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CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 40LBS/24H, 24 Clear Ice Cubes in 13 Mins, Auto Self-Cleaning, LCD Display, Compact Portable Ice Maker with Scoop and Basket for Home/Office/Kitchen/Bar

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FAST ICE-MAKING PROCESS: This countertop ice machine produces 24pcs of ice cubes in just 13-18 minutes, and up to 40 lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours due to its highly efficient compressor. The melted ice water will flow into the reservoir again and will be used for the ice-making process. It is energy-saving and works efficiently.
INTUITIVE CONTROL PANEL: The CROWNFUL ice maker has an LCD control panel for easy operation. Through the four basic button settings, you can control the ice process. When the ice basket is full, the small ice maker will automatically stop and alert you to take out the ice cubes. It will also alert you when it needs more water.
ICE THICKNESS ADJUSTMENT and TIMER: You can now produce ice cubes with an option to adjust the thickness according to your needs. Whether the ice is made for smoothies, or preserving foods like sashimi or for your wines and other beverages, this ice machine will make it for you. Plus, it has a timing feature that will allow you to set the time of the ice-making process. A great help for a busy day.
AUTO SELF-CLEANING: It features an automatic self-cleaning function that makes your daily work easier and convenient with just a touch of a button. Cleaning the ice maker is just a breeze. This nugget ice machine has a quiet and efficient cooling system that requires low energy to cool. It is very suitable for the daily needs of the family.
WARRANTY & SUPPORT: CROWNFUL offers a 12-month warranty and lifetime support. Customer Satisfaction is our TOP priority. if you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.


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Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11.3 x 14.74 x 14.06 inches. Voltage: 115 Volts. Wattage: 184 watts. Capacity: 22 Pounds. Brand: CROWNFUL. Date First Available: December 23, 2020. Best Sellers Rank: #72 in Appliances. Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars 119 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B08R751X47. Batteries Required?: ‎No. Batteries Included?: ‎No. Wattage: ‎184 watts. Voltage: ‎115 Volts. Color: ‎Silver. Part Number: ‎HZB-18F/SL. Installation Type: ‎Countertop. Capacity: ‎22 Pounds. Product Dimensions: ‎11.3 x 14.74 x 14.06 inches. Item Weight: ‎26 pounds. Brand Name: ‎CROWNFUL.

Specification: CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 40LBS/24H, 24 Clear Ice Cubes in 13 Mins, Auto Self-Cleaning, LCD Display, Compact Portable Ice Maker with Scoop and Basket for Home/Office/Kitchen/Bar

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 11.3 × 14.74 × 14.06 in

4 reviews for CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 40LBS/24H, 24 Clear Ice Cubes in 13 Mins, Auto Self-Cleaning, LCD Display, Compact Portable Ice Maker with Scoop and Basket for Home/Office/Kitchen/Bar

