack Made in the USA
    Bog Street SAMPLER PACK, 15 Picks Total, Ergonomic Guitar Picks Variety Pack Made in the USA


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