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CARTGET Basics Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball – 20-Ounce, 2-Pack, Blue, 11.8x9x23cm

(13 customer reviews)

20-ounce shaker bottle (2-pack, light/dark blue); ideal for powering up when working out, playing sports, hiking, camping, heading to work or school, or simply hanging out at home
Spill-proof screw-on lid ensures secure, leak-free use, even when shaking/mixing; mixer ball whisk helps thoroughly combine and dissolve added ingredients
2 spiral compartments allow for conveniently storing dry items like protein powders and supplements (capsules or tablets)
Made of durable BPA-free PP; transparent body with stylish blue lid and accents; top-rack dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
Measures 4.7 by 3.5 by 9.1 inches; backed by an CARTGET Basics 1-year limited warranty


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CARTGET Basics Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball – 20-Ounce, 2-Pack, Blue


Specification: CARTGET Basics Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball – 20-Ounce, 2-Pack, Blue, 11.8x9x23cm

Weight 12.3 lbs
Dimensions 7.48 × 4.65 × 9.25 in

13 reviews for CARTGET Basics Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball – 20-Ounce, 2-Pack, Blue, 11.8x9x23cm

3.2 out of 5
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  1. KQ

    Not satisfied with these, after having for just over a month. I’d recommend getting something else. I purchased based on the reviews, but unhappy after washing a few times. They definitely DO leak. I wouldn’t recommend them.Read more

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  2. Opooos

    These are very cheaply made and fragile. One of these tumblers actually shattered after less than a week of use. The second one is still around though. The blender ball at the center of the container is nowhere near as effective as a blender bottle.Read more

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  3. JJ Forte, Jr.

    You get what you pay for. My shakers are a bit worse for wear considering I use them each at least once a week to mix protein and preworkout. So I wanted to like these because they were an affordable alternative. Sadly the lids are a really poor fit and are difficult to screw on and off. In fact, one of the two won’t even screw down well enough to shake the bottle without liquid flying everywhere.Read more

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  4. lauryn

    For the price I’m so happy I found these. I was about to buy name brand on something similar. It isn’t the same quality but close to it. The top isn’t as secure or hard to pop as the name brand one. The pill organizer and the shake mix storage at the bottom is so nice! I place them in the top rack of the dishwasher and have had no issues.Read more

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  5. Duke-E

    Great deal but horrible design on the mouth piece. If you are doing anyting more than a light stirring, this will leak. 1st use I was sitting in my truck and went to shake up my protein shake, everything was leaking from the mouth piece. My hand was getting wet, looked down and there are drops of protein shake all over my dash and center console. So I wiped it all up, held the lid flap down as tight as I could and it still leaked!! Figured it was a messed up one so I tried again the next day with the 2nd one out of the package. Same thing!! The compartment underneath is great though.Read more

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  6. Davis

    This leaks-all over your lunch, through the box, onto your laptop, and drips down your linen pants. So much for looking fly today-you’re gonna arrive sopping wet! Don’t shake- heavens no! This thing doesn’t hold liquid if slightly tilted on its side and if you dare shake- you best be wearing waterproof mascara because you’re in the splash zone. The concept is awesome- removable cup for powers with a top for vitamins and pills…. But it leaks! Also the shaker ball doesn’t do great- so much powder is left in the creases that you end up needing a fork to dig it out and mix anyway. Better off using a travel mug, fork, and some ziplocks.Read more

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  7. Nickdotnet

    I love the IDEA of this product. Bring able to separate everything, including pills, is great. The problem is, the primary functions don’t work well. The bottle leaks when shaken, even when holding the lid down firmly. The nozzle is too small to drink out of easily. Lastly the ball doesn’t mix dry ingredients up nearly as good as the wire balls in other products do. You end up with chunks of powder even after shaking (and leaking) for several minutes. The idea is great, but functionality needs some major improvements.Read more

