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CHAUVET DJ FC-T Wired Vertical Fog Machine Timer Remote Control | Fog Machines

(11 customer reviews)

Wired, timer remote for fog machines
Great for all your needs
Easy to use
Trigger fog output automatically
5-pin plug-in works with H900, H1100 and H1300 CHAUVET fog machines
Receives power from fog machine; no extra plug needed
3 LED indicators display machine & controller state. 2 Rotary knobs set interval and duration times
The output knob will not function on older fogger products (e.g., Hurricane 901, Hurricane 1100, Hurricane 1101, Hurricane 1300, Hurricane 1301, and the Hurricane 1800 Flex) Not compatible with Hurricane 700 for machine


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The fc-w is a wireless remote control designed to activate up to four chauvet fog machines independently (separate receivers for additional foggers are required). two LED indicators display whether the Machine is ready or heating.

Specification: CHAUVET DJ FC-T Wired Vertical Fog Machine Timer Remote Control | Fog Machines

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 4.3 × 3.2 × 1.5 in

11 reviews for CHAUVET DJ FC-T Wired Vertical Fog Machine Timer Remote Control | Fog Machines

3.6 out of 5
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  1. C. Turpin

    Works perfectly with my Chauvet Geyser T6. Every function is adjustable, Interval (how often), duration (how long) and output (how much). And you have your choice of Timer, Continuous or Manual with the push of a button. I have mine set to go off every ten minutes and duration is set at half and output set to full. But I’m not using the lighting effect on my fogger. I have it set up behind our drummer shooting up the back wall behind our band banner. The fog hits the ceiling and mushrooms out to enhance the lights. My goal was to keep the fog high and thin as to not choke out the band to much. Was going for more of a haze effect rather then clouds of fog.Read more

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  2. Katia

    The product listed and pictured is different and doesn’t work properly. The one I received had three knobs, Interval, Duration and Output. (See Photo). The connection is round 5 pin, which is fine and it fit the brand new Chauvet 900 fogger I bought. The timer did prevent me from having to push the manual button on the worthless remote that the fogger came with, however no matter what interval (which ranges from .5 min to 60 min!?!?) or what duration (which ranges from 1-15 seconds), the fogger just pushes as much fog as it wants regardless of the settings. I tried my neighbors older model timer on the same fog machine and it did control it properly so I know it wasn’t the fog machine. I ordered a replacement, which came in time for Halloween, but exhibited the exact same problem as the first one in not controlling the interval or duration at all. I checked and verified the Continuous button was not pressed and that only the Timer button was on. Nothing worked. It was pretty much a waste of money and only slightly better than having to go push the button manually to make it work. And please tell me WHY or WHEN would someone need a fog machine with an interval of anything more than 10-15 minutes. This timer goes up to 60 minute intervals! Really??? Why???Read more

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  3. M B Lorenz

    Purchased this timer for use with a Chauvet 1101Chauvet Lighting Hurricane 1101 Fog Machine . I was a little surprised that the shortest timer interval is .5 minutes or 30 seconds (up to 60 minutes). For machines that offer continuous fog, you either get fog all the time, or every 30 seconds or more with the timer. One issue others have mentioned is the output feature. Apparently it works with some models and not with others but to be honest I did not even test it. I just left it at MAX, as I want as much fog as possible, LOL! Good product and very necessary to be able to set it and leave it alone. The remote that came with the fog machine is manual and requires a button push every time you want fog.Read more

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  4. pizelli

    The inclusion of a continuous button that latches on has been a safety issue for me. If you ever accidentally press it without knowing it (aka the unit is in warm-up mode and not emitting smoke), you may find the fire department at your house. All OEM’s need to remove that feature, that’s like having a button on your oven that says “Never turn off no matter what”. Very stupid.Read more

