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Champion Sports Megaphone – Multiple Power Ranges and Features 16 Watts (White & Tan)

(10 customer reviews)

POWERFUL MEGAPHONE: This professional megaphone by Champion Sports is a strong, effective amplification device that has power range from 16 to 30 watts – allowing it to reach up to 1200 yards! Your voice will be clear and understood.
CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: Our bullhorn comes with a handheld microphone and comfortable shoulder strap for hands-free holding. The loudspeaker is lightweight and easy to take to events and gatherings for immediate volume.
EMERGENCY SIREN: This high-quality megaphone is made with a durable siren that will instantly get attention. It blares loudly to quickly get attention during emergencies, or while in the middle of a noisy crowd.
EASY TO USE: This megaphone speaker with siren features adjustable volume control that allows you to change the volume for indoor or outdoor use. It has a user-friendly design that adjusts the power of your voice with the push of a button.
GREAT FOR EVENTS: Our megaphone is great for event management, festivals, carnivals, and many sporting competitions. It will get attention on a boat, during school assemblies, neighborhood fairs, and ralliess.


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Get their attention while saving your voice with the Champion Sports 3 Watt Mini Megaphone. With a range of 300 to 800 yards, this megaphone comes with an adjustable volume control and powerful siren to communicate a variety of messages to different types of audiences. Equipped with a convenient wrist strap, this megaphone is easy to keep close at hand when you need it most.

Specification: Champion Sports Megaphone – Multiple Power Ranges and Features 16 Watts (White & Tan)

Weight 1 lbs

10 reviews for Champion Sports Megaphone – Multiple Power Ranges and Features 16 Watts (White & Tan)

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Atticus

    I got an off-color phone call from a neighbor — a VM! – so I played it over this great loud speaker. The neighbors got an earful. I think they need to know. It’s a help to an elderly lady, too, when the city bus parks by my house (instead of the bus stop) — I just give him a little “Get moving, now!” as his exhaust spews black ash right into my air circulation. Before, he could hear me coming, with a long way to walk, and would take off just steps before I got there! What if I was trying to catch the bus? No I’m not a trouble-maker, but I have rights. I’m not abusing it, but it somehow makes an old wider woman feel safer! Works very well!Read more

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  2. theNinja

    Simply put, don’t buy this. Once you turn the volume dial up to make the megaphone louder than shouting, it just catches its own feedback and lets out a high-pitched screech. So it’s fine if you want to just use the siren feature. But if you want to use it as a megaphone… you will be disappointed.Read more

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  3. Virginia H.

    This product served it’s purpose and I especially appreciated the 1 day delivery option; The volume from 7 to 10 was loud and clear; it is compact and lightweight. The wrist strap allowed me to hang it off my belt, so I could drop it to be hands free intermittently. I have worked with larger models from various manufactures, in the $100+ price range, over the years and almost universally the battery cover and latching mechanism is the first breakage point and next is the cone. This megaphone has a well engineered battery cover, and although the latch is nothing more than a plastic projection that interlocks with another piece of plastic, it looks substantial enough to last for awhile. Not forever I’m sure, but long enough to feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth. I don’t know if the battery cover is replaceable once the latch does break. The cone seems thick enough to stand up to a reasonable amount of being set down and picked right back up repeatedly. However there are a few things I didn’t like – the volume indicates settings of 1 to 10, but numbers 1 through 5 emit nothing, 6 emits a whisper where your own voice is louder, and at setting 7 it finally is loud enough to be heard at a distance. The siren setting is very loud and is the same volume regardless of volume setting number. The siren switch can accidently get switched on by a slight brush. In 5 hours of using this megaphone at a dock during a regatta where I am constantly switching to using my hands to assist boats get docked and then back to using the megaphone to direct incoming boats, I accidently activated the siren 3 times. I finally just duct taped it in the off position. Lastly, the first time I put batteries in it, I did not realize that I had not reseated the battery compartment completely back inside the unit; it stuck out just a tiny bit from it’s original position. It took me a half hour to figure out why the battery compartment lid would not snap back on. The printed instructions did not help identify the problem. Once I pulled out the internal battery pack one more time and reseated it yet again, the back snapped on easily. Summary – it works at the volume I need, voice clear without feedback, and the construction seems sturdy enough for the price. Both the battery latch and cone seem sturdy enough to stand up to the slightly rougher usage I require. A reasonable megaphone for the price, not a toy. But if higher usage in a more physically active application is needed, buy a more expensive megaphone.Read more

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  4. Chanel

    Bought this for evangelism! The sound is clear, it’s just the siren that hands keep on touching accidentally and it can be very loud.Read more

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  5. LG19Gamer

    This megaphone is the perfect size and power. It’s fairly light and easy to move around. It has enough power and a clean voice projection, but it’s not overly powerful either. It feels pretty well constructed. It doesn’t have the “song” programs that some of these often have, but it does have a powerful siren. The problem with that is that the button is easily clicked on by accident, and therefore I decided to tape it so I wouldn’t accidently key it. The volume adjustment works fine, though I find it best at “8” setting vs full power. Pleased with the product overall. Update- not pleased with the battery covering. If has often come apart and requires effort to get it to stay. The rest of the unit is solid but perhaps placing the battery pack under the microphone was not the best idea.Read more

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  6. Kay2TheEeeWhyEss

    This little megaphone is fantastic. Very clear when speaking through it and it is very loud. Be careful when you turn on the siren though. It is so loud and it will cause a fright! I was surprised at the sturdy way in which it was built. Very pleased with my purchase. I highly suggest this to anyone in need of a megaphone. It fits nicely into my small hands. My 4 year old loves to play with it and can handle it with ease.Read more

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  7. Austin L. Woodruff

    This is plenty loud. I bought this for fun and I’m having way too much fun with it. The siren is very loud and the mic is great too.Read more

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  8. Verenda Henderson


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  9. Alpha

    This performed very well. We used it during our sportsfest held inside a huge indoor gym and it did not disappoint! Powerful little thing!Read more

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  10. Margaret H

    When you talk into it-all it does is screeches. It is not worth the money.Read more

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    Champion Sports Megaphone – Multiple Power Ranges and Features 16 Watts (White & Tan)
    Champion Sports Megaphone – Multiple Power Ranges and Features 16 Watts (White & Tan)


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