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CARTGET Basics Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, black (FGA-5B)

(9 customer reviews)

Compact desktop-size guitar amp—perfect for practicing in any room of the home or at a friend’s house; fits easily in a backpack or bag for on-the-go portability
2 channels, built-in analog delay, and a user-friendly interface; 1M ohm input impedance; 3-inch speaker (4 ohm, 5 watt); frequency response range: 40-16KHz
Aux in (10k ohm), headphone out, and an emulated line out for noiseless practicing or recording
3 power-supply modes: 9V power adapter, USB connection via a power bank, or 6 AA batteries (power supply not included)
Measures 7 by 6 by 4 inches; backed by an CARTGET Basics 1-year limited warranty


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CARTGET Basics Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, black (FGA-5B)


Specification: CARTGET Basics Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, black (FGA-5B)

Weight 1.83 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 6 in

9 reviews for CARTGET Basics Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, black (FGA-5B)

3.1 out of 5
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  1. Michael J

    The description called it an “acoustic guitar amplifier,” and I’d never seen an acoustic amp that small- so I ordered it. But acoustic guitar amps don’t usually have knobs labeled “Gain,” or buttons labeled “CLN/DST.” What this actually is, is an amp designed for electric guitar. More specifically, it’s a pretty direct clone of the Blackstar Fly3 amp. I happen to have a Fly3 I bought at Amazon (it’s a great little amp) and so I thought I’d compare the two. Externally, they’re very close in size, and have similar 3” speakers, similar perforated metal grilles, and nearly identical knob arrangement. Both take six AA-sized batteries, and both can use an external power supply. The Blackstar requires a special supply, and the Amazon can use any 9v supply of sufficient current capacity- I would guess 1 amp (1000ma) should be sufficient. The Amazon can also use a USB power supply, via a micro-USB connector. The differences: The Blackstar has an RT-11 connector- a very odd thing to see on audio equipment- that can connect to an external powered speaker that produces a pseudo-stereo effect when used. The control panels are almost identical in layout. The Blackstar has larger knobs that are easier to manipulate, and the headphone and auxin jacks are positioned differently, but that about it. The real differences are in the sound. The Blackstar is slightly louder: 5dB, according to the SPL app on my phone, but the difference is barely noticeable. The available delay on the Amazon is slightly longer. The biggest difference is in the tone control. The Amazon has a traditional tone control: As you rotate it counter-clockwise, highs are increasingly rolled off. The Blackstar uses something different- it’s more of a midrange control. Fully counter-clockwise, the amp has more of a traditional 60s Fender sound, with scooped mids. As the control is rotated clockwise, mids are boosted, and when fully clockwise the result is more of classic Marshall sound. Both have a good echo sound, with variable delay and mix controls, and as noted, the Amazon can provide a longer delay. There’s a small amount of preset regeneration. In both amps, the echo is best used to provide some dimensionality to the sound and create a sense of space, rather than as a special effect. The distorted sound is good on both, though I’d give the edge to the Blackstar. I was able to get a decent 60s-era Clapton tone, and adding some delay, something that suggests a Steve Lukather 80s guitar tone. Both amps sound good, and both are useful, though I’d give the edge to the Blackstar for more sonic versatility, thanks to the clever tone control. For recording, it’s the better choice. For a bedroom amp, a dorm room amp, or portable amp you can take outdoors or use for impromptu jams on the back porch, either is suitable, and if budget is your main concern, the Amazon is certainly more than up to the task.Read more

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  2. Sean McGill

    The media could not be loaded. This amp tries to mimic the black star, but falls way short. The went went so generic on the speaker and you can tell! The features nice and work. This amp is for a beginner and I get that. But. An upgrade on the speaker would have fixed most of this amp’s problems. Clean sound the volume is too low Crunch sound has no bass sound If you found this review beneficial, please hit the ‘helpful’ tab below:-) Thank youRead more

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  3. Craig

    Love this tiny amp super portable and easy to use. Only downside is the speaker isn’t that great, but I have this other Bluetooth/aux speaker that makes the guitar sound really good. Also I love how you can power it by a power bank.Read more

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  4. King of Burbank

    Didn’t know what to expect. I have almost every small battery powered amp sold. Loved the echo feature and ability to plug into micro usb charger. Exceeded My expectations.Read more

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  5. Krisztina

    Right out of the box it didn’t work. Returned and bought the “Blackstar Fly 3 Mini” amp on Amazon instead for 50$. Blackstar is far more reputable, whereas the Amazon amp powered on, but no sound came out even after trying new batteries, different guitars. Different cables. contacting tech support was pointless. ” is it plugged in?” ( it runs on Batteries..duh!)Read more

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  6. K. Gremp

    This is a nice little practice amp. It is not an amp to be used other than that, and it was designed for that use. When set properly, this little guy will give you a fairly clean sound and you can throw in a little echo delay for added depth. Using that sparingly will get you a nice sound for practicing with any electric guitar. I play a Les Paul and it sounds great through this little amp. The added versatility of multiple power sources is a real plus. I would recommend this to any musician.Read more

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  7. Jerry

    Didn’t work.Read more

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  8. Michael Hixon

    I thought it would have been a little bigger and louderRead more

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  9. SR

    I got this little amp on sale and was hoping for something with at least decent sound. I realize it has a small speaker and can’t compare with a larger size amp but the sound is really poor. I kept checking if my guitar was in tune because the sound was awful. The clean channel was ok but the volume level was pretty low and the clarity of the notes was not good. The distortion channel was really muddy sounding with little separation between notes. It was not really usable. I ended up purchasing the Blackstar mini amp that this amp seems to be based on and it is a significantly better product but twice the price. This is a case of you definitely get what you pay for.Read more

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    CARTGET Basics Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, black (FGA-5B)
    CARTGET Basics Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, black (FGA-5B)


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