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  5. Tony Wigley

    Came well packaged, with simple but clear instructions. Worked brilliantly for my Halloween display, keeping a large cauldron filled with fog – just plugged it in to my Chauvet 901 fog machine, set the duration and interval timing with the simple twist dials and left it to do its thing. The additional button to give it a manual burst, if required, was an added bonus, but I never had to use it for my particular situation. Potential buyers should be aware that this unit works with MOST but not all Chauvet fog machines (I cannot speak for other makes) so I checked before I bought and was told… “The FC-T will work on the Hurricane 901, 1100, 1101(new Version), 1300, 1301(new version), 1800… but NOT with the 700 or 701″Read more

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  6. reece sugden

    Its agrat product because the one I got with the fog machine it broke so I’m am so glad i found one for the machine thank you for a great productRead more

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  7. Richard Everett

    This is a great device but does not fit all fog machines. I had to replace the end with a new end that was compatible with my fog machine. I also bought the fog machine from Amazon. Once I fixed it it worked excellent.Read more

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  8. Amazon Customer

    My fog machine takes 3 pins and the picture clearly shows 3 pins. But, the one I received has 5 pins. Too bad I bought it last year but didn’t open it until this Halloween. :-(Read more

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  9. P. Illig

    Bedienung super einfach, die Installation erfolgt in Sekunden. Ich habe schon lange nach einer guten Fernbedienung mit Timer gesucht und diese ist einfach perfekt. Würde ich wieder kaufen.Read more

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  10. DCM21

    I purchased this for use with my Hurricane 901. As others have mentioned, the description simply says works with “most” Chauvet fog machines. So I searched online and found the manual. According to the manual, it mentions that the “output” knob doesn’t work with some models, such as the 901. Ok, well if they mention that knob specifically doesn’t work with the 901, that must mean the other features do, right? Wrong! While the 901 does have the 5-pin connector, I cannot get the timer function to work. As soon as I plug it in, the “continuous light” comes on and stays lit. At first I thought maybe it was an issue with the timer, fortunately I bought two. I plugged the second one in, same issue. Then I thought, “ok maybe it’s an issue with the fog machine,” again, fortunately I bought two. Nope, same issue. So two timers doing the same thing with two different 901s. Turns out this is a somewhat common occurrence if you dig through the reviews here. While it does work for the continuous function, neither the manual, nor timer functionalities seem to work with the Hurricane 901. I mention this because most of the reviews here seem to be from 1100/1101 owners who love the timer. It may be a great timer for those folks, but since no where does the description or manual mention any limitations with the 901 other than the output knob not working, it’s worth the warning for all those who might want this for use with their Hurricane 901. If you want continuous fog, this will work great. Anything else, I guess you need to get a more expensive fogger…Read more

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  11. S R M

    The remote I ordered is the FC-T which is what this review is for. The FC-T has an Output Control knob as well as the Interval and Duration knobs. At the time of this review it is not what was pictured in the Amazon listing which only shows the Interval and Duration knobs. I like having the Output control though it was not critical and certainly not a deal breaker, just a nice bonus. This remote has a nice long cord and a magnetic back which is also a nice feature. It seems well built with sturdy plastic like my other remotes of this style. My others have lasted for years, I expect this one will too. I purchased this to add timer remote capability to my American DJ VF1300 which has a similar 5 pin controller connection but comes with a wireless manual remote which is really only usefull for testing purposes since no one wants to sit there and have to hit a manual remote throughout the course of an event. The question for me was would it work with my VF1300 since they are two different makes, Chauvet and ADJ. Well I tested it today, my house is full of fog and it seems to be working great so I’m happy as a clam! While you are shopping keep in mind this is a 5 pin connector and not typical of your average grocery store fogger. So in my experience today the Chauvet FC-T works great with the ADJ VF1300 fog machine!Read more

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    CHAUVET DJ FC-T Wired Vertical Fog Machine Timer Remote Control | Fog Machines
    CHAUVET DJ FC-T Wired Vertical Fog Machine Timer Remote Control | Fog Machines


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