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Café Enchanté – Nintendo Switch

(10 customer reviews)

Prepare for chaos as Handsome beings from different worlds step through a magical Portal into your cafe!
Learn more about your new companions and Your grandfather’s as more surprises show up at your door.
Discover an enchanting, uplifting, coffee-fueled tale filled with magic, monsters, and mysteries.
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When kotone inherit her grandfather’s Tokyo Cafe, she discovers the shop holds more secrets than anyone could imagine. The Cafe is a meeting spot for beings from multiple, mystical worlds. You’ll meet the King of demons, a humanoid beast, a Fallen angel, and more. And when government agents Monitoring non-human activities show up at your door, your new Cafe is about to become a lot more colorful.

Specification: Café Enchanté – Nintendo Switch

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10 reviews for Café Enchanté – Nintendo Switch

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Savanna Blackwell

    This is a review of the translation team – NOT THE GAME ITSELF. Because the game itself is wonderful. The story is wonderful. However, the translation team – Aksys – has done no proofreading whatsoever! It’s a visual novel game so you spend the whole time reading and after a while you just stop thinking about the game and looking for all the errors – and the game becomes about finding the errors instead. I have a whole library of errors now and I’ve only been through ONE route. Sometimes they’re funny – like when they messed up the word “but” and it was spelled “nut” instead, but other times it’s odd. Someone on reddit pointed out they spelled an entire country wrong when talking about coffee beans – in a game that’s primarily about a coffee cafe. (The dictionary spells Colombian Beans as Columbia beans). For a 50 dollar game – you can tell they did not proof read this game at all. And for those that say that it’s fine, you can still play the game and enjoy it, it’s not okay. It’s not professional for a company to release a game like this and sell it a high price point like this and not receive criticism for it. It’s like if you bought a t-shirt and it came with holes and just accepted it. They need to put out a patch and fix the typos. I ended up looking up the company on LinkedIn and seeing how they work, and it seems they have a lot of freelance translators so it might be contracted work. Then this is on the managers there for not checking to make sure the game was good to go out the door before release date, not the translators. I’m sure there was supposed to be a review of the rough drafts and it was rushed because of release schedules.Read more

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  2. P. Romance

    Café Enchante is an otome game that revolves around a café that serves other worldly guests, like a demon king and otome-loving fallen angel. After completing the game, I sincerely found the story and the characters freaking enjoyable. I hated seeing it end. The plot was pretty straightforward. The first 8 chapters are the common route, where the choices will automatically lock you into a specific route. Everyone, except Misyr, has an additional 4 chapters. All the characters, both main and side, were written amazingly and contributed a lot to character development. The camaraderie between the café regulars were so heartfelt and just plain hilarious. These are the type of guys you would love to hang out with after work at a bar. When you began a specific route, whoa. The plot was never what you expected. There was always a dark twist in the final 2 chapters. Especially the final one. Kotone does not have it easy. But man, the game will hit the feels. The ending of each route were so page turning, that I couldn’t wait for the characters to finish talking. I would gauge each chapter to be about 1-2 hours long, depending on how quick you read. There were a couple of improvements I would’ve liked. First being that there were a few editing mistakes throughout the game. I’ve found this problem also in Piofiore. I don’t know why they don’t give the games one last look over. Second being that the extras felt lacking compared to recently released games. There was the CG, music, interview and dictionary sections. However, there was no bonus after stories. I would sincerely love to spend more time with these characters, so it is ashamed that this was not included. Get this game if you are an otome fan. Voice acting is AMAZING! I don’t know why but I love Misyr’s voice, especially when he laughed. The artwork is gorgeous. The plots and character developments are nothing to sneeze at. Definite recommendation from me.Read more

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  3. Sakura

    I cannot wait to start playing this game! Super excited! So far the intro music is catchy! To AKSYS PLEASE RELEASE MORE GAMES FOR THE ENGLISH AUDIENCES! ARIGATO~ (^___^) ❤️❤️❤️ I just finished my first route… headless knight! Omg!! It has comedy, romance, action and even touchy crying moments!!

