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Breast Lift Tape,Body Tape,Fashion Tape,Athletic Tape,3” Breast Tape Lifting Large Breast A-G(DDDD) Cup Nude

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95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Pull On closure
The Best Breast Tape for Women:3 INCH Width Breast lifting Tape for Large Breasts / Breast Lifters for Women are perfect Breast Tape anytime! Breast lift tape for large breasts gives the Invisible Breast Lift Tape you desire.
NO STRAPLESS BRAS, HOLD FOR UP TO 8 HOURS : Bodytape, breast tape lifting large breast are the best breast lifters for women! breast tape for large breasts / breast lift tape for heavy breast support you can keep all day long. This boob tape for breast lift use strong skin suitable adhesive to ensure enough strong hold that provides Breast lift. Each Breast Tape roll can be used 5 times, plus provide 2pcs Nipple Covers.
Plus Size breast tape lift works with A Cup to G , breast tape can provide enought support due to its ability to stretch. You can customise how you apply the breast tape. The natural fibres (cotton) of our breast tape and the adhesive make it water and sweat resistant.Use this invisible bra tape for breast lifting at the beach! No holding back, no worry needed, dance as much you like! body tape for breast breast tape for big breast is the best bra tape lift for large breast.
EASY TO USE – Follow our bras tape written instructions and image guides provided in the listing. Our breast tape for breasts lift is Perfect for Various of clothes for women, breast lift Tape provides invisible support lift, is it comfortable enough to wear all day.
This Professional grade tape athletic tape can also be used as sports tape and it can Match with fashion tape. We’re so confident that our body tape is of premium quality and does what it says, Ready to try?Trust us,Click add to cart to buy it now.


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❤ New to Breast Lift Tape?No problem, read the application and removal guidelines provided in the package.Get the best experience from the tape, whilst protect your skin.    Our premium quality Breast lift tape and nipple covers can be applied in an endless variety of styles.Breast Lift Tape comes with step-by-step instructions and more than12 ways to wear to help you get the best possible results.    You can change how you apply the tape, depending on what you are wearing, providing solution to deep necklines, backless dresses and bathing suit woes.❤ Believe that the perfect combination of Nipple Covers and Breast Tape !   ☞ STOP Tan duct tape and gaps tape, Tripsky tape is more suitable for human body.❤ Features:✔Hypoallergenic: It material makes you feel comfortable even though you wear it for a long time.✔User-friendly design: Suitable for A-DDD cups.✔Easy to clean: Just rinse under the water with mild soap.✔Reusable: Strong adhesion adds a longer service life.✔Wide application: Perfect for backless/strapless dresses, t-shirts, halter tops, wedding gowns, sports bras, swimsuits.✔Multiple uses: The tape can be applied to various parts of the body.❤ Specification:Material of the tape: 95% cotton + 5% spandexMaterial of the nipplecovers: non-woven fabric + siliconeLength: 14.5 FTThickness:  5 InchPackage Included: 1* Lagre Breast Lift Tape and 2* Adhesive Bra❤ How To Use It?1. Wipe the breasts with warm towel. Wipe all oil, dirt even sweat on body.2. Put the nipple cover onto the nipple softly, making the outer edge of which be stuck to the skin.3. With the upper body leaning forward, attach the breast lift pasties to the chest and flatten the edges.❤ After-sales service

8 reviews for Breast Lift Tape,Body Tape,Fashion Tape,Athletic Tape,3” Breast Tape Lifting Large Breast A-G(DDDD) Cup Nude

3.3 out of 5
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  1. A.

    It is really hard for me to find something that will hold my breast in a deep cut dress. I haven’t had luck with any tapes in the past, they always took a big chunk of skin. I used this product very cautiously, Applying was easy, has a really good hold. Removing wasn’t terrible, I went in the shower and got it as wet as I could to make the process less painful. It was still somewhat painful, I did end up with a small scab, nothing compared to what I had in the past. I only deducted one star because I am convinced all these breast tapes will leave something behind, its the sacrifice you have to make to keep the girls sitting prettyRead more

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  2. [email protected]

    It adheres sooooo well and keeps my boob perky as can be!! I love it! Anyone who has big boobs that are not as pushed up as we see in magazines, you MUST buy this. It is comfortable to wear and use, BUT it is a little painful when the time to take it off comes around. I suggest to remove it when in the shower under warm or Hot water. It’s less painful.Read more

