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Canon imageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner For PC and Mac, Color Duplex Scanning, Easy Setup For Office Or Home Use, Includes Scanning Software

(11 customer reviews)

Stay organized: Easily convert your paper documents into searchable digital formats
Reliably handles many different document types: Receipts, photos, business cards, reports, contracts, long documents, thick or thin documents, and more
Fast and efficient: Scans both sides of a document at the same time, in color, at up to 40 pages per minute, with a 60 sheet automatic feeder, and one touch operation
Broad compatibility: Windows and Mac TWAIN driver included
Easy Setup: Simply connect to your computer using the supplied USB cable
Bundled software: Includes easy-to-use Canon CaptureOnTouch scanning software (Win and Mac) plus free licenses for Readiris PDF and OCR software and Cardiris business card software (Win)
Backed by a one-year warranty and US-based technical support


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The Canon ImageFORMULA R40 scanner, easy to set up and use, Allows users to increase productivity and organization at home or in the office. Quickly convert paper documents to searchable digital files using the bundled software.

Specification: Canon imageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner For PC and Mac, Color Duplex Scanning, Easy Setup For Office Or Home Use, Includes Scanning Software

Weight 6.17 lbs
Dimensions 11.14 × 9.9 × 9.6 in

11 reviews for Canon imageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner For PC and Mac, Color Duplex Scanning, Easy Setup For Office Or Home Use, Includes Scanning Software

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Christopher Benamati

    I bought this after spending countless hours scanning our old piles of home paperwork on a Canon flatbed scanner. The fact that it can scan both sides of a document at once and automatically chuck out blank pages (such as sheets with text or images only on one side) is great. Overall it is a night and day experience for document archival, although if you have high-quality images or fine print (especially in pencil), a flatbed scanner will do a better job since those have at least double the resolution and better color handling (but they are so slow). Note that the fast 40 PPM scan is only available in low-resolution (200 dpi) single-sided mode…if you want to scan at higher resolutions (up to 600 dpi), or scan double-sided, it does slow down, but is still way, way faster than a flatbed. The experience with R40 scanner weren’t without problems, however. First of all, the instruction sheet that is included was not super clear about removing all the protective elements…there was the usual tape and foam installed in the scanner to keep critical bits safe. However, the thing that threw me was the orange plastic insert in the feed port…I did not know this had to be removed via opening up the scanner (a simple job with a push-button access, so don’t worry about this). Still, with that orange guard in there, it would not recognize any documents I put in it. The manual has a crappy black and white diagram with a tiny arrow pointing at this guard, but it did not explicitly say in words to “remove the molded orange plastic insert”, or something helpful like that. Thus I wasted 30 minutes trying to figure out if this scanner was broken or not. Still, this is a minor annoyance, and it isn’t the reason why I am taking off 1 star. This thing loses a star because the auto-page rotate feature just doesn’t work well. For those that don’t know, Canon advertises that the software bundled with the scanner will detect upside-down pages (via looking at the text) and rotate them to be right-side up. This is super helpful for when you are scanning huge packets of things quickly and don’t want to sort through each pile to make sure all the sheets are facing the same way. The problem I found was that the auto-rotate feature only got it right about half of the time. I did a test and put an entire packet in upside-down, and it fixed about half of the sheets. So, I suppose if you have one or two random sheets that need to be rotated, you might get lucky, but if you have a bunch, you will still need to manually edit the .PDF file to fix this. When spending over $300 on a scanner, you are essentially paying for smooth operation of not only the hardware but the software as well. In this case, the software was good, but didn’t quite live up to the advertisements. In other areas it was great (one-touch scanning, save to PDF, the overall image auto-adjustment quality, the quick and manual setting adjustments, etc, all worked great). But, for me, having to police every packet of documents I scan ahead of time for rotated pages is just too annoying. So, I’m dropping it a star… Also note that as of the writing of this review (1/4/2020), Canon is selling the R40 scanner for $247 with free shipping on their website, as opposed to Amazon’s $320. Now, $247 would be a very good price for this, and if I’d paid that, the price to performance balance would have been spot on for a 5-star review. Conclusion: The imageFormula R40 scanner is a great page-feed scanner for home or small office use. It is fast (at 200 dpi), scans both sides of the sheet, and the bundled software does a good job overall. Just don’t expect 100% success with some of the post-processing software features, like auto page rotate. Make sure to remove the orange page feed protector from the input side before operating the unit, or you’ll be scratching your head for 30 minutes.Read more

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  2. Kab

    My wife hoards anything with our names on it, I have a family of five and we are a military family. The military has a habit of putting our socials on everything, which only drives the paranoia to another level. We eliminated about 11 years of useless paperwork that was in the attic, under the cabinets in every room, in random backpacks tucked behind things and every nook and cranny that she managed to stash it. In old luggage, totes, purses, shoe boxes, package boxes…i mean do you hear my frustration….. This device saved us about 80lbs of paper and most of all put my wife at ease with them finally…FINALLY….FINALLY being shredded. Thank you Canon…. you don’t know what you did in my house….Read more

