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DEWALT Tool Tote, TSTAK System (DWST17809)

(13 customer reviews)

Tool storage has a large Interior for bulk storage
Folding ergonomic carry handle
Inner vertical storage
Durable side latches allow unit to be stacked to other TSTAK modules


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The TSTAK Open Tote keeps your fasteners, tools and other equipment close at hand for easy retrieval. The vertical storage design makes it ideal for holding taller tools, batteries and other items. Its heavy-duty construction holds up to regular use and is immune to rust so you can use it out in the rainch.

Specification: DEWALT Tool Tote, TSTAK System (DWST17809)

Weight 3.98 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 10.75 × 17.25 in

13 reviews for DEWALT Tool Tote, TSTAK System (DWST17809)

3.9 out of 5
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  1. John Galt

    As far as a tote goes, it is just fine. I bought them so they could link together for easy carrying. When the clips break they are just totes. Dewalt ignored my request for a fix (replacement clip) or solution of any kind.Read more

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  2. Clive S. Pearce

    When lifting the plastic sides bow out-wards and pulls the handle out of its socket. As you can see from the photo I had to come up with some bolts to hold the handle in place. Though not ideal (will find shorter bolts next trip to hardware store) at least this prevents the handle from popping out and dropping the whole thing on the floor. DeWalt – come up with a better design for the handle.Read more

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  3. Sergio

    I love my TStak Box, I work in HVAC and we are always on a rush so I can’t really store my tools all nice and neat because by next job it’s all out of order. (Co workers grabbing my tools and all) so most weight I’ve tested mine at was 49 LBS which is a decent amount for anyone thinking this guy can’t handle it.Read more

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  4. tooolboxx

    I now own three of these totes and I really like them. They are very sturdy, roomy, the color I like (black) and with just a “hint” of yellow to go along with all my tools. I use them to hold specialized tools. One currently holds all of my Kreg jigs and accessories, the second holds electrical test equipment and supplies and the third will be for woodworking measuring devices and machine setup electronics. It is your basic tote, with a swivel handle that folds down enough to allow another tote to be stacked on top. And here is where I see the only spot that I think will possibly be troublesome down the road. The yellow clamps at the side of each tote are nothing special, not like the latches you find on DeWalt plastic tool cases. These are just a piece of plastic that has a protruding “nub” at each end which is captured in a hole in the tote. When you stack these, you have to move the latch outward (or maybe that is because they are new and stiff?) to allow the nesting tote to drop into position. When you want to release it, you press outward on the latches and lift the tote. The only problem is with the nubs; if you have reason to stack and unstack these a lot, that nub (being at the end of the only moving part) might wear prematurely. Or not. The front of the tote has a clear plastic cover where you can slide a tab that labels what the tote contains, handy for if you stack more than a couple and need to know which tote you are looking for. When you receive your tote, you will see a white “card” lying in the bottom. Don’t throw it out; it is a perforated card that you use to make the labels to place under the clear plastic. Another concern not really addressed in the description is the feature down inside the tote; this is the tool holding rack. This is plastic also and since it would have been impossible to make it and tote in one mold, the rack is removable. It snaps in and out of position. In the picture I show where at the bottom of the tote is where the rack snaps in place. Just push a screwdriver in the slot to release the tab to take out the rack. Now you have an actual side that is usable space. I really like the totes and might end up with a couple more. The warning is that they are such a size that you might really load them up and then they are a pretty hefty haul. Also consider that anything you put into it tends to be lost in the great well of all that space. You might need to compartmentalize some things so they don’t get lost.Read more

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  5. R. Glenn Gragg

    Would not buy again. I thought these boxes might work perfect for what I needed them for. That is still to be proved. I ordered 4 of the boxes. Price was right and I figured why not give them a go. Problem is the packaging. Each box is packed separately which is in itself not really environmentally acceptable even though cardboard is easily recyclable. Then you open the box and each ‘work’ box is individually rapped in a plastic bag. I’m sure most of us realize by now that plastic bag are not easily recyclable and this makes this purchase extremely non environmentally friendly. Dewalt has become a consumer brand over the years which appears to be more about profit then functionality and costumer loyalty. This is just another example of this fact. Also would have been nice if Amazon had warned me of the packaging issue before I made the purchase. I wouldn’t have purchased this item strictly for that reason.Read more

