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D-FantiX Qiyi Warrior W 3×3 Speed Cube Stickerless 3x3x3 Magic Cube Puzzles

(13 customer reviews)

Stronger than strong – D-FantiX qiyi Warrior W 3×3 speed cube is the new and improved version of the qiyi Warrior 3×3. It feels solid yet smooth right out of the box. Great as a first speed cube for beginners!
Excellent stability – great corner cutting, tension adjustable. It doesn’t corner twist as often nor does it lock up. Difficult to pop, good control of the cube, comes pre-lubricated and tensioned. Definitely a good choice for you to improve personal record in competitions. This cube can be used for international competitions. If you Wanna break the records, get yourself one !
Ergonomic design – the traditional stickers have been replaced with original and ABS material, which mean no fading, peeling or cheating! It also has a brand new mechanism that results in a smoother, faster and more durable D-FantiX cube. If anyone ever tells you They solve the speed cube by peeling the stickers off – hand them one of these!
Challenging & fun – It is a classic color-matching puzzle in which the color shift making it look like a mess, over “43 quintillion” (that’s 43 with 18 zeros to you and me) moves are possible with this original 3×3 cube, but there is only one solution! Improved anti-pop technology and structure for extremely fast and smooth cornering. With lots of practice you can solve it in under 10 seconds! Enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends.
ULTIMATE GIFT IDEA – No one falls out of love with the 3×3 cubes. Perfect Christmas Gift / Birthday Gift for kids. This classic puzzle game will never go out of style .Awesome cube to your cube collections


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Skill Level: Beginner/Professional. Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Brand: D-FantiX. Age Range (Description): Kid. Number of Pieces: 1. Manufacturer: D-FantiX. Department: Unisex-child. Mfg Recommended age: 36 months – 80 years. Release date: September 1, 2018. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,157 ratings 4.7 out of 5 stars. Best Sellers Rank: #8,890 in Toys & Games. Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and up. Item model number: Qiyi Warrior W. ASIN: B01N5K4ZDW. Country of Origin: China. Item Weight: 2.86 ounces. Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches.

Specification: D-FantiX Qiyi Warrior W 3×3 Speed Cube Stickerless 3x3x3 Magic Cube Puzzles

Weight 2.86 lbs
Dimensions 2.2 × 2.2 × 2.2 in

13 reviews for D-FantiX Qiyi Warrior W 3×3 Speed Cube Stickerless 3x3x3 Magic Cube Puzzles

4.1 out of 5
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  1. saxophobe

    This review reflects the opinion of a casual cuber. I really like this cube, all the more because it is so inexpensive. It’s sticker-less, which I really like. The muted colors at first did not appeal to me, but have grown on me. The colors are completely flat, no gloss at all, a look and feel I really like. It’s got a buttery smooth action – I haven’t tried more expensive cubes but it’s hard for me to imagine them feeling better than this. All-around great cube and a real bargain.Read more

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  2. craig hoover

    hiRead more

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  3. NilZilch

    This had come to be my favorite cube. Then I got a Valk 3 M. However, after having the Valk for a day, I was sure I would go back to this Warrior. A Valk just didn’t suit me as well as a properly set up Warrior, until I tensioned and lubed it to my preferences. Now the Valk beats this, except the Valk is twice the price and only slightly better. And then, I got a Gan 356 X, and right out of the box that beat the properly set up Valk and the Warrior–right out of the box–except that the Gan 356 X is twice the price of the Valk. Yet, I still enjoy the Warrior. If you need to stay on a budget, this is it. If you want one of the pricier cubes but want to keep it safe at home rather than risk losing or breaking it away from home, than this is you carry around cube. I seriously, don’t regret having a couple of these as my third favorite cube. Seriously, these three favorites of mine are very close in performance, and you’d have to be a high-level speed cuber to feel obligated to spend more.Read more

