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Cards Against Humanity: Period Pack

(13 customer reviews)

Contains 30 cards written while we were all on our periods.
Best played every 25 to 35 days.
Lightly scented to help prevent odors.
Comes with a few surprises for your special time.
This is an expansion pack. Requires Cards Against Humanity.


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Have you ever looked down at your underpants and said, “Oh no”? Cards Against Humanity’s got you covered with our most absorbent pack yet: the Period Pack.

Specification: Cards Against Humanity: Period Pack

Weight 7.4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 0.5 in

13 reviews for Cards Against Humanity: Period Pack

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Viciouslikeme

    Of all the things that make me irritable and moody, this CAH pack isn’t one. Included are relatable & witty answer cards to make me feel like someone gets me. It just makes me want to dance around in white cotton pants.Read more

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  2. Kessa Rigali-Bishop

    Okay so listen up I dont write many reviews because most things are to my expectations but this bad boy is fricking buzz lightyear. This pack went so far above and beyond. Not only were the cards hilarious (as I am female, might be a tad gross for males) but the damn pack comes wrapped inside a fricking pad with a lil heart chocolate. I was laughing for 5 minutes at the packaging alone. I dont know if anyone wrote a review on the oackaging yet and ifni just missed it but i hope everyone is as pleased as i am with this pack. The only thing that ticked me off a bit was that it was a christmas gift but i had to open it early because the label stated exactly what was inside the packaging so my boyfriend automatically knew. Kinda ruined the element of surprise but oh well.Read more

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  3. TGG18

    I got this for my boyfriend’s Christmas stocking and he loved it. He already has many of the packs and is used to the game and how it works. It was funny watching him open the pack because the cards are actually wrapped inside a feminine hygiene pad which made him slightly uncomfortable! The cards themselves are up to par and quite funny. I’ve included pictures of all the cards included so you know what you’re getting. Highly recommended!Read more

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  4. Ryan

    While mine unfortunately didn’t include a chocolate, it did come in a pad, which is amazing. The most important thing for me, though, is that it’s gender neutral! There isn’t any “feminine hygiene” or “woman things” etc. As a trans man, that’s so important to me, and i’m thrilled about it! The photo I’ve added shows all the cards anywhere close to gendering, and if you can’t tell, it’s nowhere close to gendering. If your friend group includes non-women who have or do experience menstruation, I highly recommend this deck! Huge kudos to CAH for getting this so right :DRead more

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  5. Lady Nehman

    I’ve become obsessed with collecting the CAH expansion packs after recently obtaining the Big Black Box. I was intrigued by what I read regarding the Period Pack, but the internet itself couldn’t prepare me for where this pack went. It’s bad. It’s terrible. It drew a line and then LEPT on the other side of the room and didn’t even blink when it entirely erased the line as it flew over. I was almost too nervous to even add it to my box with my other cards because it was that disgustingly terrible. Even with having had a vagina my entire life and pretty familiar with the period process, I still felt really dirty when reading the cards, no matter how relatable they actually are.Read more

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  6. Katherine

    This is one of the most unique Cards Against Humanity packs I have received! The cards literally come in an unused pad. The cards are absolutely hilarious for females and I will be purchasing more!Read more

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  7. Shelby

    Bought this as a gift, and was highly disappointed because mine didn’t come in a pad. It was just a normal black package. The biggest reason I got this was the packaging.Read more

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  8. Marni Cruz

    So fun to open. Even better to play with. I wanted to get my husband a gag gift. But something that wouldn’t just be thrown out. So I bought him a period pad!! That also was extra cards for his CAH game! All the cards were menstration jokes. Perfect!Read more

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  9. Veronique Gagnon

    I’m sure that the cards are great if you play the game. I have now bought the period pack 5 times and will keep buying it because the pad that comes with the cards is really great. It’s the best pad that I have ever tried and I can’t find some this good anywhere. It smells great, absorbs loads and fits my taco reef perfectly. Love love love.Read more

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  10. ryans storch

    I bought this based on the fact that it fits Veronique’s taco Reef perfectly

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  11. Holly S

    The cards are decent. I think my moral compass is so far gone though that I had hoped they would be far more off-side… A few good ones though. I can’t get over the packaging. Right from opening up the Amazon box, this was impressive. An actual pad with the cards inside, complete with wings and protective liner when you open it. Did not come with chocolate for mine. Bummer, that would have been funny. I might start purchasing this for people as gifts just because it was so funny to open. It is a very nice addition to the game. The packaging wins here.Read more

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  12. Michelle Chaulk

    I got the period pack from Breezeey..it came wrapped in a Pad with a chocolate in it..Absolutely loved it..Since we all women LOVE chocolate any time expecially on our Period..Best package I have ever got in the mail..Read more

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  13. Ali f

    GUYS. IT COMES IN A MAXI PAD. hands down.. The best packaging I’ve ever seen. Hilarious. Haven’t even opened the cards to read them yet. Doesn’t matter. I know they’ll be great because of the packaging choice. Whoever made this was hilarious.. Also if I laugh so hard that I bleed.. I am good to go thanks to these weird little geniuses.Read more

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    Cards Against Humanity: Period Pack
    Cards Against Humanity: Period Pack


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