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Chemical Guys WAC21116 Synthetic Quick Detailer, 16 fl. oz 16 oz Quick Detailer

(13 customer reviews)

Super shine quick detailer and slick clay lube
Enhanced shine, protection, and versatility
Streak-free in sun, shade, or humidity
Gentle formula won’t strip wax, sealant or vehicle coatings
Helps wax coats last longer for more protection and shine


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Chemical Guys Synthetic Quick Detailer restores a deep wet shine in between full washes and details. Quick detail sprays lubricate the surface whenever wiping up light dirt and smudges, a crucial step to scratch and swirl-free buffing and wiping. Use Synthetic Quick Detailer to remove light dust, fingerprints, bird droppings, and fresh water spots from exterior automotive surfaces. Synthetic Quick Detailer takes any wax or sealant coating to the next level by adding super-slick gloss and extra depth and shine. The new and improved Synthetic Quick Detailer formula features refined wetting agents for extended worktime in the sun or humidity, updated gloss enhancers for extra shine on any color paintwork, and gentle cleansers that protect wax and sealant coatings for extended protection over time. Synthetic Quick Detailer is formulated with polymer resins to enhance and protect any color finish. Acrylic wetting agents reduce static charge up to 75% as the product is buffed and dried, cutting down on static cling of airborne dust and dirt. Synthetic Quick Detailer doubles as a slick and effective clay bar lube for unmatched versatility when detailing any car. Chemical Guys Synthetic Quick Detailer keeps your vehicle looking cleaner and shinier for longer.

Specification: Chemical Guys WAC21116 Synthetic Quick Detailer, 16 fl. oz 16 oz Quick Detailer

Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 8.27 × 2.36 × 2.36 in

13 reviews for Chemical Guys WAC21116 Synthetic Quick Detailer, 16 fl. oz 16 oz Quick Detailer

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  1. J. McLaughlin

    I’ve used lots of products and have been impressed with other CG products in the past. This one is just in the OK category for me. It’s not as easy to use as other QD products out there. On a lightly dusty car I feel that this product gets too sticky and takes a little extra effort to buff off. It smells great and produces a good gloss, but not the deepest. I personally prefer Meguiars Ultimate QD to this one but wanted to give this a shot. Meguiars produces a slicker surface than this with less effort.Read more

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  2. Chris C.

    I’m still trying to find which quick detailer (or LSP) I like the best. So far I’ve really enjoyed speed wipe. I thought I’d go with something that said it had more gloss. I can’t honestly tell if it did much in that regard but like other reviewers have said, it leaves streaks pretty easily compared to speed wipe. I had to use multiple microfiber towels just to get everything off. Speed wipe didn’t seem to leave as much residue and just felt easier to use. Plus the scent for this quick detailer is absolutely awful. I can’t stand the smell of it. I know that’s kind of a petty thing to complain about but when you’re splitting hairs on items, things like that do matter. Both QD’s were used inside my garage, both on a slightly soiled black colored vehicle. Don’t think I’ll buy this one again.Read more

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  3. Honnest Input

    I’m a big Chemical Guy fan and use a lot of their products, except this one! My complaint; this is represented as a Quick Detailing Product…What? This stuff takes more effort that Butter Wax to shine up! I was hopping this product would be easy to shine/buff…no way, it leaves a swirl film on the surface and dulls your wax/sealer. In other words, it would be better to reapply Wax than fight this stuff, honestly. I appreciate the effort, but it simply doesn’t work like it should. I hope the Chemical Guys read this review and remove or improve the product. For me, it was wasted money spent by a loyal customer, ouch!Read more

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  4. Joe S

    My number one go to product in between washes! super easy to apply very slick shine leaves a brilliant wax like finish! it is definitely a great product to use especially when trying to maintain wax and sealants, even for a simple cleanup I have pretty wide tires on my truck so tire shine always slings on the back of my bed this cleans it right up!! I live in Arizona and my truck sits outside thus it is prone to oxidization, this and a good wash keeps the paint up to par. For the price of the gallon I got about 4 refills of the 16 oz bottles .Read more

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  5. Stuart F.

