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Diapers Size 4, 172 Count – Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers Size 4 1 Month Supply

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Triple Leakguards help stop leaks before they happen
Nightlock Technology locks away wetness for up to 12 hours of overnight protection
Secure & Stretchy Sides With Comfy Leak Barrier Cuffs
Wetness Indicator turns blue when wet, telling you when your baby needs a change
No Parabens, No Latex Natural Rubber


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Get Pro Level Leak Protection with Luvs. Designed with Triple Leakguards that help stop leaks before they happen. They also feature a Wetness Indicator that turns blue when wet. When it comes to bedtime, Luvs Nightlock Technology works to lock away wetness so your baby can dream on.

Specification: Diapers Size 4, 172 Count – Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers Size 4 1 Month Supply

Dimensions 10 × 17.5 × 14.638 in

7 reviews for Diapers Size 4, 172 Count – Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers Size 4 1 Month Supply

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  1. Pen Name

    I am very disappointed with the quality of the newly branded Luvs Ultra Leakguard diapers. We have been loyal Luvs customers with all 3 of our children, finding them to work the best for overnight. I was surprised to see our recent Amazon subscribe and save order of Luvs to be different. I opened the box to find a much thinner diaper. These diapers now have a color changing leak band to show when the diaper is wet. This feature must be why the diapers are so much thinner. The 3 nights my twin boys have worn the new diapers, BOTH have woke up soaking wet from their leaking diapers. We purchase 2 boxes at a time since we go through so many with twins. I am returning the unopened box and wish I could return the partially used box because I’m not putting these back on my children. TERRIBLE!!! ** I am including a side by side comparison photo of the old diaper (left with monkey) vs. the newer diapers (right with giraffes). I think you can even see in this picture how much thicker the older one is to the newer diaper.Read more

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  2. Lorissa

    We have been Luvs users for the past 8 months and never had a problem. This new box with its new “design” changed more than just the characters on the diaper. The diaper itself isn’t the same quality as the previous boxes. 1. The cotton is not as thick as the old diapers 2. The cotton stops further down from the waistband of the diaper, which caused my son to leak all up through the top of his diaper 🙁 3. The ruffles around the leg are so short that it’s hard to get them to flare out and we all know that these ruffles are what keeps the diaper from leaking. I usually don’t write reviews for such things as diapers, but these were such a disappointment especially because I had these on subscribe and save and now I have to find a new diaper. I would like to stay with Luvs, but I can’t waste my time changing diapers, wet clothes and wet bed sheets. Please be aware that you may potentially get these “new” diapers that aren’t the same quality as the “old” diapersRead more

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  3. Anna G.

    These are not genuine Luvs. There are significant differences in these diapers as far as quality, design, and printing are concerned. After 15 leaks and blowouts in a row, (that didn’t occur with the store-bought Luvs) I feel compelled to warn the Amazon community about this purchase. Please see photos for how to tell if your Luvs diapers are fake. (Genuine Luvs are on the left, and fakes are on the right.) The fake diapers look the same at first glance, but upon inspecting, the print design is off (the monkey looks slightly different, the color is slightly off, and the fish-scale pattern isn’t quite the same). The fakes also don’t have the Luvs logo on the rear left side. Please don’t make the same mistake as I did. Just run to Target or Walmart and get yourself a genuine box. Not worth throwing away 252 useless diapers.Read more

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  4. Amazon Customer

    The Luvs diapers that are bought off of Amazon are terrible. This is the third box I have bought off of here that has had diapers split apart! When buying Luvs at the store (Walmart or Target) I have zero problems. I have used Luvs for all three of my kids and have never had a problem until I purchased boxes off of here. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. I am not sure if these are imitation or the shipments are coming from a faulty plant but they are awful!Read more

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  5. Austin

    Ever since they increased the amount of diapers per box from 186 to 198 they’ve had product quality issues. In the past 3 orders of 198 size 3 diapers that we’ve ordered, over 10 diapers need to be thrown out. The rip in the diapers cause tiny beads to fall out and get stuck to our daughter’s skin. I don’t know how safe these are but I certainly don’t think this is supposed to happen. We’ve been buying Luvs for over a year, but unfortunately we likely won’t be buying Luvs again.Read more

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  6. Ryan O’Connell

    we started with Huggies in the hospital and then switched to pampers when we got home. we thought the pampers were great until we started to realize that moments after he would pee he would start to cry. I figured thats what babies do but when I switched to luvs he stopped doing that. they seem to absorb faster than pampers so hes less wet. Now we can sleep for longer stretched just change the diaper at feeding time during the night. Thank you Luvs for the extra sleep 🙂 I’ll add that these are less bulky than pampers as well. they feel less soft but he doesn’t seem to mind, no rashes or cuts. Also, I thought I would miss the wetness indicator but honestly it’s pretty easy to tell when the diapers full, it blows up like a balloon.Read more

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  7. MG

    We’ve been getting the Luvs with the monkeys on them for the past year and they have been working great. This last shipment we got a new design with pandas and giraffes on them. They’re a lot thinner and they keep exploding a gel like substance that got all over our toddler and her clothes. You can see in the pictures the substance that was all over her pants. We stopped using them 5 diapers in. I’m hoping we can get a refund from P&G, I reached out to them on their website. I don’t think you can return opened boxes of diapers on amazon but maybe i’m wrong. They’re obviously cutting costs but it’s not worth it with these exploding on our toddler. we’re switching to huggies or costco unless they go back to the old design, or look for the monkeys in the stores Update 04/04/2019: Luvs did refund us in the form of a debit card, but i can’t change my review though happy to get my money back. I’m switching brands. Also, i saw their comment on this and no, she is definitely not ready for size 6, she’s 27 pounds and has been in size 5 for the past few months no problem until they changed their diapers. if i put my 27 pounder in a size 6 it would leak all over the place.Read more

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    Diapers Size 4, 172 Count – Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers Size 4 1 Month Supply
    Diapers Size 4, 172 Count – Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers Size 4 1 Month Supply


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