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CARTGET Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box, 24 x 18 x 17 Inches, Large

(13 customer reviews)

Large cat-litter box with snap-on hood for added privacy and to help contain litter inside the pan
Plastic swinging door provides easy in/out access for your cat; hood lifts off for easy cleaning
Made of stain and odor resistant polypropylene plastic; wipes clean with a damp cloth
Replaceable carbon filter traps1 carbon filter has been installed on the product,the replaceable filter need to be purchased separately and reduces litter-box odors; top handle for comfortable carrying
Measures23.7 by 17.8 by 16.7 inches LxWxH; door opening measures 8 by 8.5 inches WxH; backed by an CARTGET Basics limited one-year warranty


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CARTGET Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box, 24 x 18 x 17 Inches, Large


Specification: CARTGET Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box, 24 x 18 x 17 Inches, Large

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 23.62 × 17.32 × 16.933 in

13 reviews for CARTGET Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box, 24 x 18 x 17 Inches, Large

2.9 out of 5
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  1. L. Compton

    Our female cat always aims towards the back. She also sprays high sometimes. That is the reason we wanted to switch from a more open litter box to the enclosed style. Unfortunately, the design, as you can see in the picture, leaves a lot to be desired when trying to clean out the clumps. Price seemed OK until it became apparent that you can’t clean out the corners.Read more

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  2. WillPower

    I would give this box 4.9 stars if not for the crevice that is formed by the “bump out” in the back of the pan. My cat pees in the crack and there is no litter scoop that fits in that small area. Chopstick does. Why would this be in the final design??? One day of testing in a real home with a real cat would have brought this issue up. Everything else about the box is fine. Large size. Removable door, easy to clean, high back. That crevice though….Read more

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  3. Warwizard33

    I really wanted to like this litter box. The plastic is nice and thick, and it looks nice. Unfortunately, there’s a glaring design flaw: the big indent in the back creates 2 crevices that can’t be easily cleaned. With a clumping litter, it fills up and a litter scoop is to big to scrape it out. Also the rounded front is difficult to clean because of the shape as well. UPDATE: The day after I wrote the original review, the lid cracked, under gentle pressure to snap it shut. It hasn’t even been in use a month. Reducing to 1 star.Read more

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  4. Robert

    The worst litter box ever it really needs to be redesigned. The size is great but the very back panel needs to be flat. Cat feces gets caught in between the back panel and the side panel which makes it difficult to clean properly and I clean my litter box twice a day also the door is very flimsy and falls off easily so I took it offRead more

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  5. Amazon Customer

    UPDATE- After 2 months I am still happy, but I am lowering the rating to 4.5 stars. Since I can’t do that, and I still love the box, I am leaving it 5 FOR NOW. The box has held up well except the tabs that hold the lids in place have broken off for one side of both boxes, so instead of hinging over for cleaning, I have to remove them entirely. I believe this is because my cat has runny stools (he has health issues), so I am frequently removing the lids to clean them with soap and water. The tiny little tabs that acts as hinges to hold the lids in place are not strong enough to be removed from the boxes all the time. The plastic can be forced only so much before it just snaps off. Otherwise, this is the best designed box I’ve used to date. I just wish I could remove the lids and wash them more easily. And I miss the hinge mechanism. It was so nice to just flip open the box, give it a quick scoop, and pop it all back together. Maybe if your cat has normal solid poops and doesn’t get it on his feet all the time you will love this box too. =/ Original-I have an elevator pee-er. As in, my boy cat starts in a squat, but as he pees, his butt lifts up. This means he pees all over the box sides and often out of the box entirely. About 10 years ago I discovered the top entry litter box, and it’s been a godsend. He is about 15 lbs. and never misses the box with a top entry. A covered box is problematic because they usually have a seam between the box and the cover, which get caked with urine and needs to be rinsed, so full disassembly of the box, several times a week. Plus he manages to pee straight out the doorway just as often. Hes a big boy, so we’ve tried all but the tiniest boxes (mod cat) and this is my fav. 2nd best is my first, the Clever Cat, but this box is both half the price and is IMO improved with full grates on the top. This box is certainly less sturdy than the clever cat and definitely wont make it for as long as the clever cat did, but the price means I can afford to replace it more often which is more sanitary. The top of the clever cat is thicker and has ridges to clean cats paws when he exits the box, but you have to dump the collected granules back into the box- this box has a thinner top, but it holds my huge cat just fine, and the entire thing is like a subway grate, all the particles that fall off his paws fall down into the box. So scooping doesn’t involve accidentally flinging litter everywhere. The top open via a center split, like french doors, and the doors fold flat along the ends. They snap in tightly and are tricky to remove if you need to wash the lid daily (like w a sick cat) but normal daily scooping is easy, and removing the lid weekly for clean out is straightforward. And the BIG issue with bottom moldings- this box has smooth sides and smooth corners for easy scooping. WHY do manufacturers insist on molded sides or feet in cat boxes? The wet litter just collects there and is impossible to scoop! Urg!! No issues here, I have no improvements to suggest for normal cats. I would always like less nooks and crannies on the lid for my diarrhea prone cat since I frequently have to remove the lid and wash w soap and water because he steps in his poop (sorry, tmi) but I would rather have the grates to stop litter scatter, and it’s not that hard to hose it off. Oh and btw, I paid full price and was not coerced into providing a review. I just really wanted to share because I think this is a great product, obviously designed with care and thought by cat owners. Keep it up, Amazon.Read more