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  3. JohnnyForensic

    I replaced a no-longer-functional Fujitsu Scansnap with this Canon R40 on my Mac computer. The software they offer is easy to use and configure, and it’s very flexible. I was able to set up a document link to DevonTHINK, and with one touch on the scanner, it will scan images and pipe them directly into my DevonTHINK Inbox. Images are clear, and the issues I had with the Scansnap feeding multiple pages and jamming (constantly) hasn’t happened yet on the R40. Win. This is a quality scanner at a great price. If you’re on the fence about it, I’d buy it. Downside is that it’s slow. Everywhere. Push the button to scan. Wait. Software launches. Wait. Pages start scanning. Slowly. Scan finishes. Wait., etc. Everything in the interface feels slow. If you want speed out of the scanner, you need to turn off all auto-detection settings and just have it blast with hard and fast pages. If you want the auto blank detection, auto page rotation, auto color detection, etc., speed goes WAY down. Way.Read more

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  4. Thomas K.

    UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Canon tech Support. I was informed that the Canon R40 will not work unless you can directly insert the USB into the computer’s USB port. As MAC users we know that all the newer MAC models do not have a USB port and you have to use an adaptor when using a USB plug. I have a MAcBook Pro and I am running the latest Catalina 10.15.6 The Canon R40 driver will not support the use of any USB adaptor. So do not waste your time and money if you do not have a USB port on your computer. I purchased this scanner R40. Downloaded the software directly from Canon’s website for MAC and I continue to get an error message. Deleted the driver and downloaded the software again – same result. I have downloaded many drivers over the years and this is the first time the software / driver has not worked. My attempts with tech support was less than useful. I have no other option but to return the R40 Scanner.Read more

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  5. PaulPOF

    I love the scanner. Had a Fujitsu Snapscan but the software became outdated for my Mac. Bought this at a much better price and it works fine. FAST! A smidgen difficult to lean a new way of doing things, but once I got the hang of it it’s great. I definitely recommend.Read more

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  6. V vet

    Got it mostly because it says it is “Catalina” ready but I have not upgraded to it yet so I can not comment on that yet. Otherwise it works perfectly for me reducing the enormous amount of paper we have amassed over the years. I’m 69 years old and for me it was easy to set up and operate. While it is a little pricey i’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for and Cannon is a well known name.Read more

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  7. Cliente de Amazon

    La calidad del equipo es buena, está hecho en Japón. Escanea bien, las hojas pasan de forma fluida y es duplex. Hay equipos más rápidos, pero con una velocidad de 40 páginas por minuto me parece que es suficiente. La razón por la que le doy 4 estrellas en lugar de 5, es porque la aplicación sin ser mala, siento que le faltan más opciones. No viene con disco de instalación así de debes descargar los drivers y aplicación desde el sitio web de Canon. Es de los escáneres más baratos que he visto con estás características.Read more

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  8. Ryan Yang

    Using it at a busy health facilities. we have so many above $1,000 Fujitsu, Brothers, and other brands’ scanners. Want to try a new brand. Canon’s R40 definitely not the fastest scanning machine among all the other scanners but the scanned image is amazing. Even we mainly using all the scanner for documents, but this scanner still has better scanned file than most of other above $1,000 scanners we are using. When using it to scanning images / pictures, it performs better than all other scanners we have. The slow speed sometimes bothered us when scanning 100+ pages document. If u don’t mind your scanner take little more time to scanning all the documents, but care how the document image quality then chose it one.Read more

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  9. Sara Vertiz

    Muy bueno, tan bueno que quise comprar otro y ya está mucho más caro! Me gustaría que me lo dieran al mismo precio, ya que lo compré hace un mes, y ahora cuesta 2500 pesos más caro aproxRead more

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  10. Maura Hernández Contreras

    El producto me parece bien en cuanto al escaneo de documentos, paro no he logrado escanear las credenciales de elector. no las lee. Otra cosa batallé para su instalación. y los botones no funcionan. Solo puedo escanear desde la computadora, ¿No sé que se puede hacer, para que funcione al 100 % ? En cuando a los demás tamaños de documento esta bien pues yo ocupo que escaneé tamaño oficio.Read more

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  11. Jhonatan

    Si hubiera sabido el tiempo que nos ahorrábamos con este súper escáner lo hubiera adquirido antes, fácil de usar, practico para la instalación y tamaño perfecto para lugares pequeños!Read more

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    Canon imageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner For PC and Mac, Color Duplex Scanning, Easy Setup For Office Or Home Use, Includes Scanning Software
    Canon imageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner For PC and Mac, Color Duplex Scanning, Easy Setup For Office Or Home Use, Includes Scanning Software


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