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CARTGET Basics Foldable Metal Dog and Pet Exercise Playpen, XS to L Size, With or Without Door With door Extra-Small – 24″H

(12 customer reviews)

Indoor/outdoor portable 24-inch play and exercise pen with door; for dogs up to 16 inches tall
Made of durable iron metal with rust-proof black finish; step-through door access; 2 secure-locking slide-bolt latches
Sets up in seconds; simply unfold, shape, and connect—no tools required; folds flat for compact storage
Includes 8 ground anchors for outdoor use
Recommended for extra-small & small sized breeds
8 connected panels, each measuring 24 by 24 inches; creates 16-square-foot enclosure
Dimensions: 60″ x 60″ x 28″ (LxWxH) Round, or 48″ x 48″ x 28″ (LxWxH) Square


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Style:With door| Pattern Name:Extra-Small – 24″H PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
CARTGET Basics Foldable Metal Pet Dog Exercise Fence Pen With Door Gate – 60 x 60 x 24 Inches, Black


Specification: CARTGET Basics Foldable Metal Dog and Pet Exercise Playpen, XS to L Size, With or Without Door With door Extra-Small – 24″H

Dimensions 59.06 × 59.06 × 2416.59 in

12 reviews for CARTGET Basics Foldable Metal Dog and Pet Exercise Playpen, XS to L Size, With or Without Door With door Extra-Small – 24″H

4.5 out of 5
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  1. CyberDad

    First of all, the product does seem to be of good quality and it does work well, at least outdoors (where we are using ours). As several others have already pointed out, though, the product description is flat out WRONG on this!! One (1) set of panels configured in a “square” formation would only equal 16 sqft, and even if you went with a perfect “octagonal” shape, you would still only increase the square footage by a little over 3 sqft…up to just over 19 sqft… where near the 64 sqft that they are advertising! 🙁 We’ve already purchased five (5) of these, and they are working well, but after starting with just two (2) sets, in a pseudo-octagonal shape, we quickly realized that we probably couldn’t do long, straight sections of fencing, as we expanded, as the added length of the sides quickly diminished the stability of the fence along the long sections…..even when using the included stakes! So, we ended up zig-zagging the fencing, making sure that we created small angles with each panel……nothing severe, maybe just a 10-20 degree angle every panel, or so, but it seemed to be enough to allow us to attach all five (5) sets together into one much larger pen….not a square or an octagon, but something in between, with zig-zagged edges. For anyone who’s interested (but doesn’t want to do the math), here are the areas you would be able to achieve combining the sets, using a “square” configuration….. 1 = 16sqft 2 = 64sqft 3 = 144sqft 4 = 256sqft 5 = 400sqft And, here are the approximate “octagonal” areas you would acthieve…. 1 = 19sqft 2 = 77sqft 3 = 174sqft 4 = 309sqft 5 = 482sqft Hope that helps!?Read more

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  2. Meredyth Capasso

    An amazingly inexpensive solution to fencing in an area to keep your dog safe. A few things to keep in mind…. I have a jack Russell mix who is a runner & can jump incredibly high. She has not tried to escape—not once—BUT I still would never leave her unsupervised for even a minute. Buy extra stakes (for added stability—though I think it would have been fine w those provided) and most importantly, buy zip ties if (like me) you’re connecting multiple units as the gate closures don’t hold well—but for this price & such an easy solution, who cares. . What you’re seeing is 3 units connected to each other. Would this work indoors? I think unless you had carpet & kept to a circular shape (or wood floors but didn’t mind your dog moving it throughout your house) my guess would be no. It’s really the stakes that keep it in place. Bottom line, I’m thrilled with my purchase! For around $150 I have an area my dog can roam leashless & peace of mind (which we all know is priceless). Btw, for my jumper I bought the 42” H. She’s a jack Russell/chihuahua mix & is 15lbs.Read more

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  3. Deb

    I purchased to keep my house clean and my new puppy safe until we figure out some good manners. I read lots of reviews and I am delighted with this choice. It is sturdy and easy to move. Simple to lift fence behind any mess needing cleaning. I put 2 clear shower curtain liners under it to avoid scratching floors. She put little bitty holes in the top shower curtain but she has been unable to bite thru to the bottom one so my floor is dry. I have a grabber to reach things which makes mopping shower curtain, with a slightly wet, soapy paper towel or Clorox wipe an easy clean. Her small crate is in the pen with her toys and pee pad. PS I also got the pawz blanket from Amazon which is very cozy and washes up well.Read more

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  4. AmandaPanda

    Perfect for my 5 lb dogs. We are using it to block of an area for them to potty in backyard. Easy to set up. Not too tall for me to reach in to pick up my dogs.Read more

