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Bonide 023 Neem Oil Insecticide, White

(8 customer reviews)

MULTI-PURPOSE BUG KILLER – Bonide Neem Oil is a perfect pest control solution for any garden dealing with mites, flies, mildew, and more. This product is a three-in-one fungicide, miticide, and insecticide.
READY TO USE – This product is conveniently ready to use when it arrives. The spray nozzle makes this product easy to deploy and can even be used up to the day of harvest.
KILLS ALL STAGES OF INSECTS – Bonide’s 3-in-1 Neem Oil is great because it kills the egg, larvae, and adult stages of insects while also preventing the fungal attack of plant tissues.
DORMANT SPRAY – In addition to being useful for ridding your garden of insects and other pests, this Neem oil makes a great dormant spray to help protect your plants throughout all seasons.
ORGANIC GARDENING – Derived from the Neem seed, our product is great for use on roses, flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, indoor houseplants, trees and shrubs. It’s approved for organic gardening.
Power Source Type: Manual


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An all purpose insecticide, miticide, fungicide for organic gardening. Derived from the neem seed. Use on roses, flowers, vegetables, herbs, spices, houseplants, trees, turf & shrubs. Kills all stages of insects – eggs, larvae & adults. Makes a great dormant spray.

Specification: Bonide 023 Neem Oil Insecticide, White

Weight 8.9 lbs
Dimensions 4.63 × 7.5 × 12 in

8 reviews for Bonide 023 Neem Oil Insecticide, White

2.6 out of 5
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  1. Ayla H.

    I have seen a lot of reviews on here saying about the defective sprayer but do y’all know that you have to pull the hose out from the sprayer before it will spray? The whole hose is tucked and coiled into the sprayer. I didn’t think mine worked either until we messed with it a bit and realized this. Also the cap does not come off because it is built for the sprayer so it doesn’t come off. Which is good! The caps are not defective!!! One downside as per the norm with neem oil is the god awful SMELL!!! OMG rotten eggs smell better than this stuff. Straight up poo smell! It will make you gag and it gave me an awful migraine so now my husband took over neem duty. The product does work wonders for Spider mites, mealies, fungus gnats, and thrips!! You do need to treat the plants every day for a week and then go from there depending if it has helped the infestation or not. This stuff DOES NOT KILL ON CONTACT! This works best when used daily until all bugs are gone or as a preventative measure! Hope this review helps someone!!Read more

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  2. Ashley

    Do not buy this! It was all chunks on the top of the liquid. It didn’t spray properly because of this. I use neem oil a lot but this stuff sprayed directly on some spider mites did absolutely nothing.. I don’t know if they are diluting this or something but it definitely not any good! Wish I would have used it a little sooner so I could have returned it. I wasn’t out of my old bottle yet.Read more

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  3. Ranger

    My wife vouches for the effectiveness of the actual product on our planets. That said, my own approval of the product ends. 1.) SPRAYER DOES NOT WORK / BREAKS / CONSISTENTLY DEFECTIVE. It simply doesn’t. I’ve bought this same product twice. Both bottles suffer from this issue. Numerous other reviews have noticed, too. The sprayer. Doesn’t. Work. It’s too cheaply made, functions for about a minute of usage, and then stops working. Did you not Quality Control your own product? Did you not have someone pick up a bottle of your own product and try to spray it – reliably – for more than ten minutes? Anyone in your company would have noticed this abruptly. Anyone. The sprayer is too cheap. It breaks. 2.) CANNOT EASILY OPEN BOTTLE. So if your sprayer DOESN’T WORK, you would think that the company would have the common sense to make it so that you can easily transport the product into another spray bottle so that you can actually use the bottle. Nope. The cap refuses to come off. It’s almost as if they want you to only use the defective sprayer they provided that, as previously stated, DOESN’T WORK / BREAKS. I took a Geber to the cap and had to saw the thing off. THEN I could pour it into another bottle an actually spray my plants. CONCLUSION: Do you NOT want people to use your product? Do you NOT want people to use your produce EVEN WHEN THEY TRY TO WORK AROUND your incompetently designed spray nozzle? … Why are so many companies cheaping out on basic components for their products? So you make a few cents more money at the cost of damaging your brand image? … Are you Frat Boy idiots up in the board room paying any attention? Is that what they really taught you in Business College – that you could ‘make more money’ by driving a product into the ground by cheaping out on production costs? FIX your product. TEST your product. Make sure it WORKS. Otherwise people are going to start saying things through word of mouth / bad reviews. Your BRAND NAME means something. All it takes it one or two people with a platform to notice how bad this is before your stocks tank.Read more

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  4. Adam

    First: Product says, 1 gallon, 128 oz, 3.785 Liters. It felt light when I opened the box, so I measured the contents and posted pictures of the pour. The top was sealed with 2 stickers when I received it, so no leaks caused this. I hope the company responds to correct this issue. This type of practice is heavily frowned upon from the FTC. Second, after vigorous shaking for several minutes (think shake-weight), dozens of large clumps were still present. These clumps were very hard and made noticeable thumps as i poured it out. This type of lump would not dissolve from just shaking. Third, other people commented that the top popped off whilst shaking. My now smelly clothes and I can confirm this. I shook well before removing the sticker, as the sticker says, but it popped open a little during the process and a little of this dribbled at shaking speed. (See comment #2) I cannot speak to the efficacy of the product, but the smell is certainly offensive to me. I expect the tiny mites eventually will have a worse reaction.Read more

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  5. Allison S.

    The sprayer was defective. That alone wouldn’t have been a dealbreaker because I could have just poured some into a separate spray bottle, but the cap doesn’t come off.. unless that was another defect. I had to return it.Read more

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  6. Kody Heskett

    Very disappointed. I kept reading how miraculous Neem Oil is for controlling bug infestations in my garden so I purchased this. It, kind of, helped but did not get rid of most of the bugs. Turns out this “Neem Oil” is less than 1 percent actual Neem oil. I ordered pure Neem oil and mixed with dish soap and water and that finally got rid of the bugs.Read more

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  7. Mitt

    I had a bad case of mites in my pumpkin patch and it started to spread to my chili peppers. I used this on my plants and now the mites are all dead and gone. The plants didn’t turn yellow or suffer from this treatment at all.Read more

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  8. Shelly

    I only use organic products on my property. This bottle is nice and convenient and ready to use immediately. The spray top has a small hose allowing you to have at least a 2 foot line to spray inside the shrubs. The name oil does not have a pleasant smell. However it’s a safe product to use on the property. It’s pretty effective considering it’s organic. You may have to apply more than once. I would still advise anytime you use any concentrated products that are used to kill any pests or molds to still were rubber gloves so not to get on you hands. When you are spraying the nozzle leaks after pumping it a few times. Which is normal. Avoid getting on your skin and in your eyes. Happy Gardening!Read more

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    Bonide 023 Neem Oil Insecticide, White
    Bonide 023 Neem Oil Insecticide, White


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