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Crayola Model Magic, Primary Colors, Modeling Clay Alternative, 2 lb. Bucket, Gift

(12 customer reviews)

MODELING CLAY MAGIC: This lightweight, spongy modeling material sticks to itself—not your hands. Simply air dry overnight to save your amazing creations! Primary Colors Model Magic comes with one 8 ounce pack each: Red, Yellow, Blue & White.
3D ART: Create anything from simple shapes to intricate dioramas with this clean, pliable modeling compound. Easy to paint & decorate, it air dries to a smooth, resilient finish. The individual freshness pouches are more economical and improve shelf life.
CREATIVE PROJECTS: Whether you’re creating a landscape masterpiece or decorating t-shirts with your Girl Scouts troop, Crayola has the markers, pens, kids markers, paints, colored pencils & crayons you need to make your project pop in bold, bright colors.
TACTILE ART: Let your little artist express themselves through sculpting, molding and modeling. Kids love the 3D nature of clay & dough. Our Air-Dry Clay hardens on its own, and our Modeling Clay can be sculpted, squished, and reused without drying out.
FROM MARKERS TO SIDEWALK CHALK: Markers for kids or adults, washable paints, bright crayons, even scented markers, we’ve got it all! Crayola gives kids the power to express all that inspires them as they explore, discover, play, pretend, create & dream..TRUSTED QUALITY: Crayola is passionate about helping parents & educators raise creative children who will become inspired, original adults. We’ve inspired artistic creativity in children since the first box of Crayola crayons rolled off the assembly line.


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Let group art projects commence with Bulk Model Magic in Primary Colors, which features 4 (8 oz) packs conveniently kept in a resealable storage container. Model Magic is the ultimate modeling material for a wide range of hands-on learning projects and sculpting activities. It also air dries to a smooth, resilient finish. This modeling material is great for teaching color theory and for creating colorful 3-Dimensional projects. Plus, it’s ideal to have on hand for slime supplies!


The easy-to-use Crayola Model Magic Resealable Bucket Pack includes 2 pounds of Crayola Model Magic Modeling Compound in four colors. Model Magic colors can be blended and mixed, allowing children to create, explore, and imagine. You can can reuse Model Magic or allow it to air-dry, resulting in a crumble-free, paint-ready surface. This nontoxic modeling compound is packaged in four 8-ounce pouches in primary colors.

Features a smooth, light, easy-to-sculpt texture that air-dries without crumbling. View larger.

Ideal for sculpting and other hands-on activities, the Crayola Model Magic Modeling Compound features a smooth, light, easy-to-sculpt, pliable texture. This bucket includes red, blue, yellow, and white modeling compound, which allows children to experiment with blending colors and to learn about color theory.

Model Magic can be kept fresh in a resealable bag for repeated use or left out overnight to air dry finished projects. Once hardened, Model Magic doesn’t crumble, creating a smooth surface. For extra detail, your child can decorate Model Magic with Crayola paints and markers (sold separately).

For convenience, the Crayola Model Magic Modeling Compound are packaged in four 8-ounce pouches that keep it fresh until you’re ready to create. The pouches come in a large bucket that doubles as a storage container.

Crayola art supplies and creative activities help children develop imagination while practicing fine and gross motor skills. Children can express, create, and connect with color. Watch kids’ confidence and independence grow as they learn through colorful play.

Four 8-ounce pouches of Crayola Model Magic Modeling Compound in four colors.

* Modeling compound features soft, pliable texture
* Can be used over and over
* Air-dries with smooth, non-crumbling finish
* Sculptures can be painted or colored when dry
* Includes four colors in four 8-ounce pouches
* For ages 3 and up

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Crayola Model Magic Modeling Compound, Assorted Colors, 2 Pounds

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Crayola Model Magic 2 lb Bucket Assorted Colors. Individual pouches more economical. Bucket makes perfect storage container.

