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Brother Pt-d400 Label Maker

(11 customer reviews)

AC Adapter or 6 AA Batteries required (not included; Best with Polaroid AA Batteries)
Compact design with large, easy-type QWERTY keyboard
Graphical display: View text and layout before printing
One-touch keys: Easily add frames and other formatting features.Multi-line labels: Prints labels with up to 5 lines of text
Tape Technology:Thermal Transfer


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Print clear labels quickly and conveniently with this Brother mobile label maker. Print labels on four widths of laminated TZe tape with this versatile label maker. The 14 fonts, 10 font styles, and over 600 symbols and bar codes make it easy to customize labels as needed, and the memory stores up to 50 designs. This Brother label maker uses batteries or an AC adapter, so you can take it with you and ensure it always has power. Label maker for quick organization of items and documents. Maximum print speed up to 0.79 ips for enhanced productivity. Offers printing with 180 dpi maximum resolution. Thermal transfer printing technology eliminates the need for ink. Uses TZe tape up to 0.7 wide. 15-character x 3-line graphical LCD display without backlight. Choose from 14 fonts and 10 font styles for user convenience. Dimensions: 2.8H x 7.4W x 7D. Works with six AA batteries. 0.47 (12mm) TZe starter tape included. 2-year manufacturer limited warranty. test Compact and capable, the PT-D400 from Brother makes it simple to label your boxes, files, containers, shelves, and much more. The QWERTY-style keyboard paired with a clear display screen show you exactly what the label will read before you print. With one-touch key formatting and a 50-file memory, you can save time while changing the template or reprinting a previous label. Large, Intuitive KeyboardThe Brother PT-D400 features a large keyboard with intuitive one-touch keys that make it simple to set the label formatting. With a crisp display that shows you exactly what you type, creating detailed labels with up to five lines of text and graphics is an easy task. Plentiful Templates and FontsEnjoy an array of template and text options with hundreds of built-in fonts, symbols, barcodes and frames to choose from. The label maker also has built-in templates that you can pull up to quickly create a label. The 50-file memory lets you store labels for efficient reprinting later on.

Specification: Brother Pt-d400 Label Maker

Weight 2.65 lbs
Dimensions 12.2 × 8.8 × 3.8 in

11 reviews for Brother Pt-d400 Label Maker

3.9 out of 5
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  1. Texas Talker

    I’ve just labelled some things using 12mm (1/2″) and 6mm (1/4″) tape. Great print jobs…nice and clear. What I was pleasantly surprised with was that I didn’t have to reset any fonts in order to use the 6mm tape. Just pop the 1/4″ tape cartridge in…and go. This isn’t about the label maker itself…it’s great, but the manual is horrendous to read. I had to go online to figure out how to keep from losing one inch of tape on each end during printing. Spoiler: Just set the margin to NARROW in the settings. You’ll still have the wasted inch at the beginning, but if you have several labels to print, just press SPACE twice and cut between them. Another thing the instructions were not clear on: Fold the printed labels in the middle running long ways. You have to peel two halves off to expose the sticky part. Other than that, I’m delighted with this purchase.Read more

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  2. Michael C. Burton

    Pretty stunned to open the product and find a hand-written post-it note with the name of some company (that I won’t disclose here) and a case number. My first thought: this product was just returned by someone else. But hey, let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best. Nope. When I go to set up the machine and print with the included roll of starter tape included in the package, the machine says the tape is not compatible with the machine. So, there you have it. So I guess there will be two post-it notes on the inside of this machine when you open it . . . if you are stupid enough to buy it, that is.Read more