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  6. Tessa Landrud

    1. For those saying this product is cheap, it’s $20 and a great value. If you want an indestructable, high quality litter box, spend more money! 2. This product is an amazing value. It snaps together and comes apart easily for litter changing, but is very sturdy enough to carefully relocate using the handle. I attached the door and swung it around vigorously, seemed very well attached but I ended up taking it off since it confused my cat. I recommend the large size, since cats are generally happier with a litter box more than twice their size. It fits well in my small Seattle apartment. The inside is stick-proof and very easy to clean. Super satisfied.Read more

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  7. z3 owner

    While I like the door design, the usable length of the box is under 20 inches (see attached pic). This is due to an indentation in the bottom tray that appear to be designed to allow for stackability. This indentation robs my cat of almost 4 inches off the stated length. If you are purchasing this box to give your cat some more room, be sure to measure your current box and make sure you are actually getting extra space. Don’t trust the listed dimensions.Read more

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  8. Teresa lowenberg

    this is a really bad design, the inside has a part in the back that faces into the catbox, on the back side, you will have to keep a putty knife on hand to get in to the crevice. the fact that the front is rounded out makes it hard for scooping, as scoopers are normally squared off. I really do not get the part that is indented on the inside, there is absolutely no reason for it, and it makes it really hard to clean out.Read more

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  9. SensibleTeaDrinker

    Although we knew closed/hooded litter boxes had a few issues such as respiratory infections due to fine litter dust and/or offensive odour trapped inside the box, our cat seems to prefer more privacy, so we purchased a standard-type with a hood + door. It turned out that, with this litter box, we could flip up and fold down the door flap for better ventilation all the while providing privacy for our cat and reducing litter tracking for us! [see the attached] Both the flip-up door and the snap-on hood make scooping a breeze. It’s nice that the front of the box is lowered for easy entry and back wall is raised to prevent urine leakage from the joints. The appearance of the box isn’t too hard on the eyes. We purchased a Small for our relatively small cat (8.5 lb) and it’s compact yet roomy enough for our cat to move around inside. CONS: (1) the polypropylene plastic used is “stickier” than the average and litter dust and urine seems to cling onto the walls and floor, which we had never noticed with other litter boxes. (2) The “indents” at each corner of the back wall always get clogged with soiled litter. We constantly need to dig it out using the edge of a scooper, which is rather annoying. We feel the back wall should be flat and smooth. With the exception of these 2 shortcomings, this litter box is very well designed and good value for the money. Overall, our cat and we are both happy with this box. FOLLOW-UP (2019/02/02): We use pine-based crumping litter which is lighter than clay. Plus, since our cat hates stepping on litter, we cover only 1/4 of the floor with the litter [see the photos] But a friend who carpets the entire floor with clay litter said the box gets heavy and the snap-in clamps sometimes disengage and drop the bottom half. Beware. FOLLOW-UP #2 (2019/08/13): Litter tracking got progressively worse. Being so sick of vacuuming multiple times a day, we finally decided to try pine pellet litter despite being warned that some cats simply would not use it. Well, our cat doesn’t seem to mind pellet litter and it reduced litter tracking to a non-existent level! However, pine pellets disintegrated into sawdust and still got stuck in the corners of this litter box. So we purchased a top-entry oval cat litter box with no corner or dints. The combo is a big winner; now our 9-year-long battle agains litter tracking is finally over!!!Read more

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  10. Richard R

    I am still searching for the perfect litter box since one of my cats is a high pisser. Absolutely Nothing works except a high sided top entry one, but he doesn’t like climbing in from the top so I had to put it in storage. He’s a great cat other than his weird bathroom habits. He stands in the box instead of squats (like most) and often sprays it while his tail quivers so it gets all over the inside. Only once did a little urine leak from the sides of this litter box. The main problem is occasionally he walks in and doesn’t turn around so his ass is positioned by the front opening and when he deposits, it comes out the front. Thankfully he doesn’t do this every time. He also refuses to use it with the front swinging door attached so I keep it off. If the front opening was smaller this wouldn’t be a problem but it’s too wide without the attached piece. I also do smell it so this litter box even with a filter doesn’t hide the smell as well as some do, maybe this type of plastic doesn’t absorb odours not sure. Another thing I don’t like is it’s difficult to clean this box because of the design. Clumps get caught in the 2 back corners and it’s a nuisance to scrape the disgusting stuff out of the corners with the scooper. For now I just use puppy pads for the front in case of urine spray & these catch it well. I have bought so many different types I’m getting fed up. Hopefully one day I will find the perfect high sided front entry covered litter box. So as a result can’t give this one a high rating for my experience. For others it’s probably great. My other cat has used every litter box properly without any issues.Read more

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  11. Courtney

    This litter box works perfectly for my mini Rex. He used it immediately and had no troubles switching from an uncovered one. I love the fact that it is covered, it keeps the dogs from eating all of his hay!Read more

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  12. Arthur24

    The product seems to be sturdy and with a reasonable level of quality. Wine bottle is shown for size purposes. It was a good buy.Read more

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  13. ばっちゃ

    傷と毛がついてるRead more

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    CARTGET Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box, 24 x 18 x 17 Inches, Large
    CARTGET Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box, 24 x 18 x 17 Inches, Large


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