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CARTGET Basics Basic Duty Storage/Filing Boxes with Lift-Off Lid – Legal/Letter Size, 20-Pack

(9 customer reviews)

20 letter/legal-size basic-duty cardboard boxes for storage or filing; white color for easy labeling
Made of B-flute corrugated cardboard; rated 32 ECT; 450-pound stacking strength; double-walled bottom and ends
2 side handles for easy carrying; boxes can be assembled without packaging tape; collapsible and reusable
Lift-off lid interlocks into handle; 20 lids included (lid comes attached to box; to be torn/cut for assembly)
Measures 16.2 by 12.5 by 10.5 inches (LxWxH)


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CARTGET Basics Basic Duty Storage/Filing Boxes with Lift-Off Lid – Legal/Letter Size, 20-Pack


Specification: CARTGET Basics Basic Duty Storage/Filing Boxes with Lift-Off Lid – Legal/Letter Size, 20-Pack

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 16.2 × 12.5 × 10.5 in

9 reviews for CARTGET Basics Basic Duty Storage/Filing Boxes with Lift-Off Lid – Legal/Letter Size, 20-Pack

3.7 out of 5
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  1. Karen Mitchell

    These boxes are the biggest pieces of garbage I have ever purchased thru Amazon. Putting them together felt like fighting with a greased pig and the tops are cut too small for the tabs to secure inside the places for them. I bought them for one (1) single move of 70 miles, I can’t get the tops to stay together, even with tape as there’s really no place to tape the tops to hold the top sides. Do not buy; you’ll be throwing them in the garbage as I just did. Moving is stressful enough without having to fight with cardboard boxes — that you PAID for.Read more

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  2. Boston, MA

    This product is similar to the Staples brand bankers boxes I use at work. Nothing fancy but adequate to handle paper files or other items you need to store away. Be aware of the weight capacity limits for these boxes as they are not “heavy duty,” and these boxes (like most boxes in general) don’t hold up well in humid basements (like here in Massachusetts) and are prone to fall apart and become moldy. Update 8/4/20: I was boxing some books on Sunday afternoon and used close to 20 of these boxes, and noticed a smokey-like (chemical?) odor to the boxes. I received another order of these boxes today, and the new batch have the same smokey-like odor in the carton they came in. I’m not sure what to make of it, but exposure to the odor (for me) is unpleasant. I’m docking a star for that odor, taking the product down from 5 to 4 stars.Read more

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  3. Blue Sky

    Initially these boxes were great. Easy to assemble, sturdy , large and the price was good….. but the storage boxes had a STRONG odor. The odor was so strong, it smelled up my entire home. The boxes smelled like vomit.

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  4. Mary Berry

    These boxes were not easy to assemble. The box lid is attached to the box and has to be torn away on a perforated line. The problem with that was that it was impossible to pre-bend that perforation because there was glue under that flap! I ended up cutting the perforation with my rotary cutter (not sanding to cut through the box underneath, then prying the lid off the glue. Took forever for each box. Not buying these again!Read more

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  5. I’m Me Me

    Ordered about 600 for a warehouse move. We put our merchandise in them. Very sturdy once built and as long as you are good to them, they remain sturdy. Chose them because they have good handles, are lightweight, cheap and NO decals or propeganda ads on the box. Blank. They look good stacked in the warehouse. Hope to buy another 700 or so. My only issue is I keep buying them out so there have been delays in getting them to me. Oh well!Read more

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  6. Mark Grebner

    Amazon has stripped the standard size storage box down to the minimum, and beats everybody else’s price. If you buy similar boxes from Bankers Box, you notice the slightly more precise cutting, the slightly greater strength, and easier assembly. But you have to pay slightly more too. If you only need to box up some papers, and you eventually plan to send box and papers and all to the recycling center, Amazon’s version does just fine. If you expect to repeatedly pull stored files from the boxes, and then return the files to the box after you’ve examined them, you might want to spend the extra dollar.Read more