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Mike

    Decided to upgrade from my bullet ice maker, since that was a little disappointing. Those make ice fast, but the bullets are hollow and thin, so the ice you end up with is not very dense and it therefore melts quickly (especially if you don’t freeze the ice for a while first). I’ve had this one for a week or so now, I’ve made easily 100 lbs of ice, and I’m extremely impressed so far. The machine was packaged well; as with every refrigeration unit, you never start it unless you know it’s been sitting upright for 2-3 hours; since you never know what was done during shipping, this waiting period is the perfect opportunity to perform a thorough cleaning as suggested by the manufacturer. I used some soap and warm water, gave all the internals a nice scrub and spray, and let it drain through the drain plug in the back; rinsed it out several times until all the bubbles were gone (note: there is a cleaning function, but I didn’t realize until after I finished my cleaning and started using the unit so I can’t comment on it). Basically scrub, rinse, drain, rinse, drain, repeat for the couple hour waiting period to make sure it was clean; probably overkill, but better than the alternative. If you use soap, make 100% sure you get it out of the internal pipes, so you don’t have soapy ice the first time. I did find a little sediment/maybe some plastic from the mfg process, as expected, so cleaning is definitely a good idea. In order to drain the top reservoir, just plug in the unit with the back plug out (don’t turn it on) and when the float valve on the bottom beneath the ice bucket falls, indicating minimal water under the ice bucket area, the valve opens and water is allowed to drain from the top. After cleaning, fill the back reservoir (~72 oz) and turn it on. After a few days of making ice and testing, I’ve found in my 78 degree house, it takes ~20-22 minutes to produce the ice, followed by a ~2-minute cycle of heating the ice making rack to release the ice (called “ice harvest” mode), followed by another ~22 minute ice cycle, repeat. The ice this makes is much, much better quality in my opinion than the bullet ice makers; the ice is solid and roughly cube-shaped, so there is no wasted space, and the ice that’s produced is much colder throughout than the bullet makers. Plus, this unit allows you to increase/decrease the time running water/making ice so you can make a thicker or thinner ice backer, and thicker means more robust and internally colder ice (I went +2 minutes since I wanted it thicker; this also made it too thick to break with the ice scooper safely, but I just dumped the sheets in the bag and smacked on the counter to break it up. Note though, thicker ice falls harder and is a little louder when it hits the bucket). Therefore, the ice lasts longer in drinks right out of the machine than the bullet styles that I’ve used, and fills up a bag with denser, better quality ice as well. I actually can let the entire tray fill up, without the bottom layer of ice melting almost at all, then bag it. Speaking of bags – the 72 oz reservoir makes just shy of 5 lbs without needing to refill, so filling the reservoir twice yields a full, dense 10 lb bag. Pretty convenient, and 40 lbs/24hrs seems possible for sure. Overall: I love this unit so far. It’s a bit larger than the bullet ones (egg & growler for scale), but WAY better. I’m actually going to give away my bullet one, since this is my new go-to.Read more

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  2. Chris Wedel

    If you can get through the instructions that are very confusing, the ice maker does a great job of making clear and solid ice cubes. The instructions are out of order, missing information, and written in broken English. For example, to clean the unit, which is recommended every 3 days (seems excessive) the instructions tell you how to start the self-cleaning feature, but not what is needed to clean it. Does it need fresh water? Do I add some white vinegar into the water? This is just one example of the confusion of the instructions. The display and buttons on the front are not very user-friendly, and of course, the instructions don’t do any favors in clarifying it. The product listing says you can change the thickness of the ice, but it isn’t explained in the documentation as to how that is done. Come to find out, you have to reduce or increase the time it takes to make the ice get thinner/thicker cubes. While that makes sense, it isn’t explained in the book of that processes. Like I said, once you figure out how to get going with the unit, it makes great ice. It does take about 20min standard to make ice, but it’s good quality cubed ice.Read more

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  3. RomDeussen

    This machine is perfect for dorm rooms, RV’s, etc. It’s a bit large for a counter top but it’s good for my kitchen island when we have parties (well, once we are allowed to have parties again). The machine comes ready to use–wipe it out, fill the top to the fill line, and wait. The blocks moving in a circle mean it is preparing and making ice but do not worry if you see that spinning and nothing happens. Once the machine cools, you will see water pour straight down over the metal grate, and slowly this will make ice within about 13 minutes. It does take the melting ice from the bottom and re-freezes it so you will see water run down after you thought it was done making ice. Great value for the money, the ice is not huge so is perfect to fit into travel mugs. I have the Crownful mini fridge as well and both run very well and have demonstrated consistent quality.Read more

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  4. Bryan D

    I really like the ice this machine makes! It is a great appliance to have around. It draws very little power considering what it’s function is. I had a slight issue with mine and reached out to Crownful. They were very responsIive to my query and helped me with the issue. They also sent a free gift of a 20 Oz thermal bottle which I use to keep ice in. If you see a reduced price or cupon on this just buy it. It is a nice machine. A little confusing at first on the operation and manual translation but easy to figure out after playing with it. I have ran it every day since I got it and very pleased with it. My only concern is how the drain plug is designed. If you loose the lititle rubber plug you will have to figure something out. I do not know why this was not just a cap?Read more

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    CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 40LBS/24H, 24 Clear Ice Cubes in 13 Mins, Auto Self-Cleaning, LCD Display, Compact Portable Ice Maker with Scoop and Basket for Home/Office/Kitchen/Bar
    CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 40LBS/24H, 24 Clear Ice Cubes in 13 Mins, Auto Self-Cleaning, LCD Display, Compact Portable Ice Maker with Scoop and Basket for Home/Office/Kitchen/Bar


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