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Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5344WS (Mercedes-Benz) Carbon Activated Workshop Cabin Filter C3503WS Air Filter

(12 customer reviews)

Performance and durability are maximized by mold-resistant multi-layer media
1st Layer – Larger contaminant particles are captured by the non-woven pre-filter layer
2nd Layer – Elusive smaller particles are attracted and held by the electrostatically charged microfiber layer
3rd & 4th Layers – Non-woven cover layers adds stability to protect the microfiber layer from damage and acts as an additional barrier to harmful contaminants


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Bosch Premium Cabin Filters absorb up to 100% of all pollen, dust particles and harmful substances. This results in a noticeable improvement in the air quality inside the vehicle. Bosch Activated Charcoal Filters go one step further than Particulate Filters. Bosch Activated Charcoal Cabin Air Filters have a 5-layer design that includes an additional carbon layer that absorbs toxic and foul-smelling gases such as ozone, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and hydrocarbons, and an additional cover layer for extra protection.

Specification: Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5344WS (Mercedes-Benz) Carbon Activated Workshop Cabin Filter C3503WS Air Filter

Weight 5.6 lbs
Dimensions 11.86 × 7.64 × 4.54 in

12 reviews for Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5344WS (Mercedes-Benz) Carbon Activated Workshop Cabin Filter C3503WS Air Filter

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Ze_Fox

    I have been using Bosch air filters forever, so never thought I’d give a negative review on one of them. As many other reviews pointed out, the air flow will significantly decrease compared to a non-HEPA filter. This is totally expected given the extreme level of filtration. However I couldn’t find a review that tried to quantify the air flow difference. Having just switched back to a regular P3875WS on my 2016 Honda CR-V, I can say that the airflow with the HEPA on max front vent is equivalent to about 3-clicks up with a non-HEPA filter. This is huge!! As a consequence, on a hot Californian day where the car has been sitting with 100F outside, cooling down the car will take at least 10min. The best alternative being opening the windows… which defeats having a HEPA filter! Now, when it comes to filtering the air at a HEPA level. If you do long drives without getting out of the car, there might be a benefit. However for short drives or frequent stops with door or window opening I don’t think it makes any difference in the air you breathe. I was also shocked to smell the cigarette smoke from the driver in front of my car, I assumed a HEPA filter would not let that through (but maybe I’m mistaken on this). Anyway, after 2 months of use and grinding my teeth for the lack of air and fan always on MAX, I decided to finally order a standard cabin filter and switch back. When I removed this HEPA filter I noticed the shape was a bit distorted, and it showed damaged at the bottom in the center. What happened is that the blower tries to suck more air than the filter can let through, as a consequence it sucks the filter in, making a bow in it. And the down-most spot (center) touched the blower spinning axle, almost poking a hole through the filter. So for all the reasons above my conclusion is that this filter is not worth the hassle, at least for my car. Your mileage may very.Read more

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  2. G33kman

    The media could not be loaded. This Bosch HEPA filter was a perfect match for my 2012 Toyota Highlander. After install the cabin air did smell noticeably cleaner than the stock filter (which was a bit musty). The only negative, which is to be expected, is the decrease in air flow due to the filter restriction. See my video for a side-by-side with the OEM filter and the HEPA filter. At max fan speed there was little difference, but at medium and high it was certainly blowing less. For me personally, I think it is an acceptable trade-off for the benefit. I will update this review with long-term results.Read more

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  3. loktai

    This filter unleashed the raw fury of my hybrid Saturn vue. The unbridled race-inspired white knuckle driving experience is enhanced beyond words. Ok… So maybe it just fit and works and my fuel economy is where it should be etc but a man can dream.Read more

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  4. Aricsdaddy

    Bought this as I wanted a superior filter over the Subaru OEM one. First impression is this does not have any trouble fitting in like some mention, nor does it increase sound levels. It does have a very slight smell when first used, but that is the same for most of them; I have hypersensitivity to smell, it is not that bad. My biggest issue with this filter is it is called a HEPA filter, and that is a big stretch. I have bought aftermarket HEPA filters for other vehicles and compared to the OEM ones they are much thicker filters to catch more particles. This material on this Bosch 6038C is a little thicker than stock OEM version and a different color. The negative parts is it does not have as many pleats as the OEM version so it is going to clog much faster and have less air flow. The other part I do not like is the OEM version fabric is bonded to the plastic shell for a solid seal, the Bosch version is a filter that is dropped in place and could allow particles around the outside of it. Overall I am disappointing at this filter.Read more

