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Boon Desert Baby Bottle Countertop Drying Rack, Green

(13 customer reviews)

DRYING RACK: A stylish countertop drying rack that holds up to eight baby bottles of different sizes and shapes – includes a tray to collect water underneath
STYLISH DESIGN: Removable cacti, each with multiple branches that can arranged the way you choose; all on a tray that spins to help you reach items with ease
EASY TO CLEAN: Two-piece tray design drains water to the bottom half, which can be removed and cleaned up easily
USE WITH CONFIDENCE: This countertop drying rack is made without BPA or PVC


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The Boon DESERT Baby Bottle Countertop Drying Rack is a fresh take on drying racks that can hold up to eight baby bottles of many sizes and shapes, pacifiers, and all your baby accessories as they air dry. Water drains into the lower half of the two-piece tray, which separates easily for emptying and cleaning. The natural look of this kitchen rack instantly turns your sink into a desert oasis. (Palm trees not included.) Made without BPA or PVC.

Specification: Boon Desert Baby Bottle Countertop Drying Rack, Green

Weight 14.4 lbs
Dimensions 9.15 × 2.5 × 9.5 in

13 reviews for Boon Desert Baby Bottle Countertop Drying Rack, Green

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Myra N.

    Very happy with my purchase! Boon Sprig is much much bigger than I imagined it would be . It’s very sturdy , the box said it holds up to 8 bottles, but for me it easily holds 15! It’s very easy to assemble and disassemble and extremely easy to clean. Baby bottles dry much faster on this rack than on original Boon Grass. I was hesitant whether to get a second Grass or to get the Sprig since I had too many bottles and accessories. I am so happy I went with this product . I honestly like it MUCH better than the Grass. It simply fits more stuff and dries it better than Grass. Also it’s one of those things I’m gonna keep even after the baby, I can see myself using it to dry my travel mugs and water bottles since it’s so solid built . If you are thinking about getting another Boon Grass or even Lawn, get this Sprig instead. Won’t regret !Read more

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  2. Misty

    I love this bottle dryer! Not only is it super cute and aesthetically pleasing (especially because I live in phoenix where cacti are very popular/common) but it does amazingly for holding my bottles! It even has a water catcher at the bottom so it doesn’t leak all over the counter but I HIGHLY recommend you wash and dry it daily to prevent any mold/fungi from growing in the bottom. (This hasn’t happened to me but if you left the water inside of it for days at a time then it could easily grow mold.) The only flaw is that is solely used for bottles. You wouldn’t be able to effectively use it for things like baby plates/bowls, spoons, etc. If you found my review helpful, please hit the “helpful” button below! :)Read more

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  3. katewickham

    The media could not be loaded. Still using this. In the video you’ll see a measuring cup, the stick of my stick blender, a cooking thermometer & the probe/wire for another cooking thermometer, 2 knives, the dasher & lid of my 2 quart ice cream freezer, the clamp of my StirMATE (the absolute best automatic stirrer ever made,) and a silicone lid. There’s never a day that this doesn’t get used & I probably don’t use my collapsible dish drainer 6 times a year. Bought this to dry silicone sandwich bags because they never completely dry in the dishwasher. Discovered It can handle my Twister ice cream scoop, my chef’s knife, my dish squeegee – all the items I hand wash daily. More attractive and takes up less counter top than a dish drainer. Looks as though it’s rotated my photos. UPDATE still loving this. By holding the white base still you can rotate the inner green, and I happened to have a couple extra small revolvers so I used mirror mounting tape to attach. That allows any drops of water to evaporate, not getting trapped under the edge of the rack. Just churned ice cream in my 2 quart maker – it has a good sized lid. Mfg. instructs to hand wash the parts, so the question was whether I could use this rack – answer YES lid, paddle and rubber scraper are on it with room for additional items!Read more

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  4. S. A.

