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CARTGET Brand – Solimo Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs, 3 Count XLarge (89-132 lbs) 3 Doses

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Solimo Flea & Tick Topical starts eliminating fleas and ticks within 24 hours of treatment. Two active ingredients combine power to prevent flea infestations by killing flea eggs and flea larvae.
One application provides up to 30 days of protection: Solimo Flea & Tick Topical kills fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies and chewing lice.
24 hours after application, your pet’s treatment is protected against rain, puddles and even after bathing.
Satisfaction Guarantee: We’re proud of our products. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund you for any reason within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385


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Solimo flea and tick topical for Dogs kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and chewing lice. The fast-acting, long-lasting treatment is formulated to protect your dog against dangerous pests. It breaks the flea life cycle by killing flea eggs and larvae and kills ticks, including deer ticks that may transmit Lyme disease. For best results, apply once a month to protect your dog from fleas and ticks.

Specification: CARTGET Brand – Solimo Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs, 3 Count XLarge (89-132 lbs) 3 Doses

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8 reviews for CARTGET Brand – Solimo Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs, 3 Count XLarge (89-132 lbs) 3 Doses

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  1. April Flowers


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  2. Brad Groux

    I live in Houston, TX and used this on my German Shepherd and Basenji as directed with zero affect. This may work with other regions, but as far as the fleas in and around south Texas – I wouldn’t waste your time. Meanwhile, a Comfortis that was about the same price worked no problem.Read more

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  3. peg

    im giving this a zero, these are the meds for the worst case of fleas our vet has ever seen, after applying this flea killer weeks ago, and this is the bill for $ 92 to treat him for the damage to his skin and loss of hair in several locations we also used this brand on another dog we own and it did not work for him either we than ordered advantage 2 from amazon but he deveoped skin issue before we could use it we have never in the 14 yrs of our dogs life dealt with an issue like this ive ordered frontline in the past and it has worked wellRead more

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  4. Rebeca Tellez

    So let’s start with what this did to my dog: A nasty, giant chemical burn on her poor little neck. Words cannot explain how guilty I feel about this because all I wanted to do was alleviate her fleas and itching. Instead, she ended up with a horrible burn in between her shoulder blades. Next, lets talk about what this did to my cat: Almost killed her. I am $1,200 in the hole due to vet bills. Did anyone here know that cats cannot come into PROXIMITY with a treated dog for 48 hours? Meaning absolutely anything that the dog comes near is now dangerous to cats, specifically. Meaning my dog’s bed was a danger zone to my cat. My poor darlings love each other, and I did not know that their nightly habit of sleeping with each other could almost code my cat her life!!! My poor cat suddenly became lethargic. Started breathing heavy. Would not move. Started drooling. I had to rush her to a pet ER where they had to flush her with an IV drip for 24 hours. I had to hand feed her, administer water with a dropper, and monitor her. I thought she was going to die. You have no idea how hard I have cried over this. How guilty and horrible I felt as a dog and cat mom that I administered a product that burned one and almost killed the other just by being in proximity to this poison. My poor, sweet fur babies have suffered as a result of this horrible product and it needs to be taken off the market completely. Shame on you, Amazon, for producing this wretched product. I should sue you.Read more

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  5. Lisa Marie

    I bought this for my17 year old, Dachshund! Spring and Summer always brings fleas and biting insects. No matter how much I treat my yard, fleas are always coming back. When I put this on him, he has a few fleas and eggs. That was Sunday. Here it is, Wednesday and NOT one flea, flea egg or larvae! I would also point out I was worried of how my, Dachshund, would react to it since he is very sensitive to topical flea medicine but this did NOT irritate his skin! I HIGHLY recommend this product!Read more

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  6. Poiuytrew.q

    I switched to K9 Advantix II after this whole flea ordeal where nearly everyone in the household was miserable (minus my dad who mosquitos also avoid). The K9 Advantix II has 8.8% imidacloprid, 44% permetrhin and 0.44% pyriproxyfen. I would suggest Advantix II over this, because according to the instructions, you can reapply after 7 days for severe cases up to 4 times. Solimo instructions do not say that – you can only apply every 30 days. So if this flea medication doesn’t work for you, you’ll be screwed for 30 days. And if you end up buying Solimo flea meds and it doesn’t work for you…mayyybbeee you can reapply after two weeks, but if it doesn’t work again (like for us) you’ll be screwed and can’t switch to another flea medication until 30 days (might be because you want the drug to wash out to avoid overdose in the pet’s system which can lead to end organ damage). And if you’re so stubborn and considering this product…and it doesn’t work. you can wash your pet in concentrated dishwasher soap and give them Capstar (which you can give concurrently). You have been warned. Day 27: My husband got 6 new bites yesterday…so he has over 20 bites on both his legs. Five days ago, he walked next to the dog and the fleas mobbed him. I saw them in plain sight – black specks…that would suddenly crawl away fast and even “disappear” if you attempted to pinch them away. He killed 8 and I killed 2. One got away. My mom is diabetic…she has gotten at least two bites in the last 24 hours. The boy is 12, he gets a bite daily. The dog was chasing his tail yesterday; I haven’t seen him do that since he was a puppy. Only ones safe for now are me and my dad. I haven’t gotten any bites in the last two weeks. I was using different brands of flea meds and they all worked…so I got brave and wanted to try out this brand… I gave my dog a second dose of the flea medication at day 14 along with Capstar…and I thought…maybe this will work…I don’t want to waste the medication… All I can say is…TURN BACK! GO THE OTHER WAY! STAY AWAY FROM THIS FAKE FLEA MEDICATION! ******16 DAYS AGO********** I have flea bites. I thought, oh well maybe it will take a few days for it to work…It’s day 11 since application and I and my husband got 3 new bites today. I had 3 other bites a few days ago. My suspicion is that this is a generic concoction…and my dog has fleas that are resistant to it. I’m not a vet, and even if the vet said it was okay, I don’t know if the drug which is topically applied is still in his system and if adding a second drug could stress out his kidneys or liver. The other brand I bought said that if the first application didn’t work, I could use a second application with some restrictions. On this package, it says, do not apply more than once every 30 days. It seems that the toxicity of this drug is high enough that it would not be safe to add a second application. It’s annoying, because this drug is toxic and has no benefit.Read more

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  7. MrsPittman

    Used this on my 85lb lab. It literally did nothing. I’ve stuck with it for 3 months but also had to use weekly flea shampoo, have the yard sprayed, wash his bedding And spray it with anti-flea stuff, etc. When I wash him he is full of fleas. It’s so gross. We live on a rural property so we’ve had pest control spray the lawn which has helped. I am not sure if it’s because he’s on the upper limit weight wise but I’ve never had a product work so poorly. I really wanted to like this product but it doesn’t work for my dog at all.Read more

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  8. Carissa Noel

    I was excited to buy this topical flea treatment for less than the more expensive name brands, especially because I have two dogs and it can get expensive really fast between yearly shots, heartworm pills, flea meds and dog food. So I thought this was a great value… the price is great, but the quality is not. I received this item 4 days ago and applied it to my dogs as soon as it arrived… I can’t say that it has helped with fleas, at all. Which most of the reviews said the same thing but I opted to give it a try and develop my own opinion.Read more

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    CARTGET Brand – Solimo Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs, 3 Count XLarge (89-132 lbs) 3 Doses
    CARTGET Brand – Solimo Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs, 3 Count XLarge (89-132 lbs) 3 Doses


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