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Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine -Increases Blood Flow Circulation, Deep Kneading, with Heat Therapy -Deep Tissue, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetics, Neuropathy

(8 customer reviews)

Pain Relief and Self-Care: This foot, ankle and leg massager uses a deep kneading Shiatsu technique to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, stimulate muscle recovery, provide pain relief, or offer pure and thorough relaxation after a long day
Complete Massage of Feet, Ankles, and Calves: Other massagers on the market only provide a basic foot massage, but with an adjustable base our massage machine can be positioned with amazing comfort to work the muscles of your feet, ankles, or calves!
Levels of Intensity: From gentle to strong, the foot and leg massager offers 3 distinct levels of intensity to suit the tenderness of muscles. Users are encouraged to start at the lowest setting and then adjust accordingly to avoid discomfort.
5 Modes for Comfort: Whether to help provide relief to plantar fasciitis or to soothe common aches, the leg and foot massager provides 5 modes; a rolling massage, compression therapy, a sway function, heat therapy, or the quiet mode for calming relaxation.
Self-Care: Long day at work? Feet hurt? Is there an ache so deep within your feet? Does it live in your bones? Don’t lose hope. Our foot and leg massager is here to save your sole. Step 1) Take a load off. Step 2) Feel pure joy and release.


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Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Health & Household. Power Source: Corded Electric. Brand: Cloud Massage. Color: Gray. ASIN: B074P2M8N8. Manufacturer: Cloud Massage. Date First Available: August 8, 2017. Item model number: 9486098094. Product Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 17.7 inches; 22 Pounds. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No.

Specification: Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine -Increases Blood Flow Circulation, Deep Kneading, with Heat Therapy -Deep Tissue, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetics, Neuropathy

Dimensions 22 × 11 × 17.722 in

8 reviews for Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine -Increases Blood Flow Circulation, Deep Kneading, with Heat Therapy -Deep Tissue, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetics, Neuropathy

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Maria Cebreco

    I am amazed at how great this CloudMassage works and feels on my legs and feet. I’ve been experiencing pain, swelling and discomfort in my legs for years. This is partly because I’ve sat in a wheelchair all day long for the past 30 years. I cannot stand or move my legs. My lack of mobility causes a lot of pain and swelling in my legs and feet. I am also diabetic and have signs of diabetic neuropathy, which causes pain and sleepless nights. I needed to increase my blood flow circulation and help in reducing the swelling in my legs and feet. I have gone to numerous doctors, homeopathic, holistic, physical therapist and other health professionals, in search of relief. I was told to move more, elevate my legs, get exercise and other things that I could not do because of my other health issues, pain level, limited time and funds. All of this has cost me a lot of time and money, yet I found no real solution, until now. I found my solution by doing my own research. As I researched, ways to alleviate the problems that I was having with my tired, painful, swollen legs and feet, I came across the concept of Shiatsu massage. As I learned more about Shiatsu massage, I found out that this is an ancient form of massage that is even older then acupuncture and actually works on the pathways that run throughout the body. Shiatsu sounded like something that could help me. But as I called around, I found out that going to someone for weekly Shiatsu massage was a costly endeavor, costing on average $89.00 per visit. Who has that kind of money to spend every week? I know that I don’t! Finally, when I came across the CloudMassage on Amazon I thought, this might be my solution. It could totally eliminate the need for a professional and could give me a much-needed deep massage in the comfort and convenience of my own home. Shiatsu actually means finger pressure. Now, I have my solution, it’s the CloudMassage. The CloudMassage’s therapeutic deep kneading, compression pressure and heating features felt as if I was being massaged. It felt like fingers were gently massaging my legs and feet. I love the fact that the CloudMassage makes the settings so easy to use. I was able to adjust the massage level and intensity to fit my needs. The CloudMassage machine is also very easy to position and adjust in several ways, by just moving the adjustable bar. My favorite feature has to be the heat settings, which will come in handy during the cold winters. I also love the fact that I can share the CloudMassage with other family members. My mom and I live together, so I asked her to try the massager. Her legs are painful and ache due to varicose veins and years of standing at her job. I swear that when she tried it and fail asleep that was a miracle because she’s high energy and never sits down even in her senior years. Mom says that it felt as if someone was massaging her legs and feet, which relaxed her body. I know that this is a very long review, but I feel that this CloudMassage is such an exceptional product that I just had to write my thoughts. I think that if you have pain in your legs or feet, swelling, poor circulation, diabetic neuropathy, or have tired legs or feet, due to standing, sitting or walking too long this CloudMassage may be the solution that you’ve been searching for.Read more

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  2. Mark Ceaser

    It does an excellent job, I just wish it would hit my side arch. After researching many foot massagers, it seems like most won’t hit that particular spot. Aside from that, It’s excellent and does a great job on everything else. You can change the settings for less pressure if you want and it has a decent program selection. I am happy with it and look forward to using it each day.Read more

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  3. Organic Age

    This product does exactly what I need it to. If you have all the settings to high it will squeeze the life out of your feet causing instant relief you can feel for hours afterwards. The downside to this is that it squeezes so hard my arches are slightly bruised the next day (not complaining) and I can only use it about every 5 days. If any sort of pressure gives you pain, This product is not for you at all. If deep tissue is your thing, This will work wondersRead more

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  4. Amazon Customer

    I am a Registered Massage Therapist with flat feet. I read a review from one customer complaining how strong the massager is, because I like a good firm pressure, that comment encouraged me to buy the product. I absolutely love the pressure on my feet and on my caves. So happy with my purchase and a great investment!! I didn’t buy the extended warranty, I hope it doesn’t break on me.Read more