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  4. Elinor Cross

    Bought a physical copy that got lost in transit so I ended up getting a digital copy instead (I’ll be buying a new physical copy once it’s in stock again) The game is a lot more fun than I thought. I will warn you that there are typos and some grammatical errors, though not as badly as Collar Malove Unlimited had and so long as you arent nitpicky/over analyzing the dialogue and such I found it wasn’t to difficult to just ignore most of them (in fact there were a few times I didnt realize there was a typo until I saw a screenshot later) The characters were all fun and very fleshed out, with each route hinting towards developments in other routes and the final route as well. Some routes got genuine emotional reactions out of me and after bearing the game I can genuinely say I hope we get a sequel or fan disc or two for this game like Code Realize had gotten. The game gives us so many characters, not just main ones, that I got way attatched to and if they give us more that adds more interactions with those characters (not naming due to many of them being massive Spoilers for Il’s and Misyr’s routes) I would be ecstatic. The game was amazing fun, a joy to get through with a cast full of quirks and their own personalities that I could play through just the common route over and over again. If you love Otome games then I’d highly recommend this game, if you’ve never played one then I think this game also offers a nice and easy gateway into Otome Games with enough Meta Humor about the genre that even a non-otome fan would enjoy much of it. Even if it’s just for the memesRead more

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  5. dreamweaver

    This is the only visual novel I’ve read at this point. What could have been lovely was made disappointing by awful and/or sad endings. Choosing a love interests route to follow wasn’t very straightforward. Romance and cohesion were a bit lacking. After having read through every route I was dumbstruck by the final ending and left not even sure what to think or how to feel about it as a whole. The abundance of typos didn’t detract from the overall story imo, but the sheer amount of them was ridiculous.Read more

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  6. Jessica

    Cute game with high production values. The art is very appealing and the characters and story are good. If you like other Otomate games, you’ll like this one, too. And if you’re not familiar with otome games, this is a good place to start, I think. If you’re looking for something different in the genre, though, it’s pretty by-the-books. The only major complaint I have is that the translation, while generally good, is edited really poorly. There are a LOT of typos, text gets cut off in weird places, punctuation is missing, and the characters’ names aren’t even consistent — there are substantial chunks of the game where Vennia is called “Venir” and Kororo is “Kokoro”. If you aren’t sensitive at all to this kind of thing, it won’t affect your enjoyment, but it is a little disappointing to see the lack of care, seeing as the text itself is the most important part of a VN. I don’t normally pay too much attention to errors, but I found it distracting, and I hope they patch some of this. If they do fix the more egregious errors, I’ll feel comfortable recommending the game, but as of now, I think the price is a bit too steep for what you’re getting. Unless you’re really sold on the concept of a cafe that serves fantasy guys or you want to play otome games on the Switch specifically, there’s nothing here you can’t find elsewhere.Read more

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  7. Athena-denkine

    Sin duda alguna un otome que se disfruta como una taza de café, desde que salió en Japón ansiaba que se tradujera mínimo al inglés y en definitiva se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos, el diseño de personajes, escenarios y música son espectaculares; la historia ni se diga siempre te dejan con muchas dudas hasta que no terminas todas las rutas no podrás despegarte de este juego >v< En cuestión de el juego físico solo es la pura caja no incluye extras

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  8. Nelkadd

    Very fairytale like, but even the prologue is entertaining. A lot of action. Brave protagonist, but she’s is too much of a cliché on some edge.Read more

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  9. winnie

    I just got this game and I ordered it like yesterday. Came in with the plastic still on and I can’t wait to play it. It was kept in perfect condition when sent to me and when I have opened it, it came perfectly sealed. No scratches dents or any mishandling.Read more

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  10. Kayleigh

    11/10. Phenomenal storyline. No words can describe the feeling of emptiness I experienced after completing this game… please make another Cafe Enchante II!! T___TRead more

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    Café Enchanté – Nintendo Switch
    Café Enchanté – Nintendo Switch


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