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  3. SameOldStory

    It works perfectly, but I’ll never use all of it’s abilities. Some of the complaints I saw were about the batteries. Unless you have a defective device it shouldn’t be a problem. My old one lasted two years on one set of 6 batteries. In fact it still works. Or it would if I hadn’t taken the batteries out of it to put in this one. 🙂 If you do use this a lot, just plug a wall wart into it. It’s a common 9 volt in connector, you probably already have a few laying around. I have 3. If not order one. But most people aren’t going to run the batteries down all that fast. I’ve also seen complaints about how much wasted tape it produces. That’s common for these tape printers. If you read the instructions you’ll find ways to reduce wastage. Or, even better, don’t buy Brother P-touch tapes. I boughtLabel KINGDOM 2 Pack Compatible Brother P-touch TZe335 TZ335 Label Tape (12mm) x 26.2ft (8m) and it worked without a problem. In short, this works amazingly well but if you actually READ the instructions, you’ll be happier with it.Read more

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  4. Tiffany

    The media could not be loaded. This label maker works great. It worked on the P-Touch embellish ribbon as well as some off-brand labels. I posted a video of the process. It does leave about an inch of tape on either side of the label, but for how easy it is to use and the fact that I’m able to use more affordable cartridges, I’m okay with that. 10/10 recommend!Read more

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  5. Kristi Swede

    OUTSTANDING replacement for my 15yo Brother PT-1810, which has found a new home with a friend — don’t get me wrong, it’s still going strong after 15 years of steady use. This has all of the features I’ve come to trust; specific point sizes, alignment, tabs, tape length for files, three lines or more depending on tape, QWERTY keyboard, symbols (who can ever tell which corner of the scanner bed is The One without a simple arrow?), and a clear display. The only feature it lacks, and really Brother, we are your PT-family, we neeeeed this, too, is an automatic label cutter. The PT-d400 can use an adapter, and is sold with one for about $10 more on Amazon. This Labeler is clean and modern looking, smaller than my old model, and lighter in the hand. The 18 BOLD label is identical, making all of my labels consistent with previous. Brother labels don’t yellow over time, unlike Dymo’s, so many of the older labels are still going strong after 8-10 years on files, cords, or tools. If you’ve ever stared at your drafted printer and wondered, “Face up or face down?” You really need a PT. is this the cord for the DVD player or the subwoofer…how did she set this up? You need a good labeler! Or a drawer full of random keys, a quart jar of screws, you name it! Do I sound a little bit nuts? Well, you can take a peak in my dresser, and find the travel bottles labeled, no mystery gunk. The computer box has no phantom cables, and the tangle plugged into the surge protector is easily sorted by tag. Just sayin’.Read more

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  6. ReadsALot

    It’s not bad. It functions well so far, though I haven’t put it to hard use, so I’m reserving the right to edit the review. As many other people have noted, there is a huge amount of label waste, which is the primary reason that this product gets three stars. The label maker itself is pretty easy to figure out. I haven’t even opened up the manual yet, and have figured out some workarounds to reduce label waste. But it takes a lot of planning on my part, and that’s definitely a design flaw on the part of the manufacturer. Just bear in mind that you’ll be spending a lot of time calculating how to reduce label waste or buying up a lot of tape, and things will be fine. Many other people have noted the amount of tape wasted, and I would like to join this chorus and encourage paying close attention to that. I do like the quality of the labels it produces thus far, and it’s easier for my purposes than opening up a Word document, creating labels in a template and printing them on a sheet via a printer. It’s all about tradeoffs, I suppose.Read more

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  7. MG

    Use for creating labels in a small library. Easy to operate. Manual has explained everything I need to know. There was a bit of a learning curve with setting the margins and I try to print out a few at a time so I can use the Chain setting and skip feeding the tape until I’m done printing all my labels.Read more

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  8. Lisa H.

    Just as I had orderedRead more

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  9. Mariana

    Una vez que ajustas los márgenes para no gastar tanta cinta todo funciona perfectoRead more

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  10. Unhappy customer

    lot of wastage of tape while printing. clever strategy adopted by manufacturer so that their income from consumables keep coming regularly.Read more

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  11. Jonathan Caspi Miller

    No me incluyo el adaptador y esta en la descripciónRead more

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    Brother Pt-d400 Label Maker
    Brother Pt-d400 Label Maker


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