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  5. Derek

    This Filter is a TRUE HEPA Filter!!! We are having poor air quality in the AQI Ratings of 150-200 pm2.5 here in the Pacific NW from smoke from fires up north. I bought a MANN 2939 filter and it got it down from 160 to around 50ish. After installing this filter it brought it down to 1. That’s right, 1!!! Testing Perimeters: 2013 VW Passat S With ac on recirculating the air I got a reading of 1 AQI pm2.5. PM10=0.0 (ug/m3) With ac on outside air reading of 21-25 AQI pm2.5. PM10=5.0 (ug/m3) Air volume has diminished slightly but who cares your breathing fresh air!!Read more

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  6. briandrew1

    I ordered this filter for my Mitsubishi SUV. Being BOSCH I expected it to meet or exceed OEM spec, but this filter has only 26 folds/channels whereas the OEM has 35. Also, the Bosch has no center support whereas the OEM has a glue that keeps the channels spaced out perfectly and would keep them from collapsing etc. Overall I’m very disappointed. Next time I’ll buy OEM or search for an aftermarket brand of higher quality.Read more

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  7. Bob D

    Be careful in which we way you install this filter with regards to the airflow. The instructions say the filter arrow needs to be up, however the filter element shows the air flow in the down position. I watched several U2 videos to figure out the difference which is caused due to the factory manual and the factory filter having be different meaning than the Bosch with regards to air flow. When you remove the filter the dirt and dust will be on the “outside supply” side. Thus if you replace the new filter based on the “observed” direction of air flow you will do just fine.Read more

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  8. Steve

    It’s an air filter, it fit, air goes through it, dirt, dust and debris do not. Gosh golly it works just like the one I removed and I had money for beer left over. Not just any beer but beer in Canada where a box of 12 will leave you with loose change from $25. Mmmmm beer. Maybe I’ll go change my cabin filter so I’ll have reason to dri k more beer. Or I could use the spring sunshine as reason enough and sit on the deck instead.Read more

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  9. Bill Hutchison

    I have but and used this filter before and it appears to do what it is supposed to do very efficiently ove thousands of miles. I do a lot of country driving and there are times of the year when wind blown dust from farm fields, for several reasons, causes an issue with thick dust clouds but this filter seems to cope well.Read more

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  10. PeterR

    I have an e+Tekna 62kWh 2020 and, despite the years specified in the description, this fitted perfectly. I have an allergy to a fungus which would pass through the standard cabin filter so this means I can drive without wearing a mask.Read more

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  11. KGA

    The good: fits my 2013 RAV4 perfectly, as good or better construction than OEM product, seems to freshen air quite noticeably The not-so-good: HEPA filter restricts airflow significantly, which affects efficiency of fan/AC and may (?) also lead to other issues over the longer term ie. filter clogging sooner, more wear and tear on fan motor etc. This said, I see no evidence of this as of yet…but it way too soon to judge. Also, no baking soda/charcoal incorporated into filter so it also remains to be seen if odour elimination is less effective with this as compared to other products I relied heavily on Bosch’s reputation when I purchased this. Hopefully I am not proven wrong on this. Should things wind up unfolding much better than I estimate it will (based on initial impression) then I may upgrade this review to 4 or 5 stars. *** UPDATE 16 March 2018: after a couple of months of use filtered air is still fresh smelling but I have noticed car interior windows seem to inexplicably fog up (partially) regardless of weather conditions, number of passengers or climate control settings. With the OEM filter this never occurred despite being located on west coast (Seattle/Vancouver) region. I will attempt to use the remaining unopened filter that I previously purchased later in the summer and will not be reordering this item in the future. Previous rating of 3-stars now downgraded to 2-star.Read more

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  12. Ray

    I bought this filter a while ago, and today had some time to actually test it outside the car held up to a blower, using my Laser Egg 2 particle monitor. Outdoor air had a raw count reading of about 2400 particles per 0.1L. With the 6055C against the blower and the particle counter against the other side of the filter, I got a reading of 0. After a bit the reading rose to 3. This is the same kind of reading I get with a HEPA room air purifier. For comparison, I tested a Fram CF10285 cabin air filter against the blower, and the particle count was about 1400. The only limitation is caused by the car itself. I had hoped to be able to have HEPA-filtered air blowing from the vents, but the particle reading ends up being around 450 due to leakage around the filter frame. The car doesn’t have a tight seal around the filter. A few months ago I sat in a Tesla Model X with “bioweapon defense mode” activated, and the air from the vents in that car read about 100 on the Laser Egg 2, showing that Tesla might also have the limitation of leakage around the edges of their HEPA filter. I need to build a filter holder for the Bosch 6055C that will seal properly in this 2017 Toyota Sienna.Read more

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    Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5344WS (Mercedes-Benz) Carbon Activated Workshop Cabin Filter C3503WS Air Filter
    Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5344WS (Mercedes-Benz) Carbon Activated Workshop Cabin Filter C3503WS Air Filter


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