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  3. Happy Consumer

    I thought it was reusable and that there was enough to do what is in the picture several times in the package I bought. Nope. It was one and done. I attempted to place it (I am a cup C) and for the needed hold and garment I had to use the whole content of the package. First, it gets tangled, like an adhesive tape, and once glued, it no longer has adhesive power. Also, once it bends and glues to itself (by accident, like with an adhesive tape) – which happens often if you’re working on your own), it can’t be lifted from that “bend”/folded spot. So, after the frustrated attempt, I had to remove it and it was all bent and no longer adhesive. Hence, no longer usable. Maybe I should have hired a fashionista to come help me get that in place? (Sarcastic question) .Read more

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  4. eliana shalikar

    The tape was great in terms of how it made my boobs look, but taking it off was a nightmare. I stood in a hot shower for 15 minutes and put oil all over and the tape still didn’t come off comfortably. I ended up with scars all over my boobs because the tape ripped off my skin. So so so not worth it! My chest looks like it’s been attacked with all the scars I have now and i dont know when they’ll go awayRead more

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  5. Michelle

    This is my first time trying an adhesive tape in place of wearing a bra, and I found it very comfortable. After reading about and looking at other brands, I decided to try this one. Well, the tape itself is VERY light but the adhesive quality is great. I first tried it without the nipple cover and my thin top glided on top. I then wore the nipple covers and the tape and had them on all day. I felt so free!! My shoulders slope down and bra straps are constantly falling down and am tired of adjusting the strap. So glad I decided to give this tape a try. I will certainly purchase this brand again.Read more

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  6. Alexandra

    This is a GAME-CHANGER. If you’re like me and find the absolute nightmare of bra shopping worse than stepping on legos with bare feet, then BEHOLD… you have now stumbled upon the holy grail of boob tape. I’ve tried every hack you can think of (shoutout to the ceran wrap that was super squeaky during my first slow dance), & I was skeptical at first, because as someone who has to wear two sports bras to navigate through the day without knocking myself out, how on earth could this work? BUT IT DOES. I have a small frame and waist, 5’2 and I’m a 32F/G, and I’ve been limited in what dresses and tops I could wear pretty much as long as I can remember. But this works WONDERS. I don’t know how, but it does. It does require more product if your girls are a little bigger, but it’s significantly less than I thought. And I was able to just use it in the front without putting any strain on my back or shoulders. I wore it for about 8hrs before coming home, and upon seeing that it was still as supportive, I immediately dove into my “dream dress” box that I’d given up hopes of ever wearing (all my lower back (and by that I mean anything less than a turtleneck) or even strapless dresses), and literally cried happy tears as I could finally wear them. I NEVER dreamed I could. I know there’s other brands out there that I’m sure work great, but this one is comfy, cheap, gravity-defying, and could hold up a small child (which is the level of support I need in life.) So, so long to the days of binding and wrapping to the point of making yourself a human ham. This will be your new best friend. (Or should I say, your new breast friend.) I will say, be sure to use oil to take it off though. Don’t do what I did and rip if off like a band-aid. First of all, ouch. Like, mega ouch. And second of all, it will leave some residue you’ll have to use oil to remove anyway. So just be sure to follow the instructions on how to remove and you’ll be just dandy. That’s it. Hope the breast of your day goes great! *restRead more

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  7. Attallah S.

    This is the worst boob tape I have ever used. It sticks better to itself than it does any other material or surface. Even the paper it’s adhered to comes off when you’re just trying to cut it. I wasted more tape and couldn’t even use it in the end. The tape is too thin and flimsy to properly hold my boobs and once it’s in place the end unravels. I had no confidence it would stay the evening. Don’t waste your money, there are others better than this product.Read more

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  8. sunshinehly

    I was very surprised that the tape held so well like no other tape I ever use awesome supportRead more

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    Breast Lift Tape,Body Tape,Fashion Tape,Athletic Tape,3” Breast Tape Lifting Large Breast A-G(DDDD) Cup Nude
    Breast Lift Tape,Body Tape,Fashion Tape,Athletic Tape,3” Breast Tape Lifting Large Breast A-G(DDDD) Cup Nude


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