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Calibre Art Self Healing Rotating Cutting Mat, Perfect for Quilting & Art Projects, 18×18 (17″ Grid)

(13 customer reviews)

Smooth Rotation Guaranteed – This cutting mat features an expertly designed rotating mechanism that makes rotation very smooth with a non-detachable base and the cutting surface spins with ease.
Self-healing Material for Long Lasting Surface – The self-healing nature of the mat’s surface compound enables resealing of surface cuts and a long-lasting smooth surface.
EN 71-3 Compliant Surface Compound – The mat uses EN 71-3 compliant compound for the surface, which is the most stringent chemical standard for regulating the quality of mat’s surface.
Highly Accurate Grid Lines – The grid lines printed are very accurate ensuring precise straight line cuts and quality work every time.
Non-slip Base – The mat has a non slip bottom base to ensure that the mat stays in place and does not slide around when cutting.


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Calibre Art bring this unique self healing rotary cutting mat for people who enjoy quilting and other small art and craft projects. The mat provides the perfect surface for you to cut papers, fabrics and leather strips. Not only does it protect your tabletop, it also protects your blades because of the soft compound of the mat that does not dull blades like cardboard does.

The mat’s surface is made with high quality material that is European Commission EN 71-3 compliant. The surface is free of heavy metals and does not emit gas. The self healing property of the compound helps with resealing of surface cuts and allows the mat to retain its smoothness so that the cuts do not interfere with subsequent cutting. The rotating feature of this self healing mat allows you to rotate the mat (and the material) instead of changing your body posture while cutting. This makes cutting easier, better and safer because you retain optimum wrist and arm angles for your cutting hand.

Along with the highly accurate grid lines, there are also many angle lines (every 15 degrees) to assist you when you need to cut special shapes. The grid line color and mat base color are chosen such that they are very easy for the eyes to read, providing enough contrast but not hurting the eyes. The surface texture is designed to not cause glare.

There are 3 size options available for this mat: 18″ x 18″ (17″ grids), 14″ x 14″ (13″ grids) and 8″ x 8″ (7″ grids).

Specification: Calibre Art Self Healing Rotating Cutting Mat, Perfect for Quilting & Art Projects, 18×18 (17″ Grid)

Weight 2.4 lbs

13 reviews for Calibre Art Self Healing Rotating Cutting Mat, Perfect for Quilting & Art Projects, 18×18 (17″ Grid)

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  1. cjbdesigns

    The Calibre Art Rotating Cutting Mat is wonderful. Besides being a well marked and rugged self healing cutting mat, it also rotates. The turntable mechanism is well manufactured. It moves easily when you want to rotate it, but stays put as you are measuring and cutting. I use mine mainly for quilting….cutting fabric with a rotary cutter. I’ve used mine daily for approximately a month and it is performing wonderfully. I love the 18×18 format. It’s large enough for me to square up my quilting as well as do my fussy cutting, and I especially appreciate the quarter inch grid, the circle grid and the angles in the grid. With this cutting mat and my 18″ x2.5″ ruler I can cut just about anything accurately without having to “cross hand cut” or move around the table, I just rotate the mat never having to move my fabric, and make my next cut effortlessly. Great product and infinitely handy.Read more

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  2. Valerie A Battcher

    I just got this cutting board. I have not used it yet because it has a horrible odor. It smells like a skunk. I let it air out in my sewing room all day and now my sewing room smells like a skunk. I am not sure if the odor will go away but I now have a migraine from the smell. The label says “Odorless…pressure-treated material without toxic, ‘dead skunk’ smell.” I know for a fact that the label is not correct. Not sure if I will return or not. I am waiting to see if it airs out and smells better. I really wanted to use it for cutting a larger square.Read more

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  3. Angie

    Just received it on Sept 29 2020. Have used it and so far it does what it claims. Rotation is quite and the scale/ruler is 17 x 17. Good size. Doesn’t move when cutting. It also rotates 360°. This is an excellent buy and is priced well below the stores. It was delivered a day late, but happy I did receive it. So glad I bought this one. Great choice. I returned a different rotating mat that was round, because it was too busy with colors and it didn’t have a ruler all around the edges. It had a square10x10″ in the middle and those numbers were inside the the square, so you couldn’t see the numbers when you covered it with your project. It was suppose to be 16″. Not sure. I learned I’d rather have a square surface. So it was returned.Read more

