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Coffee Bean Direct Eyes Wide Open Coffee, Light Roast, Whole Bean, 5 Pound Eyes Wide Open 5 Pound

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Eyes Wide Open: This light roasted blend of whole bean coffee features notes of sugar cane, lemon, and cacao; It is a strong, bold coffee with a balanced body and moderate acidity
Happiness is Brewing: We source coffee from Brazil, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Kenya and more to find the most flavorful beans for your next cup. Try iced, as cold brew, with a French press, AeroPress or pour over
So Many Choices: We’re passionate about coffee; Try our product lines of Single Origin, Decaffeinated, Blends, and Tea; Also explore our light, medium and dark roasts
Expertly Roasted: Expect more from our beans than just a jolt of caffeine; We offer coarse, finely ground, and whole bean options; Enjoy peak flavor and aroma in your latte, mocha, espresso or drip
Coffee Bean Direct: Our dedication to roasting expertise, modern convenience, and fair pricing allows us to bring you the best coffees and teas imaginable in artisanal blends and flavors


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Life is too short to let your day pass by unnoticed! Carpe that diem and enjoy a mug of Eyes Wide Open coffee while you’re at it. Combining a blast-off blend of light roasted South American and Indonesian beans, this big and bold brew features notes of sugarcane, lemon, and cacao. It makes for a great morning coffee. Seize the day and make your coffee life extraordinary!

Specification: Coffee Bean Direct Eyes Wide Open Coffee, Light Roast, Whole Bean, 5 Pound Eyes Wide Open 5 Pound

Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 5.55 in

5 reviews for Coffee Bean Direct Eyes Wide Open Coffee, Light Roast, Whole Bean, 5 Pound Eyes Wide Open 5 Pound

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  1. Nicole

    If you’re like me, then you understand that for coffee to truly be appreciated, it needs to be drinkable black. The flavor, aroma, and color are all part of the experience. A good coffee will taste good without the masking of cream and sugar. Generally speaking, I drink about a pot of coffee a day, but $14-$20 for 12 ounces of coffee breaks the bank. Counter culture, Intelligentsia, and Larry’s Beans (A relatively small roaster from Raleigh NC) are my top choices. As a grad student who does not have time to work, when I saw the opportunity to purchase five pounds of Penny Pincher’s Light Roast at $30.00, I figured why not. I saw the reviews for the company and they set the bar very high for my expectations. As soon as I got it, I threw some beans into my conical burr grinder, and then made a pot. The final product, which is what I am drinking now, in all honesty lies within the absolute middle of the range. In the bottom of the range are brands like Folgers and Maxwell house. The top of the range, the brands listed above. So, what does this mean? I am sitting here currently sipping a cup of hot, black coffee, and I am able to do so without wanting to spit it out. The smell wont take you to heaven, but it does not displease. I love the caffeine from a light roast, its got punch, and the coffee only has a very slight burnt (weird for a light roast) taste. However, the biggest difference, and the most important one, is that is does not have the disgusting chemical taste that you find in most large chain grocery store, massed produced coffee. I have five pounds of this to get through, and honestly, I think I will be able to do so with ease. It is already starting to grow on me, and I believe it could grow on you too. This is definitely the best coffee I have ever had for the price.Read more

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  2. BStewVA

    I’m enjoying a gigantic mug of this coffee right now! About a year ago I bought a 5lb bag of Poor Man’s Blend Dark Roast based on the positive reviews, but accidentally chose the ground product instead of the whole bean. I almost returned it but thought, what the heck, I’ll give the burr grinder a break for a few weeks. I’m so glad I did: it is now one of my go-to coffees. This coffee, though a dark roast, is remarkably balanced- the aroma is tobacco and chocolate, and the palate is robust, but definitely not burnt. To me, the palate is also on the sweet side, but it is balanced by mild acidity and clean bitterness. I’d say the coffee, which I drip brew at a rate of ~1 cup whole beans (medium-fine grind) to yield 10 6-oz. cups of coffee, has a light-medium body on the palate. Evidently, it’s a blend of beans from South America (familiar) and India (who knew?), and maybe that explains why the dark-ish roast doesn’t give an overpowering coffee. Finally, the 5lb bag typically goes for less than $40, so the coffee is under $8 per pound. That’s pretty inexpensive in the high-end coffee space, which makes this stuff a very good value, IMHO. Ultimately, coffee preferences, like all flavor preferences, are highly personal. Consequently, your results may be different from mine, but the quality-price equation at the very least makes this one that you should try, especially if you favor darker roasts.Read more

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  3. S. Pfeil

    I’ve been a barista for over 10 years, so you can imagine I’m pretty broke. For years I waited for cafe bustello to go on sale for like $2.50 brick and delt with that, not entirely sure how. Generally I’ve been waiting for decent grocery store brands to go on sale for $6 a bag (notice most of those bags aren’t a lb), so I wanted to get something that would match that. Considering this is actually 5 lbs, it fits the price bill. The taste is pretty good- I would say it has a bit of a “legumus” quality (think uncooked penuts) which is ok but not my favorite note. Also to be fair it’s not like I’m using purified water and weighting out my brew method like I would in a shop. In summation, it’s not like this is the chocolate-y nutty cup that would knock me off my feet but that’s the stuff people pay $5 a cup for at a craft place, right? This is a pretty decent budget luxury. I might still get a bag of peet’s now and again if it goes on sale but this is cheap and lasts a long time.Read more

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  4. Race Proffitt

    The Penny Pincher beans have been great for use in our Jura coffeemaker. One concern I have always had with the types of beans we buy is the amount of oil on the bean. I have read that too much oil will damage high end coffe makers that grind whole beans. The Penny Pichers do not have excessive oil and are perfect for our coffeemaker. My wife and I have two or 3 cups per day so the bulk pricing on this is very attractive. The taste of the beans are exceptional so with all this, I will continue to buy these and I would recommend them for others to try.Read more

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  5. Maria R

    I have used Coffee Bean Direct for many many years. I usually use decaf Sumatra or Guatemalan or a few others in rotation but I lost my job so I begrudgingly switched to this for a break in my budget. I’ve ordered a couple times now and I’m very happy. I use whole bean in my Gaggia Symphony fully automatic espresso machine for a full rich espresso. I’ve traveled Europe for work a few times so I can’t use the typical American-style burnt espresso beans you get at Starbucks :-). These are dark enough to make a wonderfully creamy thick and flavorful espresso while not being too bitter to put through a burr grinder and make some pour over. When I make pour over, I use 1 full cup of grind to make 6-6oz cups then add hot water for the whimps that are used to that hot brown water they serve in restaurants. If you only use three ‘coffee scoops’ for a full pot of a drip coffee-maker, you might consider sticking with something less expensive. (I hope that doesn’t sound condescending, I really am just trying to save you money.)Read more

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    Coffee Bean Direct Eyes Wide Open Coffee, Light Roast, Whole Bean, 5 Pound Eyes Wide Open 5 Pound
    Coffee Bean Direct Eyes Wide Open Coffee, Light Roast, Whole Bean, 5 Pound Eyes Wide Open 5 Pound


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