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CANIDAE Pure Sky with Duck Dry Dog Food

(6 customer reviews)

Contains 1- 24 Lb. Bag of Canidae PURE Duck and Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food
Real food ingredients for the taste your dog will love. Crafted with real duck as the first ingredient, paired with whole ingredients like peas and sweet potatoes
Complete and balanced goodness for adult dogs. This recipe is made using 8 or fewer key ingredients that are easily recognizable, perfect for sensitive dogs
Formulated with antioxidants and probiotics to support a healthy digestive and immune system, along with a nutritious blend of vitamins and minerals to support healthy joints, skin and coat
Canidae is creating a world of goodness for pets and the planet. Premium proteins and regeneratively farmed ingredients nourish pets and planet in every bowl, setting a new standard for pet food. Everything we do results in a bowl full of goodness


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Canidae PURE Duck and Sweet Potato Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance. Canidae PURE Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Formulas offer your dog a well-rounded meal that’s been crafted with their health and well-being in mind. Our Duck and Sweet Potato Recipe is made using a limited number of wholesome ingredients that are easily recognizable, with real duck as the first ingredient, along with sweet potatoes and peas This grain-free, hypoallergenic dog food is ideal for pups with a sensitive stomach and offers nothing but pure goodness for your best friend. High quality, wholesome ingredients like farm-grown veggies and premium proteins rich in essential amino acids and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids means you’re giving your pet the goodness they deserve with no corn, wheat, soy or other fillers. Canidae pet foods are nutritionally dense, nourishing your dog in every bite. Canidae was founded in 1996 with the belief that pet food needed to be better. Better for pets and better for us all. That belief lives on today in our mission to create a world of sustainable goodness for pets and our planet. We nourish pets and planet in every bowl, through our use of wholesome, responsibly sourced proteins, and our investment in regenerative farming, sustainable operations, and eco-friendly packaging, setting a new standard for the pet food industry. Everything we do results in a better product. A bowl full of goodness.

Specification: CANIDAE Pure Sky with Duck Dry Dog Food

Dimensions 22.5 × 15.25 × 3.6324 in

6 reviews for CANIDAE Pure Sky with Duck Dry Dog Food

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  1. Amazon Customer

    This is solving a food allergy problem that existed with my 8 year old Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix when eating other dog foods on the market. Improved health, energy, and vitality is evident – – after only one month of use, so I am looking forward to continuing the use of this product. High quality is evident the minute you open the bag. After trying 5 other brands over the last 5 months, I am so excited to have found this from such a reputable company. The flavor we are currently using is: Limited ingredient Duck kibble (grain free). Please remember to check with your vet regarding the correct quantity to feed daily, as the quantity needed is sometimes less with high quality food, or depending on the age of your dog. Thank you Amazon and Canidae!Read more

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  2. Jamie Bourgeois

    Our shepherd has a licking/chewing problem- she constantly has torn her skin in patches randomly, and has had an issue with yeast infections in her ears. The ears were such an issue she created a massive hematoma requiring surgical repair. We had been doing benadryl thinking maybe she had an allergy, but could never narrow down what it was. Then in the last year we went to a new vet. Discussed the licking/chewing issue and she recommended that we switch her food off a chicken based kibble to duck. She explained many times it isn’t that dogs need grain free (something we had her on) but rather they have an allergy to a protein found in chicken and turkey. Duck doesn’t seem to create the same issue, so we thought why the heck not? It’s worth a try, and it would be nice to not have her licking herself into infections and other trouble. The DUCK version of this food has done the trick. No more licking, chewing, and we can even touch her ears without her yelping! No more benadryl, either. It’s quite expensive, but it’s worth not dealing with the issues from infections, etc. One caveat- we did switch over slowly and our dog did need to have a “bowel” adjustment. She initially had diarrhea when we introduced a little of this into her diet, but now that we’ve switched over 100% it has resolved. I would definitely recommend the duck version of this food for dogs that have skin issues.Read more

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  3. Vanessa M

    UPDATE: I noticed some reviews were commenting that the food from Amazon did not seem to be the same as the food they had purchased from Petco or another store NOT online. I want to assure everyone the food is definitely the SAME on Amazon as it is at the stores by your homes and that the kibble variety you are noticing is coming from Canidae, the manufacturer. ** On the Canidae website under FAQs they even mention or rather answer this question for pet parents** My dog Bluto is finishing his last bag 12lb bag out of a total of 3 that I bought all at once from a Petco by my house who price matched Amazon price. The 2 bags I purchased prior to these – 1 24lb from Amazon and 1 4lb from Petco (I was in a pinch due to shipping) – were the smaller kibble we’ve all been used to seeing. The 3 12lb bags we’ve just about finished are the a bit larger kibble that Canidae seems to maybe have either switched to, order did a trial with and just didn’t bother to market it. I’ve been feeding my dog Canidae for over 5 years and this is the second time I’ve seen the company do this. I can’t remember for sure, but it’s possible that the current size of the kibble is what size it once was years ago. Anyway, just to reiterate, it is NOT an Amazon issue. We love Canidae! I used to feed my dog the duck formula, but now that he’s older and his tummy is more sensitive we switched to lamb & pea. We only order on Amazon when they have a “real” deal though because this brand is more pricey when you own a 150# dog.Read more

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  4. DC

    Update: Not sure if they changed the formula but my dog suddenly refused to eat this now… My dog has a very sensitive tummy. If she eats cheap snacks, she gets the runs. “Healthy” training snacks? Diarrhea. Several crumbs on the floor? Diarrhea. We’ve tried many different dog foods (even some of the “best” ones), and they’ve all given her soft stool or the runs. Also, she is very picky…so with the other brands we’ve tried, we’d have to use food toppers to coax her to eat so she wouldn’t vomit from an empty stomach. After doing some research and reading some reviews, I decided to try this one out…and wow…game changer! This is the only dog food that my dog will eat willingly (no food topper!) and one that does not give her soft stool or diarrhea. Although it is a bit expensive when compared to other dog food out there, every penny is worth it to keep my dog’s tummy happy and our home diarrhea free!Read more

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  5. Erik L

    After my black lab turned 1 year old, I started looking for good quality adult food to feed him. He has a sensitive stomach, and he would often have soft stool. He ateThe Nutro Company Large Breed Puppy Food with Lamb and Whole Brown Rice Formula, 30-Pound . I decided to switch him to a grain-free diet and landed on this one. It is a little pricier than some other options, but the suggested portions are much less – I’m feeding him 2.5-3 cups a day instead of 4 cups a day with his old food. The protein is meat-based instead of grain-based, so you need less of it to get the appropriate nutrients. He loves it, and his stool is nice and healthy! If your dog has a sensitive stomach like mine, I suggest you try this one out.Read more

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  6. Frank T

    My family’s Jack Russell Terrier ate Canidae for almost it’s entire life. It lived until it was 17 years old, with no food related health issues. When I got my own dog, the foster parent was already feeding it Taste of the Wild. I continued feeding him this, but by his second bag he developed an awful food allergy. I did a bunch of research trying to find a good quality food, and I came across Canidae. I did not know they had a premium grain free food that was so highly regarded. I switched my dog over to this food, rotating the formula, and he has had no issues. He has been on it for over 6 months now. He is not picky about food, but seems to like it, and he has maintained high energy and his target weight.Read more

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    CANIDAE Pure Sky with Duck Dry Dog Food
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