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  4. Janet Mott

    I am very disappointed in the Calibre Art Self Healing Rotating Cutting Mat. It has not lived up to the description or my expectations. I ordered it on 1/2/19 and today it is 3/12/19, I’ve been using it for quilting and now it is full of cut marks. It is not what I have expected from a self healing mat. I am really upset and I will have to purchase another self healing mat. If there is some way to rectify the situation, I would greatly appreciate it.Read more

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  5. David Bushey

    There is a slight smell to the product when removed from the package. I am finding the cutting board easier to use than other brands. I do not have to apply as much pressure from the rotary cutter to get a clean straight cut. Also the trimmings are easier to remove from the board. I am using the board for squaring up quilt squares and cutting binding. The one thing that requires some getting use to is the additional lines at the 1/2 inch mark. Once you get use to the additional lines they can help with the accuracy of the squares and strips.Read more

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  6. Nancy L Williamson

    I’m a quilter and needed a cutting mat that would turn for me to cut all those small squares. This mat came with no smell and packaged very nicely. The rotary blade seem to float across the top with such ease. I’m loving the versatility of being able to cut and turn! The mat turns very easily and doesn’t stick or slide! I actually have it on top of my other cutting mat and remove it when I need a larger area for cutting fabric for borders,etc. I bought the larger mat thinking I would need more space for larger squares and I’m glad I did. If you’re wondering which size to buy, I recommend the larger size for more versatility.Read more

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  7. Laura Ningen

    So far so good. I have done one project using the mat, it rotated smoothly and shows no sign of the cuts made with the rotary cutter. No bad smell as I opened the package, so far no problems with it. Storage will be a problem, not sure if I should affix a hanger of some sort or store it under something to keep it flat. I know I do not want to warp the mat. Any advice would be useful. Shipping it in a heavier plastic zip top bag could be good too, an easy reminder to treat it with “love” when it goes into storage. I registered for the extended warranty…have no idea what that entials or what the original warranty was.Read more

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  8. JennC.

    I used to have a rotary board that got damaged by husbandry use.. Same brand but was a 14″.. In my opinion this is the only brand to get. People are complaining about deep gouges in their boards after a very short use. Well, that can happen with dull blades. Sharpen your blades ladies. I’ve been using the same Calibre Art large board for about three years and it’s still in great condition. But my blades are sharp.. This 18″ is like a dream come true. Perfect size..Read more

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  9. Carol R.

    Had this for a few days and used it lots already. So far very satisfied. Makes cutting blocks easier by spinning rather than contort body and hands in awkward position. Good product concept. Seems quite durable and self heals well.Read more

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  10. RZedA

    My mat arrived much earlier than expected last week. It looks like really good quality. But the only reason it rated fairly for me is that it is unclear if it is for general purpose cutting. I used X-Acto to cut my card stock patter as I do not want to use my rotary cutter. Mat isn’t smooth anymore after, short lines did not heal. Not sure if it was the X-acto knife, the rotary cutter or the mat actually arrived that way as I did not check for surface smoothness when I unboxed it. Their website insinuates though that, unlike other “mats that specify “Rotary Cutter Only.” These mats either have very low material density or are so thin that they get damaged if you apply too much force (e.g. with a utility knife or exacto knife). They’re not versatile. I may need to return/replace it. I will update this laterRead more

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  11. Valerie S.

    After reading some of the reviews for the Calibre Art rotating cutting mat I decided to try it rather than another olfa mat. I have a smaller rotating mat made by olfa but I have to say this rotating mat is much nicer. It doesn’t come apart like the olfa one always does and the base is a bit thicker. The self healing mat is excellent, I have cut alot on it since buying and it’s very good quality. The price is great too. I would definitely recommend buying the Calibre Art mat.Read more

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  12. Sheila

    The cutting mat arrived on time and well packaged. It is very good quality self healing mat which rotates. I have found it very useful in a numberer of crafts such as quilling, painting etc. The fact that it rotates so easily is helpful. I expect from the quality that it will last for years and when it does wear out I would not hesitate to order a new one from Calibre. Thank youRead more

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  13. Dee

    A fact sheet came with this cutting mat…..ODORLESS or so they claim…..this mat smells so bad I put it out in the garage. Went past it this morning and thought a skunk made its way indoors. I will wait a couple more days, bring it in the house and if the smell is still there back it goes!! I kid you not, it is terrible….gotta wonder if I shouldn’t just return it NOW….Read more

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    Calibre Art Self Healing Rotating Cutting Mat, Perfect for Quilting & Art Projects, 18×18 (17″ Grid)
    Calibre Art Self Healing Rotating Cutting Mat, Perfect for Quilting & Art Projects, 18×18 (17″ Grid)


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