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Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W, Fast Scan Speeds, Easy-to-Use, Ideal for Home, Home Office or On-the-Go Professionals (ADS1700W), white New Model: ADS1700W

(10 customer reviews)

COMPACT DESIGN AND FAST SCAN SPEEDS HANDLE A VARIETY OF DOCUMENTS – Scan single and double-sided, documents in a single pass at up to 25 ppm(1). Easily scan documents up to 34” long, receipts and photos using the 20-page capacity auto document feeder.
EASY-TO-USE AND SAVES TIMES – 2.8” color Touchscreen display for one-touch scanning to preset destinations and device settings management. Auto Start Scan lets you simply drop paper into the feeder to initiate auto scanning to a predefined profile.
COMPATIBLE WITH THE WAY YOU WORK – ADS1700W supports multiple “Scan-to” destinations: File(2), OCR(2), Email(2), Network, FTP, Cloud services(7) Mobile Devices(3) and USB flash memory drive(4) to help optimize your business process.
VERSATILE SCANNING AND CONNECTIVITY – Wireless scanning to PC, cloud apps(7), mobile(3) and network destinations plus Micro USB 3.0 interface for local connections. Dedicated card slot easily scans business and photo ID cards.
OPTIMIZE IMAGES AND TEXT – Enhance scans with automatic color detection/adjustment, image rotation (PC only), bleed through prevention / background removal, text enhancement, color drop. Software suite(6) includes document management and OCR software.


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The Brother ADS-1700w compact desktop scanner offers fast document digitization, built-in wireless networking, and easy-to-use color Touchscreen. Scan stacks of double-sided, color and black and white documents up to 25ppm(1) in a single pass with 20-page capacity auto document feeder. The ADS-1700W scans documents, receipts and photos, plus business and plastic ID cards using a dedicated card slot. Scan to multiple destinations including File(2), OCR(2), Email, Network, FTP, Cloud services(7), Mobile Devices(3) and USB flash memory drive(4).

The ADS-1700W is ideal for home or on-the-go professionals and makes scanning easy with features that facilitate scanning including: programmable one-touch scanning that scans at the touch of a button; Auto Start Scan scans to pre-configured destinations; a dedicated card slot that lets you scan plastic cards; plus scan and retrieve files without having to install special software on the connected PC. The ADS-1700W is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux as well as TWAIN, WIA, ICA, and SANE drivers(5). Includes a one-year limited warranty and free product lifetime online, call or live chat support.

(1)Color and monochrome scan speed, LTR at 300dpi. (2)When connected to a PC with applicable software. (3)Requires connection to wireless network. (4)USB flash memory drive sold separately. (5)Drivers and bundled software available via download on manufacturer’s website. Internet connection required. Refer to User Guide for more information. (6)Features dependent upon downloaded driver and software. Bundled document management programs downloaded separately on manufacturer’s website. Internet connection required. Refer to User Guide for more information. (7)When connected to a PC. Requires the Brother iPrint&Scan app, internet connection and account with desired cloud service. (8)Requires USB 3.0 compatible PC and cable (not included). (9)Requires mail server support. All referenced trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

Specification: Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W, Fast Scan Speeds, Easy-to-Use, Ideal for Home, Home Office or On-the-Go Professionals (ADS1700W), white New Model: ADS1700W

Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 4.1 × 11.8 × 3.3 in

10 reviews for Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W, Fast Scan Speeds, Easy-to-Use, Ideal for Home, Home Office or On-the-Go Professionals (ADS1700W), white New Model: ADS1700W

2.8 out of 5
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  1. amber

    I am a mobile notary and I needed a fast, reliable, mobile scanner. I bought this and returned it because it wasn’t compatible with my chrome book. I instead bought a doxie q , which had great reviews and it was absolutely awful. I decided to buy this one again and if I needed to I would buy a laptop it was compatible with. What I discovered is this has an app for iphone and all I needed was a hot spot for the scanned docs to go directly to my phone. I scan ids front and back and pages and pages of docs. This has incredible clarity, is super fast and never feeds crooked or messes up the original. I read some reviews that said it feeds crooked and chews up the original. I can only imagine that those people are paid to badmouth this scanner. This is such an awesome product. I would most definitely recommend it. This has absolutely changed the way I do business and has added incredible value.Read more

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  2. Ward

    The description, and even Brothers website, claims wireless scanning directly to Cloud Services (Google, iCloud, Box, etc). Once I received this devices, I tried to do just that. However, 30 minutes of Brother tech support has proven this feature claim to be a lie. This device DOES NOT SCAN TO CLOUD SERVICES WIRELESSLY!! You can, however, scan to their installed software on your computer – then, you can transfer your scanned items to various cloud services. This is completely useless as it requires a computer. Why even offer the functionality if I need my computer to which I could have done it in the first place? ** Returning the scanner today **Read more