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Specification: Crayola Model Magic, Primary Colors, Modeling Clay Alternative, 2 lb. Bucket, Gift

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.3 × 9.1 × 5.7 in

12 reviews for Crayola Model Magic, Primary Colors, Modeling Clay Alternative, 2 lb. Bucket, Gift

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  1. LM Art Creations

    This clay is fun for kids, yes. I am very much an adult, and love to use it myself. There are no chemical smells, no crumbling, no need to heat, and pretty safe to use in homes with children and pets. At first, it may feel like trying to shape a marshmallow, but work with it a bit, and it is lots of fun…therapeutic, even. I have been using this Model Magic Air Dry Clay for years. I make detailed mini doll foods, ornaments, and tiny critters. I let the clay dry for about 2 weeks, as it takes a LONG time for it to be completely hard. Once it’s dried and painted, I put a triple coat gloss on it. I believe they become much more durable, in comparison to other clays over time. The key is patience in allowing time for the clay and the paint coats to dry. For smaller projects, this product is great.Read more

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  2. Sunhotmoon

    First, I did not buy this for kids. For years I have been using it as an armature material for large metal beads, and at the end it will be burned out. I press the dough into small brass molds to shape them, then carve on the dry form afterwards. I first purchased this product in 2013, and with my most recent tub I noticed immediately that the formula was different. Different color white, different consistency. What I don’t like: It is extremely tacky, sticks aggressively to itself, and has an “elastic” quality that makes it difficult to release. After fighting with it, I finally started dusting it with cornstarch to be able to use it at all. Most annoying is that it never completely hardens, takes forever to dry, and sags under its own weight. I press my pendant forms into brass molds, and set them aside. Within a half hour or so the rounded shapes are flat on the bottom because the material has sagged. Wait to dry a little, press the forms again to reshape them. Constantly flip them over so they don’t develop “flats”. What a pain. It’s important to me that my product be “non toxic” so that when I burn it out I don’t have plastic residue. This does burn out, but takes a long time. It doesn’t turn to ash, but more like a black “charcoal”. I don’t smell a petrochemical smell as I burn out or have a lot of smoke, so that’s a good sign. Finally, I need to sand and carve my dry form, and the elastic, resilient quality of this material doesn’t easily do that. I can sand it but carving chews it up. This is a dealbreaker. I use another material called Delight that dries quickly (almost too quickly), sands and carves beautifully, and burns out to a clean white ash. It’s not sticky and doesn’t have the elastic saggy quality that the Model Magic does. Harder to find and a little more expensive, but worth the search for me. I won’t buy this Crayola product again. I’m sure a little kid would have fun with it, but what he or she makes will be saggy and misshapen in a day or so. Maybe it would be good for flat pancake shapes like ornaments.Read more

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  3. Joshua Downing

    I purchased model magic for some Halloween projects and I must say it works rather well. It’s a bit difficult to sculpt fine details but with the help from a little heat and water you can get the job done! Takes about 2 days to fully dry but doesn’t leave much a mess, doesn’t really crack, light weight and for the amount you get it’s well worth the money!Read more

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  4. Jordan

    I bought this instead of paying the same amount for one small pack of the ornament impression kits for babies. I used part of ONE pack (there are 4 in this tub) and made paw prints of 4 animals and a hand and foot print for baby. It’s the exact same stuff that comes in those $15 ornament/keepsake kits. Here are pictures of the way they turned out. All you need is a straw, a toothpick, wax paper and then some paint and ribbon to hang them. Perfect. Spend less money and make dozens of ornaments. This would be the perfect gift for a baby shower too, just include all the little things they would need!Read more