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  4. Davewhoz

    this cube has very smooth operation, and because there’s no stickers, there’s nothing to peel off. I haven’t taken it apart or anything yet, so not sure how easy that is, but so far, the kids have been very happy with it.Read more

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  5. Adam

    Honestly, this cube is great, I like it more than my Valk. The pieces are not slick like many other cubes, they have a little texture. my fingers sticks better… For the money, you should buy this cubeRead more

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I ordered this as an entertainment piece for my desk at work. All my coworkers are working on getting better at solving the Rubix cube and this is by far the best quality cube in our office.Read more

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  7. Kaitlin Streeter

    This cube broke within minutes of opening the box. I would never recommend this for anyone. It is very light weight (not in a good way) and cheap feeling. It did turn pretty smoothly before it broke. I bought this for my 10yr old, he was not rough on it at all, the corner popped off while turning it a few moves in. Looking at reviews for other products to replace this for him! Learned my lesson on always reading reviews before purchasing.Read more

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  8. Zach

    The cube has smooth turns that are quite silent. I’m extremely happy with the quality and I love the colors. It works great out of the box for me, as a beginner cuber. This is a major upgrade to my old cube and I couldn’t be happier. Would purchase again.Read more

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  9. Chad Roughsedge

    My son became interested in the Rubik’s cube a couple of years ago and we had one of the old style cubes which was fine, but he had mentioned a few times that it was pretty slow to work with. This one moves way more smoothly and makes completing moves a lot easier, infact since we bought this one both my daughter and I have learned how to solve it, and this one is much nicer to use all round. It doesn’t make me complete the cube much faster yet but it just feels nicer in the hands. Higher recommended.Read more

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  10. D

    To all the purists out there, this cube is slightly smaller than a original Rubiks.. I asked the question before buying and still no one knew.. All things aside tho, it’s a nice cube for the kids or a fidgeting object. It’s fast, smooth and a nice update, compared to my old original Rubiks, which I don’t use now due to its historical value and packaging.. 1 less star due to its size.. Would buy again.Read more

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  11. James Funnell

    I am very impressed with this cube, I solve my original Rubix’s cube at least 50 times a day and I’ve noticed that it is very loud and disturbing for other’s in my class; I figured getting a speed cube would help make it quieter, and make some room for my faster turns and improving skills. I love the bright colours and the smooth corner cuts. Highly recommend it for beginners it’s a great, cheap, fidget that can be great for beginners as it comes with solving instructions. One thing I’m not particularly in love with about this cube is the plastic it’s made of can get slippery with sweat and oil from your skin making it slightly harder to hold. This also causes the turns to feel a little bit scratchy, but that aside it turns very nicely and I am impressed with the minimal packaging.Read more

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  12. M Jones

    It’s very slick, smooth and easy to handle, an absolute breeze compared to the original I have. But, and this is big but, the colours. I thought it was just me, but others watching me say the same, you just can’t differentiate the colours unless you are in bright light. Normal household light bulbs mean that you can’t tell the difference between orange and red, yellow and white, or green and blue. The shades are too pastel. It’s unfair to give it less than four star as the quality is fabulous. But it’s almost unusable in certain lights as you have to tilt it or move somewhere else. There’s a return option, but I don’t have the box. May buy a different one but with classic colours. PRead more

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  13. Yusuf

    It’s awesome. Fast. Visually Attractive. Customizable. Nearly as fast as a Gan RS. Awesome budget. Don’t let brand make you hesitate. Just here’s a good to know thing: Don’t repeatedly open up the cube unless you want to lubricate it, then go ahead. Repeatedly opening up the cube will get rid of the pre-applied lube in the cube.Read more

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    D-FantiX Qiyi Warrior W 3×3 Speed Cube Stickerless 3x3x3 Magic Cube Puzzles
    D-FantiX Qiyi Warrior W 3×3 Speed Cube Stickerless 3x3x3 Magic Cube Puzzles


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