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  3. Kira

    This review is for basic scanning functionality when directly connected via USB 3.0, using only the Brother iPrint&Scan app. I didn’t try the WiFi scanning method as I couldn’t figure it out, and planned on having it hard-wired. I thought for $199 bucks, the Brother ADS-1700W scanner would do much more than your typical all-in-one printer, but unfortunately, it does not do what I need it to do. The main reason I bought this was to scan personal paperwork at home in an effort to be more organized, but it does not do the pretty basic things I need it to do, despite spending hours reading reviews. I’ve included my thoughts on this product below. Pros -Easy connection to WiFi, but I couldn’t figure out how to scan via WiFi… nor did I care since I planned on keeping it hardwired. -Quick and easy driver/software setup (iPrint & Scan + iPrint & Scan Push) onto a MacBook Pro with an old OS (El Capitan). -Quick scanning speeds via USB 3.0. -Scans can be saved directly to a specified folder on your computer. -Card/business card scanner slot works well and saves both sides, nicely formatted onto one document. Cons -Does not come with the very-necessary USB 3.0 to Micro A/Micro B cable. I bought an Amazon Basics cable for less than $6 when I purchased the scanner. -Cannot be powered by your computer, so you must take the power cord with you if plan on using this as a portable scanner. -When scanning a 2-sided document directly to your PC via USB 3.0, the document saves weird. See Adjustable Ornament storage box image. The only way to fix this (kind of) is by initiating the scan from your computer (from the Brother iPrint&Scan app). The only problem with that is that the pages save as two separate files, so you’ll need to merge them together manually. Brother verified this info when I called them. -In addition to the very big issue above, a multiple page, single-sided document will also save each page as separate files. So if you have a 10-paged document that you want to save, you have to manually merge it after the scan is complete. -The paper guides are very small and flimsy -Paper must be fed face down with the top of the page inserted first, which seems unnatural to me. -Auto skip blank page doesn’t seem to work, despite having it enabled in Settings. If you plan on buying this scanner, I’d suggest you call Brother beforehand to confirm it will do what you need it to do. I believe an all-in-one scanner will do just fine with all the manual work that needs to go into your scans after putting them through this machine.Read more

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  4. M. H.

    I purchased the ADS-1700w as a replacement for the ADS-1500w. The scanner is faster but that’s about the only feature that seems to have improved. I cannot get the ADS-1700w to scan to my shared network folder on my WD PR4100 NAS. no matter what I try, updated firmware, different configurations, and even contacting level 5 support at Brother. They are working on it though. Also had WD log into my computer to make sure the NAS was configured correctly. It will scan fine to a PC. I had no problems with the ADS-1500w scanning to my NAS, so I don’t know why the ADS-1700w is lacking. Second issue. Brother did not include the web cloud services on the ads-1700w from the scanner menu. There is no menu to use this feature on the device. Instead, they opted to have the services enabled via PC. Why? This device now has to be tethered to a PC to scan to dropbox, whereas the ads-1500w did it with out the PC. To me, this is a step backwards. The ads-1500w had direct scan to quite a few cloud services. Frustrating to have to open a PC to get this done. Other than the speed of 7 PPM better than the ads-1500w, the ADS-1700w is lacking resident features in the Cloud menu. I’ve been working with brother to get the NAS issue resolved but I finally gave up on it and returned it. Lastly. Why didn’t you include a usb 3.0 cable? And why didn’t you include the software CD and the clear receipt scanner sheet as you did on the ADS-1500W? I can see why it is down now to $199.99 from $269. It barely measures up to the replacement model. And I didn’t receive a free one for review like the others. Paid for mine.Read more

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  5. Gary Randall

    This product is not light weight. It is not user friendly when installing. It is not WiFi friendly. The steps/directions all need to be downloaded on your devices and do not provide ease of service. After 2.5hrs and calling tech support, it finally is scanning to my computer. Paper documents are not supported on the “tray” portion of the scanner without utilizing a hand to hold in place. There are no arms or restraints to hold papers/documents on either side so you just have to guess where to place them. There is also no guide in to the scanner, so if papers/documents are slightly sideways that is how the scanner will pull them through. This looks like modern technology 15yrs ago but not today and not for the price. Very disappointed in this purchase and even more disappointed that it has been given high ratings by others.Read more

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  6. Sajjad

    Beautiful amazing productRead more

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  7. Rock Aubin

    I bought this scanner and worked well for the first month. PROS – I like that it has duplex single pass scanning and can adapt to many document sizes. – It has cloud and Network Scanning (when it worked) – You can practically set up multiple profiles, and create multiple shortcuts for efficiency. – I like the Scan to Email Feature – The compact size makes it very portable – It doesn’t rely connectivity to PC (when it worked) CONS – Its WLAN no longer scan any SSID – WPS doesn’t work either – It doesn’t come with USB connectivity – It does not scan receipts longer than 17 inches – I wish it came with LAN port Without the ability to connect to any network via WPS or WLAN Set Up, and no USB provided with it, it is pretty much useless.Read more

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  8. Raul dos Santos Ferreira

    Entrega expressa Amazon! Entrega realizada em 7 dias corridos, por correios. Produto excelente, de fácil instalação e manuseio. Veio bem embalado, seguro. E o mais importante é BIVOLT. Não tem essa informação na descrição.Read more

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  9. Di

    This would be a great little scanner if the drivers and software that came with it actually functioned. Paperport 14 is not compatible with windows 10 so I had to reinstall my old paperport 12 which won’t recognize this scanner. The drivers took three times to install properly and didn’t work until the firmware was updated on the scanner which had to be done manually because the auto install doesn’t work. Otherwise using the iprintandscan software it works well – I just preferred paperport because the file could be scanned directly to the destination folder whereas this software you can’t.Read more

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  10. Jason

    Let me start by saying I am an IT consultant so fairly comfortable with tech. I wasted 2 hours setting this up and troubleshooting it. It would start up trigger the software to open then say it couldn’t find the computer it had just triggered software on. I could get it to work for one or two scans then seemingly the o ly way to get another scan was to reinstall. From startup to scan also took nearly two mins, when it worked. Why are scanners and printers for some manufacturers in 2019 still not a simple install and reliable?!Read more

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    Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W, Fast Scan Speeds, Easy-to-Use, Ideal for Home, Home Office or On-the-Go Professionals (ADS1700W), white New Model: ADS1700W
    Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W, Fast Scan Speeds, Easy-to-Use, Ideal for Home, Home Office or On-the-Go Professionals (ADS1700W), white New Model: ADS1700W


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