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  7. Kayem

    These boxes are cheap and that’s what’s so great about them. I have moved so many times, including two cross-country moves in a single year. These boxes are fantastic for moving, especially if you don’t have a nearby liquor store you can dumpster dive for free boxes. They’re cheaper than plastic storage tubs and cheaper than moving boxes. They stack really well and I know for a fact we’ve stacked them higher than they should have been, without totally collapsing the boxes. Some boxes of books on the bottom were a bit squished, but that’s why the breakables weren’t in the bottom boxes. Since these boxes are so square, they are easier to organize in a room than a series of randomly-sized boxes. And I’ll let you in on a secret: Because a wall of them looks like everything is perfectly organized, it doesn’t matter what the contents actually are. Seriously, we bought several packs of these for our move last summer. We started by carefully packing everything, organized by room/type. Neat stacks of books, craft supplies, electronics, all organized and labeled. But as the moving deadline approached, we got less and less meticulous with the packing. We stuck empty boxes in every room and just tossed stuff in there that we wanted to take and slapped a vaguely descriptive label on it (“Crap,” “More Books,” “I Dunno, Cables?,” “Binders or Whatever,” “Leftover Kitchen Whatsits” were some of them). It was a haphazard mess in those last days. But it didn’t matter because all those perfectly square file boxes lined up made it look like we knew what we were doing and were organizing masters. I’m sure the whole neighborhood would have marveled at this visual feat if everyone wasn’t staying inside because of the pandemic. But seriously, it really made dealing with the last bits of random stuff a whole lot easier. I used to use storage tubs for the leftover whatsits, but those got heavy fast because heavy stuff somehow attracts more heavy stuff. We could just toss stuff in the file boxes at random without worrying about overloading them. Not having overly heavy boxes was definitely a necessity for us. I long ago learned not to put all my hardback books or CDs into large storage tubs and file boxes are the absolute perfect vessel to hold audiovisual and textual materials. No matter what I put in there, nothing is too heavy that most adults can’t lift one. No more throwing my back out because I decided to fill a while box with medical manuals and antique encyclopedias. Granted, they do have a weight limit. I definitely would not put a stack of lead ingots in there. The handles are fine for most uses, but if you fill one with reams of copy paper, the handles are going to start giving out after a few times schlepping the box from one place to another. Fortunately, the handles hold up long enough to haul to a moving truck and then into a new home. Since these boxes are so cheap, it’s not a big deal if any get ruined in a move. I’ve had storage tubs get crushed and shattered in moves and it sucks to pay ten bucks for a big tub that has to be tossed after one use. After each move, we’d usually have to recycle a quarter to a third of these file boxes because they were too beat up or had gotten stained. But the rest survived to be used as storage boxes until we had to move again. A few survived multiple moves until they got too beat up. Usually, the boxes that contained heavier items were the ones that lasted the shortest amount of time. Once they get too beat up, they make good containers to hold recyclables until it’s time for them to join their brethren in the great cardboard dumpster in the sky. Look, don’t expect great things out of these boxes. I’ve had banker’s boxes that survived a lot longer than these, but those are also more expensive and every time a banker’s box has to be recycled, I get cranky. The banker’s boxes are much better at holding heavier items than these Amazon Basics file boxes, but when you need to box a lot of stuff up fast and cheap without worrying about ruining good boxes, you can’t go wrong with these.Read more

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  8. Krystal

    Light weight, holds lots, I have no issues, great for storage.Read more

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  9. Mélissa Godbout

    Produit de qualité, s’assemble très facilement et robusteRead more

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    CARTGET Basics Basic Duty Storage/Filing Boxes with Lift-Off Lid – Legal/Letter Size, 20-Pack
    CARTGET Basics Basic Duty Storage/Filing Boxes with Lift-Off Lid – Legal/Letter Size, 20-Pack


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