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  5. Olivia

    Awesome value! Make “Butter Slime” with it! Same great product, but love the quantity and value of this large tub! Easy to use and air dries. The kids have no difficulty creating their projects. This large tub comes filled with 4 colors of individually packaged colors. We used some of it to make Crayola Model Magic Butter Slime! You will find that recipe on the Crayola website or with an internet search. Very easy to do! We made our Slime our way and then picked up the recipe where the Model Magic comes in! It came out perfect and the kids were thrilled. Please note: You Model Magic needs to be in air tight packaging. I leave the leftovers in the foil like pouches and roll it up. I then put them in air tight storage bags and keep everything in the container. Excellent value and such a terrific product!Read more

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  6. Shven

    My 3.5 year old daughter plays with it a lot. The best part that I like about this is that it’s re-usable. I take out a small amount for my daughter to play with, and when she is done, I put that in a ziplock. When it gets slightly hard over multiple uses, I mix it with a small amount of water and it softens and becomes as good as new.Read more

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  7. Stiletto Lawyer

    This is one of my favorite craft materials for my kids. My kids love playing with model magic, and I love that it isn’t as messy as play dough! My kids often ask to play with this, and they can sit for hours playing with it. It is a great sensory activity, and the possibilities are endless. I have also used it for birthday parties for crafts for the kids (and after each party, parents always ask me what kind of play dough I used because their kids enjoyed playing with it so much, and it did not make a mess). Most recently, I purchased this for my son’s birthday. He had a space theme, and I had a table set up where the kids could make “aliens” out of the model magic and googly eyes. I also bought a bin of the all white model magic for my daughter’s Frozen party earlier this year and the kids were able to “build a snowman” with the white dough and some googly eyes, orange ear plugs (for the nose), and black pom poms (for buttons). I was able to store the leftover dough in plastic bags, and it kept well and did not dry out.Read more

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  8. Mark Johnson

    We love this stuff. It’s great for modelling and my daughters (aged five and six) use it for making beads for their own jewellery. It doesn’t dry as quickly as they say, and you probably want to leave a finished piece for a few days rather than overnight. Also when it does dry, the material remains quite spongy rather than hard. Finally, one of the reasons we like this product is that of you combine more than one colour they tend to remain distinct, which means you can create swirls and other effects. On the other hand, the colours don’t blend as they do with other products. We see this as an upside, but it depends what you want it for. In terms of this pack specifically, it is huge and you get a lot of product for the money. My only concern (as yet untested) is that the packs of product will dry out before we get to use them all. Personally, I would prefer to get several small packs of each colour rather than one big pack. As I say, it may be that the box is sufficiently air-tight to protect the product and I guess only time will tell.Read more

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  9. Mum375

    Feels like a quality product compared to other cheaper modelling clays i’ve used with my little ones in the past. Very easy to use, manipulate and make different colours by mixing the primary colour clays. The only issue is that models take a long time to dry (at least 4 days) and when they do dry models become very brittle and very easily broken and crumbled which was upsetting for little ones to not have a good end product. They loved making them but if you don’t get a good end product it’s essentially very expensive playdoh.Read more

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  10. Penny Hallett

    Superb for making my fairyhouses!Read more

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  11. Gary

    very nice product, but did crack very slightly in places despite following instructions exactly. Very light weight. Easy to paint (used acrylic paints). Found it stayed quite flexible texture long after drying. Have painted varnish on top to try and strengthen a bit. Hoping it will last!Read more

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  12. Evie Katerina

    Bought this to use on customising pops. Bought the bucket and it came with 4 packets of model magic. I expected to have to use a lot but for what I needed it’s lasted me ages! As long as you keep it in a sealed tub it lasts even after opening. It’s easy to use and sculpt and can be revived with a bit of water if needed mid use. It dries well and can be painted. I usually leave it 24 hours to dry before I attempt to paint as I tried to do it quicker one time and it took ages to dry. Good to use if you wish to start model makingRead more

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    Crayola Model Magic, Primary Colors, Modeling Clay Alternative, 2 lb. Bucket, Gift
    Crayola Model Magic, Primary Colors, Modeling Clay Alternative, 2 lb. Bucket, Gift


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