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  5. Kelsey Marshall

    I ready a lot of reviews and looked at many different products before purchasing this one. Over all, I’m happy with it. I live in a corner lot town house and although there is a fence, it circles the perimeter of all three backyards for my building. I wanted my dog to be able to roam free with out a leash. I purchased TWO sets of the 30 inch high fences, one with a gate and one without. They are the perfect height for my mini dachshund however the gate is worthless. I highly recommend sticking with the no gate option and just stepping over it to get in and out. I have two sets separated, on each side of my back yard so my dog has the full space to play. When these fences are not in a circle or square shape they are quite flimsy. I have them arranged a little wonky so they have more stability. Honestly, for the price they are really great. My complaints are minimal.Read more

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  6. Rebecca

    The media could not be loaded. I purchased this to my small dog purposefully with the door, and the way the door locks are either designed or placed on this particular gate have it jammed so neither of the two locks will move, therefore the door will not open.Read more

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  7. KristiBeth

    We already own two AmazonBasics pet crates and we are super-impressed with the quality, so it wasn’t a leap to try out this product. We were in desperate need of something to block the large entryway on our massive porch. Our dog is a chronic run away and we need something to prevent him from running away every time we went out on the porch. This exercise pen is perfect. We detached the two sides and stretched it out across the space (about seven feet across) with a few panels to spare. Neighbors have even stopped by and asked where we got the fence. Our dog is a small Foxhound (50 lbs) and a fantastic jumper. If he really wanted to, he could easily get over this 30″ fence, but he hasn’t even thought about trying as there is a step down on the other side. As far as quality, it is excellent as expected. It has gotten scuffed up on the bottom from the concrete porch floor, but it’s not a problem for me. Something you should know – only one set of panels detach, not all of them. We were hoping to use the panels in two different places, but that won’t be able to happen with this. I totally recommend this product, and would buy more if the need arises.Read more

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  8. BC

    Perfect!! Just needed to strengthen it up with cable ties but very impressed with this for the price. Don’t feel as guilty leaving my pup whilst I’m at work now.Read more

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  9. DanieleBoss

    Ottimo recinto per un meticcio di due mesi,facile da aprire e chiudere per ora lo uso dentro casa ma tra poco lo metterò in giardino con i fermi per non farlo muovereRead more

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  10. ヒバサク

    移動も楽々で、サークルがあると何かと便利そうなイメージだったので、仔犬のエリア用に購入してみました。 高さ91センチは、やたらジャンプ力がある成犬柴犬オスがいるので、このくらいの高さがないと成犬には越えられそうだなーと、思いましたが、いや、こんな高くなくても良かったかもしれない‥。 ゲート無しを買ってしまいました‥。出入り口がないと、想像以上に不便でした‥。サークルをリビングの真ん中に広げて仔犬を入れると、中からどこに人がいるか丸見えだから、(出しなさいよ〜!)という抗議が半端なく、結局、広げて、コンセントをかじらない為のガードフェンスになってしまいました‥。 折り畳みすると、そんなに場所を取らないのと、重いけど持ち運べるのと、かじりそうな箇所のガード代わりになるのと、そのうちサビ止め拭きかけて、花壇のフェンス代わりになるだろう?と、用途が変化しそうなところが気にいっています。(^_^;) 追記します。柴犬仔犬生後4カ月になる数日前の現在。柴犬仔犬オスがこちらの柵をよじ登ってきました!ロッククライミングじゃないんだからやめてくれー! 一回覚えてしまったから、もうドヤ顔です。仔犬がよじ登ってくるのは想定外でした‥。 それから、フェンスの接続部分をしっかり留めておかないと、仔犬の場合、隙間に頭を挟むと危ないので、気をつけてください。 一度、3箇所ある留め具の真ん中が開いていた時にウチの仔犬が頭をグリグリ出そうとしてハマりそうになりました。Read more

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  11. Parag Kondhare

    The media could not be loaded. Its really a good product. We can use it as a partition in home, attach it to the cage if ur dog is outside I.e parking or garden so that it will provide a free area to roam if he gets bored in the cage. U can even attach it to a one side compound wall as shown in video hence area can be increased. I have bought 36 inch height x 24 inch width (8nos.) I.e 36 inch x 16 ft. And which is really a big partition in less cost. I bought it on amazon sale at Rs. 2700Read more

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  12. Pete

    After having spent the past 2 weeks trying to work at home whilst also managing puppy chaos & wire biting Etc., wrapping this around the crate has given us both the space we need whilst not being cruel. I’m so happy! She seems better behaved & calmer already too. 🙂 (Used for a 10 week old Cockapoo) Worth mentioning the feet are super well designed for carpet. The thing is also surprisingly solid! Update: the door is on an end of the panel set, and the set is connected in a way you can’t easily disconnect and reorder panels which can be a problem if you want door access. Using a pair of needle nose pliers I trashed the connectors and split the set in two, allowing me to reorder the set with the door in the middle. The way I’m using this means it works a treat. Was easy enough to do.Read more

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    CARTGET Basics Foldable Metal Dog and Pet Exercise Playpen, XS to L Size, With or Without Door With door Extra-Small – 24″H


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