    Honestly. One of my best purchases. I read an article on my phone of top things to buy (from Walmart?) and this omwas one of them. A review on Amazon said she dries her kids heavy metal water bottles. Ahhh. I have been looking for something!!! Telling everyone I know about this!Read more

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  5. Theresa D

    I bought this to hold my myriad water bottles and I keep adding more and more to it! It holds coffee mugs, tall Coca-cola glasses, stainless steel Swell bottles, Xtreme 32 oz glass water bottles, plus all the lids. So far nothing has fallen and they’ve been drying overnight. You can arrange the “sprigs” as you like to accommodate your drinkware.Read more

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  6. Betsy Powers

    We got this to replace the full “lawn” version of their drying rack. With limited counter space, this is a better option, especially since we don’t have that much stuff to wash and dry anymore. It’s great for the day’s bottles, nips, lids, and spoons. It is as tall as it is wide, and looks taller than I expected on the counter top, especially under the upper cabinet. But bottles go on easily and stay put (as opposed to the lawn rack, where the bottles were always popping off and flying across the counter). I would dock a half star if I could for the fact that it is a little “wobbly” where the two pieces meet. The green part separates from the white part, which is great for air circulation and cleaning, but the green part just kind of tips around a little bit since it’s just connected with a peg-type thing in the middle of the white dish. It hasn’t tipped over or anything, just seems a little less secure than I expected. Still love it! Also, I use Medela baby bottles and they fit perfectly, I can get one on each “stem” if I need to with no pushing and shoving.Read more

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  7. Brittany Moonan

    I incorporated this into my grass drying rack however, separately, on its own it’s amazing as well! I really like the design and it’s fun to have on your countertop. I had another “plain” drying rack and the reason I switched is because I like that you can have something stylish that also gets rid of the water without it looking dingy at the bottom or stinking. I highly recommend this product!Read more

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  8. Amazon Customer

    My husband laughed at me when he first saw this, which was annoying, since he loves saguaros and I thought he would think it was cute. I wanted it primarily for drying my reusable silicone freezer bags. Anyway, it turns out that not only can I dry those, but it’s just a handy little drainer for a variety of small items, and keeps the counter less cluttered. It’s very clever! A few days in, my husband saw how useful it was and said, “I really like this.” So there. It’s clever, creative and super useful!Read more

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Okay so here’s the deal lol I saw the reviews saying there were some crooked cacti on some ppls racks but I optimistically bought it anyway cuz it’s super cute! And low and behold I ended up receiving one with a crooked middle cactus so here’s what I did! I boiled it for about ten minutes so it was hot ty through the plastic then I firmly but gently bent it the oposite way of the curve to straighten it! Just wanted to post this helpful tide bit on here for ppl that love this rack as much as I do but dislike flaws on their things

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  10. chever

    J’ai voulu l’essayer (modèle cactus) pour des bouteilles Sodastream de différents formats. Le plastique (les branches) est trop souple pour les bouteilles de 1 litre et même les 500 ml font basculer le séchoir cactus et les branches se déforment. Sûrement convenable pour les biberons et autres petits contenants seulement (et c’est bien sa fonction première, d’où mes quatre étoiles après tout). Je l’ai gardé quand même, car il dépanne. Je vais chercher mieux adapté. La base (verte) n’est pas attachée ou vissée au socle (blanc), il faut éviter les contenants trop lourds sur les branches. Ne surtout pas déplacer avec des bouteilles dessus!Read more

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Does what I need and easy to clean. It can hold a lot. It doesn’t look that great as it can get very cluttered but its good if you need to dry little things like pacifiers too.Read more

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  12. Chantal Cote Laberge

    pour des petits biberons ok mais pour des bouteilles d’eau … pas vraiment.Read more

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  13. Nicky

    The design is really cute and sturdy, and so perfect for drying dogs’ rubber boots and my gloves.Read more

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    Boon Desert Baby Bottle Countertop Drying Rack, Green
    Boon Desert Baby Bottle Countertop Drying Rack, Green


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