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  5. DJS

    I’ve had this a few days now. I am very happy with it. and I’m picky!  Yes its painful if you don’t follow the instruction. Start on the lowest settings and work your way up slowly. I was as happy with it for my calves. Takes a minute to find the right “fit” but does a good job and I love that I can use in while in bed! The handle makes it easy to adjust. I’m so happy I picked this and not the upright ones! I’m not relaxed when I’m sitting upright. Ill update again in a few months. Hopefully I feel as positive. I am worried about the longevity of the machine though (based on user reviews). – Agree with some other comments. The instruction booklet could be better. – A remote would be a nice touch – The user interface on the machine is a fail – But if you want something that will make a difference this is it!Read more

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  6. Hdeva

    Our cloud massager just arrived! We got it up and running right away and after only a few minutes I know that this machine is unreal. The pressure, the intensity the inflatable cuffs. Honestly it’s so amazing. Worth. every. Single. penny. Get one!Read more

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  7. Bill J.

    Ok, I’ll admit that my expectations were not very high for a foot massager, but when I read the reviews, and the chief complaint was that it was painful, I knew I had to try it. Straight to the bottom line: This machine is excellent! A massage therapist (and by that I mean an actual person) with exceptionally strong hands is the only superior alternative I can think of. But hiring a professional to come to my TV room every night for an hour would be not be as convenient, and considerably more expensive. In two weeks it’s significantly reduced my PF (if you don’t know what that means, then consider yourself blessed!). I like it so much, I’m buying another one for a friend. Pros: It’s powerful! it kneads your feet like they were dough; stretches the arches; wraps the feet in a tight squeeze; Cons: Not a real person (but so much less expensive!) Other noted issues: * “it’s loud”. It’s not. It sounds just like Darth Vader. You know exactly what I mean, and nobody ever complained that he breaths too loud. And lived. * “it doesn’t heat up very much”. True, but it gets hotter than I want, so I turn the heat off. * “it’s painful”. Yes! Well, only in a really good way for aching, tired feet. I use only the highest settings and it feels excellent. If there were a higher setting, I would use it, but it might actually break some bones. Conclusion: This machine is not for everybody. If you like soaking your tootsies in epsom salts, well, do that instead. But if your feet feel like suasages under a red hot broiler at the end of the day and you want to beat those dogs into submission, then this is your puppy! Hey there, Heather! Still loving your machine every day! I need more, though…is there a “hack” to get more pressure?Read more

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  8. Bill Kruger

    We purchased this foot massager based mostly upon the reviews on amazon, as well as outside sites that had recommended this as one of the best available. I would disagree. While it is a decent machine, it’s developers missed the boat on making this an exceptional/best of the best possibility. Here is what I noticed: ** It has no remote control on this model. To some, this is no big deal but for those that have a bit harder time moving around after getting in a comfortable position, (i.e laying), it’s an up-down every 15 minutes, to hit the power to run another cycle. Having a full remote (with options same as the panel) would be a huge improvement. **15 minutes. That’s it. Times up. Really? I’d like more options (10, 15, 20, 25, whoa 30? Yeah. Why not?) **You have to RESET the settings EVERY time you run a new cycle. 15min is up and DING! Sit up, manually reset all the settings you have already put in before (god forbid you run the cycle more than twice.) It forgets the last programmed settings. To me this should be a no brainer. If I take the time to set it to my preferences, it should remember last. Then if someone else is using it, they can fiddle with it as they wish. However, if Im the only one using it, its one extra irritating step. Not to mention that I dont dare put my feet /legs in until I have powered on and manually reset — otherwise, it grips the crud out of my feet/legs and is very painful. (Im a no pressure gal — YIKES!) **There should be a middle squeeze /pressure level at minimum. Again, seemed like a no brainer to me to add something in between ” Nope. No squeeze for you, you big baby” to the extreme opposite “High pressure/squeeze until your eyeballs pop out and your toes fall off.” But again, I’d sure like a LITTLE pressure– better yet, a sliding scale of set your own! A novel idea. ** Holy smokes is this thing heavy! Dang. Im no weaky but I didnt realize I’d need a hand truck to move it from room to room, on/off the bed, out to the chair under my desk. Hey, why not add a couple wheels on it? Too much? I don’t know, but wow. I need a back massager after moving this foot massager. EEK. **Heat is either off or on.. no other choices. I understand liability and they may be afraid to put too much heat for fear of a burn, but if they are ok with adding pressure that could kill a small animal, I think a few extra degrees for options would be nice. No heat. Warm, ahh thats nice. Really warm, oh now thats relaxing!, Hot. Yep, can feel that in depth. Im ok with this today, maybe not tomorrow. Hell-Fire-Damnation, somebody call the fire department my feet are fire. You get the drift. **Vibration–on or off. Seeing a pattern here, dont you? Yes, I’d like to be able to have minimal (a sweet ippity-tap), medium (some gentle Karate chops, HiYah!), to a high (is that an earthquake??) Or again…. give me a sliding knob for a specific adjustments. Just a thought. **For the HIGH COST of this thing, (to me anyway. Need to mortgage my house now), I’d expect the designers to have thought of even the most basic of things above. At minimum a remote with a remember me setting. My fiance likes it pretty well, and even though he’s a pretty strong dude, he gripes when he has to move it as well. He’s nice enough to move it for me sometimes, otherwise I’m on my own. Personally, I think there is something out there that would have given me more customization for the cost. But that’s just me.Read more

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    Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine -Increases Blood Flow Circulation, Deep Kneading, with Heat Therapy -Deep Tissue, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetics, Neuropathy
    Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine -Increases Blood Flow Circulation, Deep Kneading, with Heat Therapy -Deep Tissue, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetics, Neuropathy


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