    I find the product only fair at removing small normal road soil spots, bugs or stuff that I thing comes from birds. After spraying the product on the surface and spreading it around with a micro fiber cloth, it does not seem to either lift spots off the surface or really adhere to the surface. That process is followed by buffing with a soft cotton cloth. However, any visible residual is removed with the micro cloth, so there is barely if any thing left to buff and the shine and slickness seems very thin. I thought Turtle’s Ice product worked better, but they stopped making it. Too bad.Read more

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  6. RenaissanceMan

    I wanted to like this product and I gave it a try on 3 vehicles. I used on cold paint and indoors with no direct sunlight. Out of the 3 vehicles two were darker colors and the other white. I had streaking issues on both of the dark color vehicles. It may have streaked on the white, but you couldn’t see it. I’ve used lots of quick detailers over the years and it shouldn’t be that hard. I’m going to give their speed wipe a try and see if its better. I like their products due to performance and their transparently from a health standpoint. My profession requires me to be exposed to them indoors and on a regular basis.Read more

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  7. RJ

    I’ve been using this Chemical Guys detailer for a couple of years. It works great to add an extra layer of protection after a good wax job. I have used this with a clay bar and gotten really good results. I also use it between washing to remove bugs off the front end, especially the headlights. It also helps keep the water spots off the side and back glass. I have gotten a couple of my neighbors hooked on this stuff as well. Seems a little expensive but it is worth it. I just found it on Amazon in the larger quantity refill so I will be ordering more.Read more

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  8. Chad Pugh

    Spray on wipe off then buff to a high shine. Look at the reflection on my white car. I did the whole car, removed water spots from the hood, roof, trunk and spoiler with a separate chemical then used the detailer to neutralize the spot remover. So I did half the car twice and only used about 15% of the bottle. The only thing I had to learn was you have to buff it off quickly after wiping it otherwise it’ll leave hazy streaks. If that happens, spray, wipe and buff again. But dont let it sit as long. Helps to do small sections.Read more

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  9. Fideon

    Perfecto para darle un brillo al auto y quitarle una ligera capa de polvo entre lavadas. No lo recomiendo para cuando esta muy sucio. Si deja al auto muy brillante, es muy facil y rapido de usar. Solo rocias la superficie, y un poco el pano de microfibra, esparces el liquido por la superficie, y luego secas con otro pano de microfibra.Read more

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  10. freddy

    Muy buen limpiador lo ocupo mucho para despues de lavado detallar el interioreñ del marco de las puertas ya que casi me lo acabe en todo el carro creo ppr la cabtidad de producto que es no es para aplicarlo en todo el carro ae acaba muy rapido, ya solo lo aplicaba cuando caia una cagada de pajaro que se pegan muy feo y dañan la pintura y de ves en cuando en el cofre deja un aspexto muy brillantes muy bueno.Read more

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  11. Anakin

    Cuando vi la descripción sobre todo me llamó la atención que repele polvo. Lo compré y no me gusta que se seca muy rápido y se queda manchada la pintura. Tengo que pasar un trapo seco rapidísimo después de aplicarlo para que no se vea manchado. No es fácil quitar el producto una vez que se secó, tienes que humedecerlo un poco. Leí las instrucciones varias veces y según yo estoy haciéndolo tal cual pero no me emocionó el producto. El acabado es bueno eso sí.Read more

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    Fue de los primeros detailers que probé en mi auto y este producto realmente me impresionó. Deja muy buen brillo, excelente para usarlo después de lavarlo, y aplicarlo si es que no usas shampoo profesionales. Tiene muy buen aroma al aplicarlo y vale la pena el acabado que te deja.Read more

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  13. CK

    I normally use Harley Gloss Detailer on my car and bike, but when that wasn’t available I tried this for only 10 bucks and it is almost as good. Would buy again as a second to the Harley product. Good scent, easy application and smooth glossy finish.Read more

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    Chemical Guys WAC21116 Synthetic Quick Detailer, 16 fl. oz 16 oz Quick Detailer
    Chemical Guys WAC21116 Synthetic Quick Detailer, 16 fl. oz 16 oz Quick Detailer


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