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  8. Music Lover

    These are ok, but not for what I intended to use them for. I put a drink in it to take to work. I was apprehensive about how well they would stay closed, so I put it in a zip lock bag to be careful. As soon as I made it to work and pulled it out, my drink was all over the bag. The top is so loose that it will easily open with almost any amount of force. They’re ok as a blender bottle, provided that you keep your finger on the top while you shake it upRead more

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  9. Sanjeev Khatoi

    Shaker bottles aren’t rocket science, it should be leak proof and easy to carry. Pros: – Plastic ball offers better mixability than the steel wire one to my surprise. No lumps whatsoever! – Comes with marking so that you know how much liquid you’re putting. – comes when powder section. The powder section is great in that is has it’s own lid that screws onto the bottom of the bottle so that section can be removed from the bottle without the worry of leftover powder getting everywhere once you mix up the shake. – Leak proof bottle. – Dishwasher safe – if you don’t want the powder section, just take it off and use it like that and the bottle still works nicely. – The plastic quality is brilliant for the price – For this price, getting two bottles. Cons: – They should have also offered bottles in different colors than blue and grey. – There should also be an option to buy just one bottle. – Can’t be used in microwave (for someone who wants to know) Definitely recommend & they get all the stars.Read more

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  10. M. Babb

    I’ve a couple of other shakers but thought these looked more versatile. You get an easy to remove top which incorporates an easy to open flip lid and fairly large carrying loop. I find this much better to open than other’s I have, and doesn’t splurt the contents over you when opened. The base consists of two parts – a transparent base that can hold a fair few scoops of powder and an opaque section that has four compartments that can hold powder or tablets. They are pretty big and would certainly be enough for most people. The agitator is a more solid plastic lump than a spring that you find in most bottles. This is fine, as it’s actually easier to clean and doesn’t get caught up on my draining rack. The bottle is 600ml capacity, which is certainly big enough for most protein/meal supplement drinks. There are marks on the size in ml and fluid ounces. Overall a lightweight shaker that does the job perfectly, especially if you want to keep the powder separate from the liquid until you need to use it.Read more

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  11. P. Barclay

    This bottle was supplied without any instructions which is unusual for an Amazon Basics product. The concept is great: powder is kept separate from liquid in the base, ready for instant use after a workout. In practice, I was not so impressed as it did not do a great job of mixing my Slimfast Protein shake, which contained plenty of lumps despite vigorously shaking for over 30 seconds. However, it did redeem itself by being genuinely dishwasher friendly. The beaker itself is not too tall and so fitted easily into the top rack of my dishwasher, as did the lid and the ball. All came out clean and dry with no extra effort. I would therefore give this product 5 stars for convenience and ease of use but have knocked off a star as the mixer ball design could be improved.Read more

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  12. Josh Levins

    These two pack of shaker bottles are absolutely fantastic and quality is perfect! I love how nice the design is and they came super quick too! They are very easy to hold and they both come with a mixer ball each to help stir the powder better! Top quality shaker bottle and I love using them and they are honestly amazing for outdoor use because there is a compartment on the bottom to put powder for on the go which is great and I absolutely love! Overall, it is a brilliant quality product and it’s so easy to clean too! The price is super and I honestly love it. I would definitely recommend it!Read more

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  13. Carly

    Details: 567-gram shaker bottle Made of durable BPA-free PP Leak-proof screw-on lid Mixer ball wire whisk 2 spiral storage compartments Stylish grey lid and tinted grey body Dishwasher-safe These shaker bottles are great! Very practical with the separate compartments to help store dry items like protein powder. I love that these are dishwasher safe as some protein shakers are not so you don’t have the faff of washing up. Great quality shaker with an even better price!Read more

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    CARTGET Basics Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball – 20-Ounce, 2-Pack, Blue, 11.8x9x23cm
    CARTGET Basics Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball – 20-Ounce, 2-Pack, Blue, 11.8x9x23cm


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