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  6. Henchmen4Hire

    It’s just a box! It doesn’t even come with a lid, if you want to cover it you’ll have to stack another module on top. It includes a removable insert (for stuff like pliers and screwdrivers) and a long flip handle that tucks into the rim. It stacks fine with the various other TSTAK modules I bought, but locking the tabs into place does tend to become a finicky process when there’s a bunch of weight in them that warps the sides a little. This TSTAK Tote is about 16-20 bucks at your local hardware store, Amazon is starting to stock it more often at $20 too so put it on your shopping/watch list. Also, Craftsman (and maybe Stanley) sells this identical system (they call it Versastack) but with red accents instead of yellow, so get whatever is cheaper or whichever color you like better.Read more

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  7. David

    It is kind perfect like just what every house needs to hold miscellaneous tools.Read more

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  8. T.C.

    Loved the idea of a griddle Caddy to put all my outdoor cooking tools in. Hated the thought of spending $50+ on one. Then I ran across this Dewalt Tote for $20. Been a fan of Dewalt for years, and their TSTAK products more recently, so gave this a try. PERFECT! Very sturdily made, lightweight, and is just the right size to put all my griddling tools (3 spatulas, roll of paper towels, burger smasher, 2 pairs of tongs, spice dredges, water/oil bottles, etc, etc) in to take from the house to the carport in one trip. Not too big, not too heavy… quite pleased.Read more

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Excellent relay us full : /Read more

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  10. John

    As with other reviews of this product. The yellow TSTAK tabs at both ends to attach to other TSTAK products were broken on arrival. Not a big issue for me, and I won’t go through the hassle of returning it, because I don’t have any other TSTAK products. I just wanted the open tote with the carrier handle to use as my immediate tools for everyday jobs, so they are all in one easy accessible place. A note on the carrier handle is that I can’t attest to its longevity, but that it does appear to have flimsy connections to the tote, so only time will tell if it lasts! My main system is the DeWalt Tough System for my tools, which I am very happy with. They do have a Tough System open tote with a single carrier handle, but it was unavailable at the time of my order.Read more

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  11. Tony Wong

    A better product can be found in the Craftsman brand for only slightly more. I have received busted latches upon receipt but even worse the deWalt TSTAK latching system is barely functional. This is highly disappointing, the latches are 100% plastic and the pins are not sturdy and cannot bear much weight, yet the pins will be the focus of all the force to lift a load. The DeWalt ToughSystem 1.0 uses a metal pin on a plastic latch, so it appears to be much more robust. Imagine my surprise when I found the Craftsman TSTAK storage bins at my local retailer for only $5 more. Besides being red accented, I found all TSTAK bins are fully cross compatible but the Craftsman tote is much better than the DeWalt TSTAK tote. The Craftsman TSTAK have metal pins exactly like the ToughSystem 1.0 bins and better yet, sit entirely flush when clipped to the totes. The DWST17809 latches barely open, break easily, often come predamaged and cannot support a heavy load. Other than that, the tote works great. Buy the Craftsman model instead. Both totes are likely made in the same factory and both companies are owned by the same parent corporation.Read more

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  12. Julz

    Esta caja abierta me gusta mucho ya que esta muy amplia y puedo mover lo que voy a usar al momento, ademas que trae pequeñas divisiones a los costados que permiten llevar pinzas, desarmadores y otras herramientas pequeñas sin que se revuelvan con las grandes, tengo tambien el de cajones y el cerrado y en total armados hacen una caja muy completa que puedo separar segun lo requiera.Read more

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  13. Nikko

    Los broches para unir dos cajas son de plástico de muy poca resistencia. Yo compre mi caja hace 1 mes y ya se rompieron los dos broches laterales. El plástico es muy corriente y se hace quebradizo con el tiempo. Por lo demás esta bienRead more

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    DEWALT Tool Tote, TSTAK System (DWST17809)
    DEWALT Tool Tote, TSTAK System (DWST17809)


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